Jules’ wolf-dog Tex is back from the hospital and is feeling much better. Apparently he’s able to fly with the steroids that they’ve pumped into him.  Yes, he’s back and there’s going to be trouble.

Here is Tex in a contemplative moment:

Tex is recovering:

Tex and Halo, sleeping (below)

Thanks to everyone who sent Jules texts and advice because it worked and Tex (who had been at death’s door) returned from Elysium.


  1. Oh I certainly exhaled. Now I can sleep!!
    Have to get ready for the Texican Roid Rage!

    Thank you all for your kindness and support. And the marvellous advice. Thank you LL for the Tex Talks 🤗

  2. Very glad Tex is on the mend. Don’t know if you have it available in the U.K. but health insurance for pets is available in some parts of the U.S. Like most insurance, if you have it you will never need it.

  3. Very good to hear the wonderful report on Tex.
    I still remember the grief in having to put down my first dog when I was a kid.
    My dad says they do not live long enough and chose to finish his life without a dog.
    He loved them too much to again suffer their passing. I think he chose wrong.

    And Awerback was right in preferring dogs over people…well, sometimes a dog will lie to you, unlike a horse.
    Horses have no guile.
    Wolves…well, look at the first picture and you decide.

    • Wolves are loyal to the pack. It’s the center of their lives. Jules leads the pack, and there you go.

  4. So glad to hear it!

    I have a friend who reacts to steroids like that. Every once in a while he winds up on prednisone for something, and doesn’t sleep for 3 days. When I’m on it, it’s more like “oh, this must be what it’s like when Humans say they’re ‘breathing’ ” .


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