Given the choice, it’s better not to be locked inside — unless you’re into that.


Ammo Supply

It’s true that I whined on the blog about ammunition supply issues in the US. There are some calibers that are sold out, some specialized bullet types are sold out, and if you’re not picky, you can find ammunition, but the retail supply took a hit. Retail links seldom have much excess capacity. Capacity drives prices. Too much capacity drives prices down to the point where the product is no longer profitable. This is what we’re seeing right now. Politics has inspired people to buy up normal stocks and it will take a couple years for the industry to regain a semblance of supply. My prediction is that presuming the politicians refrain from causing more panic the supply should sort itself out as soon somewhere between 2022 & 2024.

If Joe Biden is nominated, and that’s up for grabs now since his senility is progressing, and he goes on the attack against firearms and ammo, the supply will remain difficult as people panic buy (much the same as if they were to outlaw paper towels and toilet paper). The combination of Democrat aspirations at gun grabbing, their encouragement of the aggrieved to riot, pillage, loot, and burn, and their glee at de-funding the police won’t play well at the poles, but we’ll see how stupid the American public is.

John D. (blogging as Valuism), thanks for offering to facilitate purchases, but I seriously doubt that I will shoot all of the ammunition that I have in my lifetime.


You all know that I have a soft place in my heart for Poland and Poles.

Polish SOF with children dressed like members of the Polish Home Army during the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.



The country has been changing in interesting ways as the lines become clear. The Left hates the Betsy Ross Flag. They would ban it if they could. Maybe if we fail, they will.

And that’s the sermonette. It’s up to us to take a stand when that stand is called for, or to accept the alternative. The American dream can still live, and the country can be a place for our posterity to thrive in, or not. It always comes down to those who are willing to put it on the line and be counted.

The media paints patriots in a negative light. Obama weaponized the IRS to attack any business with a patriotic name. Do you recall that?

The Obama Administrative created as system wherein firearms were sold to drug cartels so that they’d be used in the United States against Americans. It would be a pretext for firearms control and confiscation that backfired.

The Obama Administration, backed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation engineered a coup against President Trump that included fraudulent FISA warrants and perjured testimony.

And now we are bombarded by fake crisis after fake crisis designed to wear us down and give in to the worst enemies that America ever had. That’s the sermonette.




      • You are not alone. The question is “Who will take the righteous stand against obvious tyranny?”

        I am seeing otherwise intelligent people I thought I knew fail this miserably…going along to get along. Unwise move on their part.

        • There are precious few of the big religious leaders of our day (other than LSP, who comments here) who have taken a vocal stand against evil. The religious leaders fear being called “racist” for denouncing the BLM terrorists and would prefer to sing “It’s a Small World After All”. Very few have stood up to the meeting bans for fear of the plague, which turned into something of a paper tiger these days – with therapeutics being able to handle the virus. They all bow a knee, avert their eyes, and wear masks.

          How many of them denounce Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Nadler, and the hosts of evil leaders in the nation? All I hear are crickets, and I’m frankly, VERY disappointed.

          • You and me both…hearing good prominent pastors espousing the social “new normal” lines is disheartening to say the least. I had recently “retired” from the bi-vocational pastor role, but am rethinking that decision.

  1. I have an adequate ammo supply at the moment, though I do keep an eye out for more. The AR remains popular at the range so folks are finding ammo somewhere. My supplies are adequate right now though I could use more 6.8.

      • SGAmmo has 90 grain Federal Fusion in 200 round case lots if you can stand the $1.25 per shot price tag and they only have so much of that. I’ve seen a bit of Wolf in .223 but I won’t touch that crap. Except Wolf Gold which is brass cased and made in Taiwan. Decent stuff actually.

      • I’m glad now I chose 6.5 Grendel for my build now. I”d been planning on getting into 500m-800m precision shooting on the AR-15 platform, with a 2nd 5.56mm upper I could swap out with. 6.5 Grendel is good for hog hunts, too. The prices on 6.5 Grendel has only gone up by 10-25% or so, and is mostly still available. I’d thought about laying in a few hundred more rounds, but think I’ll invest in reloading gear, primers, powder and bullets. I haven’t had any issues with the rail-mounted brass catcher so long as I empty it often, so I’ve got plenty of brass. The nasty lacquered steel-cased Russian stuff has gone from $0.30 to $0.40 per round.

