The Warwolf and the Siege of Stirling Castle

After the final defeat of William Wallace at the Battle of Falkirk in 1298, English King Edward I led an army across Scotland to quell the various uprisings across the country, which would take some time as Scotland was not so much a united kingdom, but a collection of Scottish clans who liked to fight. In 1304 Edward and his army laid siege to Stirling Castle, the last large bastion of Scottish Rebels south of the Highlands.  Besieging Stirling Castle would prove difficult as it was one of the largest fortifications in Scotland, with thick walls, large stores of food and water, and doggedly determined defenders.

For a month the English pounded the castle with a dozen catapults and trebuchets with little effect. At first they used stone balls, then iron balls and Greek fire. They even tried explosive shells filled with a primitive form of gunpowder. Nothing seemed to work.  However, King Edward and his chief engineer had a simple solution; MOAR TREBUCHET!!!

Five carpenters and forty nine laborers began work on a mega trebuchet.  It took three months to complete the mega trebuchet, which at 400 feet tall (about 122 meters) was the largest trebuchet ever built. It could accurately hurl a 135 kg (about 300 lb) projectile 200 meters. The builders of the machine named it the “Loup de Guerre” or “The Warwolf”. Upon seeing the monster trebuchet being built, the Scots surrendered knowing that further resistance was pointless.  King Edward must have been disappointed, to build the largest trebuchet in history and never use it.  It was often easier to torch a trebuchet and build a new one from scratch at the next siege rather than disassembling them, moving them, and re-assembling them somewhere else.

Edward refused the Scots surrender and bombarded the castle anyway.  They don’t call him “The Hammer of the Scots” for nothing. When he finally did accept the defenders surrender he let them all live and return home, only throwing the Scottish commander of the garrison in the Tower of London and executing the English commander who originally surrendered the castle.

The Outlaw King – Siege of Sterling

Note, use of Greek fire on YouTube


Soviet 1960s flying submarine concept


A New ASW Drone (MQ-9B Sea Guardian) – see captioned photo.

The MQ-9B Sea Guardian expands the capacity of US forces to engage in anti-submarine warfare. (more here)


Historic Comparison

Life imitates art.


The Last Historical Entry

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The 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham came with a minibar in the glovebox. The glasses were magnetized on the bottom to prevent them from spilling!

More to the point, when you’re riding down the road in your Cadillac Eldorado Brougham on the Highway to Hell and the beautiful lady riding shotgun next to you wants a pop, there is no need to pull into a roadside winery. Candy is dandy, but liquor works quicker.

1957 Cadillac. The lady comes with the car.


  1. That’s a beautiful dame, and a nice car, too.

    As to the Soviet sub-plane, looks like they took our Sea-Dart and tried to go one better.

    The Wolf was an amazing piece of work. And Edward was an a-hole, almost to Henry VIII level of aholeness.

    • The sub-plane looks like some engineer’s idea of a project that would work if you poured enough money into it.

    • They keep expanding Reaper capabilities. I think it would be fun to work for General Atomics – creative people.

  2. Peace thru superior firepower.

    I was speaking of the Caddy, of course, but it probably works for trebuchets as well.

  3. According to another website that Caddy went for $13,074 in 1957, a ton of cash back then. I imagine that blond was even more expensive.

  4. Thinking we should borrow that trebuchet and park it outside the razor wire fence, hang our flag on it — to let these cretins hiding behind the NG we are not happy (to put it politely).

    Cadillac Class…that’s some serious sheetmetal, and the gal shows you don’t need a lot of gratuitous skin to be attractive. Simpler times. Better? In a lot of ways, I believe so. Just look at what board’s an airplane.

    • I pretty much quit flying anywhere when the CHINA VIRUS hit but before that, I’d book an aisle seat toward the front and then wait to board final call so I didn’t have to lookit any more of that crap than I had to. Also it cut down on the number of head bashings from idiots getting on board carrying enough crap to invade Poland. Of course that only works when you can pick your seat and either travel light or check your bag, but still.

      • Flying first class helps, and I do that when other people are paying. I don’t know how much travel on my own account that I’ll be doing going forward.

        Camperfixer, no, women don’t need to go nearly naked to be attractive. Add a little fabric and they look better.

        • http://WWW…exactly. And us as well. MrsC traveled for years giving talks to other veterinarians, one of those nearly million mile fliers as she started with United in the early 80’s and never flew another carrier. We started flying 1st Class due to her status, when when she quit flying to work from home a number of years ago we paid for the 36b is an insult to humanity. But now…nope…no planes, and cut out our mid-Winter warm weather trip, just will not volunteer for mask mandates in order to fly, especially considering the general public has gotten even more narcissistic and unruly, best to not engage at all.

          LL – I have always said that woman are the gatekeepers, but sadly many now want to act like guys, which dishonors them. Real men prefer a hint of mystery.

  5. The Soviets copied, or rather drew inspiration from, Gerry Anderson’s Skydiver in UFO. Which implies the series must’ve been top secret in the Soviet Union…

      • Russian spies would often use classified stamps to turn something that might look classified into something that was not. I remember handing an open source, totally unclass document to some People’s Liberation Army thugs, and they nearly swallowed their tongues. It took a bit of doing to convince them that it was NOT classified.

        They over-classify in China much worse than we in the US do. Japan did that during WW2 in the rivalry between the Imperial Army and Navy – to their mutual detriment.

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