Easter Sermonette (a confession)

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I am not prejudiced by race or non-violent faith, by national origin or by circumstances of birth – but I can not effing tolerate STUPID PEOPLE. Right behind the stupid are the chronically rude. My lack of tolerance for idiots is compounded when they work to take away rights or tell me how to live my life. 

I’ve been trying to be more tolerant of the moronic, imbecilic actions of the chronically stupid and it’s been a struggle. Watching less news has helped incrementally. Ignoring politics to the extent possible, given what I do for a living, has also helped.

I am as tolerant as I can be of people who are unable to make a decision, however, having been in shoot/don’t shoot and other life threatening situations my entire life has made this tolerance of others who can’t make a decision (the best available) and living with it — is a frigging challenge.

And it’s Easter.
Jesus Christ was charitable toward all – even the stupid and nasty. It’s a tough bar to reach for mortal man, but it’s achievable. And a worthy goal.

Peace to you whatever system of religion or the lack thereof that you adhere to. Preach kindness, mercy, compassion and honesty and act accordingly. It’s what Jesus would have you do and it’s the only way to be happy in this life.

End of Sermonette

19 thoughts on “Easter Sermonette (a confession)

  1. Oh, I will partake a bit of Beefeater tonight, or at least until I get that most famous of "Gin Glares".

    My friends wife is one of those of which you speak. When she get's to talking her kind of politics (VERY Liberal) she gets mean and angry. I had to very calmly get up and leave their house two nights ago. Ooh that was ugly. I was so proud of myself being able to stay calm. Oh, she wants our guns.

  2. I'm with Odie – have a martini and screw the left.

    Happy Easter, LL. May God bless you and your family.

  3. I've been watching with interest the impending return of the Chinese space station Tiangong-1. It's out of control and its orbit is decaying. At last check reentry is supposed to happen sometime tonight, somewhere in the world. While most of it is supposed to burn up, it's big enough that some pieces may reach the ground, just where isn't yet known though they are starting to narrow it down. Only one possible reentry band crosses the US right now. It appears White Wolf Mine is in that band so you may have some kind of show tonight. On the other hand Sacramento's in the band as well. Perhaps, with luck, Moonbeam will be in residence.

  4. Tolerance is highly over rated, smite away…

    A Blessed and Happy Easter to you and your family.

  5. I am often impressed by your profession of faith given your profession.
    The trick to Christianity is that we can't love the unlovable. But God can, and we can ask Him to love them through us. Having the willpower to do that is the trick.
    One time my first wife was yelling in my face and got me to the point of raising my hand to her.
    I had never done that before.
    God spoke to me and told me I didn't love her.
    I knew that.
    But He didn't like divorce.
    With my hand still poised, I realized that He loved her, and He lived in me.
    I asked Him to love her through me and He did.
    Minor miracle.

  6. Tell her that she can have the ammo one bullet at a time. And if she wants a bigger rush, she can get 12 from a magnum load of 00 Buck.

    Tell her for me, that I want her car. It's far more dangerous than a firearm and I can make better use of it than she can. We can put it in a car crusher, take the cash and have a party.

  7. I guess from a liberal point of view the clue is to define yourself as a minority. From that position you can claim anything and they will support you and find a way you are required to receive government support.

  8. From a liberal point of view, all are accepted – except people who disagree with them, and they must be destroyed despite minority status.

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