        My black powder replica Colt Navy looks not too bad with the pistol ammo shortages. Maybe I might pick up a Remington 1858 in .44, too. It’s a lot cheaper for going out to the range just for fun.

        • The Grendel is an excellent round and is in “the sweet spot” from a ballistic perspective. I have reloaded 6.5 mm since I was young and the only thing that you need to watch is the neck because the brass gets worked hard with expansion and sizing down when reloading and can develop cracks. So watch that closely.

          Black powder shooting, to me, is much more fun than smokeless. You typically shoot fewer rounds and I always think of it as being a “pipe smoker” rather than a “cigarette smoker”. You mess with it, you load it, you set the primer, you talk to whomever you’re with, you play with it, then you shoot. Then you swab it, you talk about it, you load it, and so forth. Shooting ten rounds or so with black powder takes me at least an hour because of the bull and fiddling. Ten round with smokeless is like twenty seconds if I’m taking my time.

  2. “…but I seriously doubt that I will shoot all of the ammunition that I have in my lifetime”.

    Indeed. Their is a couple who live across the cul-de-sac from us. They our about my age, and bought their house new around 1980. He is trying to get her on the range. She is very conservative, but I don’t think she has ever fired a gun, and so is very apprehensive about her first time out. Fortunately, I am in a position of offer the benefit of my experience, a choice of suitable gun (likely my Ruger Bearcat), and to donate a box of ammo to the cause.

    There are some interesting discussions on the web about the purchasing power of paper money, gold, and a 20 round box of .223.

    • Have your neighbor take a hard look at the Ruger LCR (5-shot revolver in .38 Special) for his wife. I’m not a big fan of .38 special but as a point defense weapon (90% of all police shootings take place between 0 and 7 feet) using some of the Hornady Critical Defense ammunition, it can deliver the goods. It’s very light, it has a long trigger stroke, so unlikely that she’ll discharge it accidentally, and the hammer shroud keeps it from being fired single action. It’s unlikely that she’ll reload it in a fight. But 5 shots center mass will discourage an attacker.

      • Both my sister and I pack revolvers. Kiss principal, as we are too old and fat to get into firefights. Her late husband was a LEO, always carried a .38 Special revolver, and made sure she knew what to do. For the record, my sister can out shoot me and most of the people we see at the range.

      • “Have your neighbor take a hard look at the Ruger LCR (5-shot revolver in .38 Special) for his wife”.

        Point taken, however likely not in this case. We shall see. Baby steps first to help overcome her fear.

        I did exactly as you suggest recently with my wife. She is small in stature, but not of will. She had not shot in decades, so we eased back into it. Started with the aforementioned Bearcat, then my Single Six with the 22 mag cylinder, and then to my Colt “Army Special” in 32-20 with some powder-puff handloads (which given it’s age, is this revolver’s normal diet). Then on to the LCR. She fired one round and put it down. “NO”.

        I did this deliberately and the result was expected. Alrighty then, now we have a benchmark to work from. Last week we picked up her new M&P Shield EZ 380. She likes it. On that topic, I was able to scrounge online (Bud’s Guns) a few boxes of Underwood 380 ACP 68 Grain Xtreme Defender. Interesting stuff. Solid copper with a scalloped nose, a bit softer recoil at 68 grains, and very accurate in my wife’s new pistol.

    • That is exactly why the Appleseed Project uses .22 rimfire. It is inexpensive and there is no big bang which would cause a new shooter to flinch.

      (Appleseed does not promote the .22 to the point of exclusion of other calibers)

  3. And now we are bombarded by fake crisis after fake crisis designed to wear us down and give in to the worst enemies that America ever had. That’s the sermonette.

    Tuesday pm will be attending a meeting whose purpose is to organize for the election and the aftermath. Once again I will volunteer for what may be a futile effort. Better to try, even against the odds, that be a sheeple, IMO.

  4. I am not a religious man, personally. However, I understand that it is ta thing that many people need, and generally a positive force. Unlike a lot of other non-religious folks I’ve met over the years, I also realize that maybe the “flaw” resides in me, instead of everyone else.

