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California Doubles Down on Crazy

If you’re an illegal alien living in California, you qualify for in-state tuition rates even though you’re not a citizen of the state. If you’re an American living in another state and want to attend university in California, the rate is substantially higher. (If you’re an illegal alien, all you need do is skulk across the state border into California to qualify)
I registered all of my automobiles in Arizona last year. Yesterday, I received a delinquent registration notice from California, with a $90 penalty on top of the usuriously expensive basic registration. You can’t call anyone at DMV because they will put you on hold – until the end of business and then they hang up. If you go to DMV there is a 4-5 hour wait MINIMUM. I checked on appointments and I couldn’t go in until May to explain myself. So I drove to the auto club and asked them (I’m still a member). They said that they couldn’t do anything to help me and advised that DMV is about a year behind processing CALEXIT registrations. “Eventually they’ll catch it.” Meanwhile they will put a lien on my tax return for next year. That’s how they roll. And yes, I did turn in my auto license plates as the state requires. 
The whole sanctuary city issue has become a national joke. California – ever the liberal innovator – wants to double down and give illegal aliens the vote. Since it’s the individual State and not the Feds who certify elections, they may be able to pull it off. Or maybe the United States will send in federal troops to calm things down and shoot a few insurrectionists at the capitol in Sacramento?
Good Friday
I’ll be running around, keeping the place safe for democracy while you (the faithful) are observing the spiritual aspects of the day. Easter is a season in Mexico that is nothing short of nuts. 
Because the ports of entry are clogged, the narcos are sending a LOT of drugs across over the weekend. It may be virtually legal to possess 10 kg of meth in California, but it’s a federal crime to bring it across the Mexico/California border. Of course, these loads are rarely that light. 50 kg is about as small as they like to break them down these days for cars. The cartels will still send wetbacks with 40 pounds of meth or cocaine stowed in backpacks across areas where there is no fence, or a step-across fence.

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  1. Your tale of the Cali DMV makes me glad I live in Kansas. I can usually handle any business with them online. One exception to that is driver's license renewal. That requires that a photo be taken. Since that is handled on the county level, waits are generally short.

  2. I re-registered my CA vehicles at Scottsdale and Payson (AZ) MVD, respectively. The last time was Payson and it took me 7 minutes (I timed it) from when I walked through the door until I had two new sets of AZ plates and was out the door.

  3. I have heard of some folks pulling their bank accounts out of Kalifornia because of similar shenanigans by the DMV.

    Being in the gun biddness there ain't what it used to be either–

  4. Back in 2012, there was a series of articles that described how California was collecting income tax from people who had moved out of the state years before, and other forms of theft. Charles Hugh Smith had the first piece I saw on it.

    California's Franchise Tax Board confiscated money from any account they could find. They seemed to think if you came up with an idea for a product or business while in California, however briefly, they had claim to the income you made from it. A guy named Gilbert Hyatt invented a microprocessor and made a lot of money on it. He had lived in California in the past but moved to Nevada. California claimed he invented it in their state and that he owed them $50 Million. He claimed he invented it in Nevada. It was in the courts 25 years, a quarter century, until 2017 before he won.

    At the risk of hawking my own blog, I have two summaries that might be better illustrate what I'm talking about:here and

    Protecting your bank accounts might be prudent. Their specialty seems to be stealing some amount of money out of your account that's calculated to get you to trade the cost of going back to the state and hiring an attorney to fight them and deciding on writing it off.

  5. How do the Democrats argue to convince themselves that increasing the cost by importing aliens driving government expenditure to the roof and tax businesses and people who contributes to the communities so hard that they choose to move out of the state leaving California left with a degraded society living on a welfare check.

    Or do the Democrats know something others do not see or understand?

  6. And the Cali DMV is probably run by illegal wet backs, too. I hope your Spanish is up to date.

  7. Yes, I've heard that. The key is to use a State Charter Bank outside of California for principal banking.

  8. Yes, a lot of English-as-a-second-language folks work there. I speak Spanish so that helps.

  9. We're getting the same crap from the DMV. Colorado let us keep our old plates and driver's licenses. They punched a big old hole in the Kommiefornia Travel Document and gave it back to us. Our old plates are now garage decorations, soon to be joined by Ms Swans old Kommiefornia plates.

    And hey… careful out there!

  10. Thieving used to be a serious offence, punishable by transportation and worse.

    Should these criminals be shipped off to our colony in Cuba, minus a hand? I know, it sounds harsh but maybe it's the kinder policy in the long run.

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