    I never would have guessed that when the governors and mayors of the United States mostly decided to commit treason and grind the US Constitution into the mud by illegally decreeing the closure of places of worship, that priest (or pastors, etc.) would even consider going along with it for a second.

    IMO, any priest/pastor/etc. who refuses a member of his congregation (or for that matter, any supplicant) comfort in a time of fear/stress/illness should have “FRAUD” tattooed on his forehead and be cast naked into the street. What the hell do they think their job is?

    I don’t know how we got to be a nation of people who desire to be ruled. It disgusts me.

    • I don’t know how we got to be a nation of people who desire to be ruled.
      Superior battlespace prep by the adversary. Or maybe it’s The Adversary. Seriously.

      The conventional saying goes something like “The Devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.” Over the last several years I have become convinced that is untrue. The correct description is: The Devil’s greatest trick was that he convinced us that he was, and is, The Real Victim. Then he consolidated his position by getting us to believe in the absurd idea of Hate Speech, thereby rendering himself immune to any honest appraisal, much less criticism.

      I also realize that maybe the “flaw” resides in me, instead of everyone else
      Agreed. Personally I have exactly zero religious impulse. But my “flaw” analogy is that my lack of religiosity may be like color blindness or tone deafness.

      • Battlespace prep by libs has been ongoing at least since FDR was president – was it Dewey who said something like ‘the individual has had his day’. When the collective is all important, there can only be few leaders and lots of sheep.

  5. The pop-up on this post led to your April 26, 2011 post about Trump. You nailed it. I wasn’t aware of blog at that time, but I’d of chimed in and agreed. All in all, Trump’s been far better than I feared he might be, and better than I’d hoped. He’s a pugnacious fighter.

    The pop-up on that post went a 2016 post on the insanity of the Navy’s “blueberry” working uniforms. It was even worse than known at that time since the early ones were made of a synthetic fabric that melt on you in a fire. Morons or saboteurs? Hard to tell. A Navy retiree I worked with at the time said he thought the Navy’s TFU (Task Force Uniform) was shorthand for “The Fuck U smoking?”

    • The Navy has had a real problem with uniforms. They need to go back to blue dungarees as a work uniform and crackerjacks for enlisted dress. Chiefs and officers can wear wash khakis at sea and the standard dress uniform. SEALs and Sea Bees can wear green or camo utilities based on where they are. Traditionally SEALs wear khaki swim trunks and blue/gold shirts on base anyway. It works.

      • All services, except maybe the Coast Guard, have a uniform problem. The Marines have the best, but everyone wearing BDUs for even office work? WTF?

        At least the Army is returning to pinks and greens.

        Seriously, if it’s an office job, BDUs should be banned. When everyone looks like a pregnant soldier, there’s an issue.

        Air Force? Go back to at least the early 70’s. My dad’s uniforms looked good and sharp.

        • I think that the Army is on the right track. It looks like an Army uniform.

          Back when I was in harness (Navy), you wear BDU’s on base but if you planned to leave, you had to change out of a work uniform and into the uniform of the day. There were exceptions but not many.

          I agree, the USAF (and most services) had it right in the 70’s.

  6. A short but powerful sermon. I love the Betsy Ross flag, and I love shooting too. Mind you, not too keen on going out in the triple digit oven that is Texas right now. Maybe early in the morning, when it’s cooler(ish)…

  7. Re. Superior Battle Space prep:
    See Beyond Freedom and Dignity B.F. Skinner’s 1971 bestseller that academia used as a training manual.
    It spent eighteen weeks on the best seller’s list with the message that man does not have freewill and punishment for bad behavior is counter productive.I
    Skinner received a grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to write the book.
    We bought the rope with which to hang ourselves.
    Also: The Frankfurt School and The Tavistock Institute and Stanford University’s behavioral studies programs for our government.
    Yeah. I know. Conspiracy theories much?
    Nah. Just MK Ultra, Fast and Furious, Russian Collusion, General Flynn…oh, never mind.

    Re. The Warsaw Uprising:
    George Orwell’s comment regarding the press during that uprising is applicable today particularly in its reporting on the ” peaceful ” protests: he said, “Once a whore. Always a whore..”

    Mila 18 was/is a good young adult book by Leo Uris about the earlier uprising of Warsaw’s Jewish Getto.

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