In Praise of Wadcutters and Old Men

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Old men are not often impressed with the fads of the moment. The millennial movement doesn’t matter to them. They’re not “woke” and never will be. Hillary Clinton referred to them as deplorable because they think that she’s nothing but a corrupt, old, scab on the ass of society. If you don’t believe me, ask an old man sitting on a bench, feeding pigeons (flying rats).
They don’t care. Men reach a certain age when they don’t want drama. They don’t want to fight anyone – and if forced they will not fight fair. They won’t quit and there are no weapons that they won’t use.
Leave men like that alone to their coffee as they sit alone in the Waffle House, reading from an old dog eared book. 
Ignore them where they sit in a bar drinking bourbon and smoking a cigar even if it’s a no-smoking bar. 
Don’t poke the old men. They will hurt you.
And life in prison when you’re 75 isn’t the threat that it was when you were 25.

26 thoughts on “In Praise of Wadcutters and Old Men

  1. Look at the crust on those rounds in that cylinder, if they don't blow you away, then you can at least expect an onset of tetanus…

  2. Anyone with a grain of sense will know danger when the old man looks at them. Even criminals know they are dealing with a predator. Like the country song says, "I ain't as good as I once was, but I am as good, once, as I ever was."
    Old Dogs Can Still Bite. New acronym. ODCSB

  3. At 75, I can go out any day. May as well go out doing bodily harm to some punk. Maybe they sense it?

  4. I like this post, though I'm not desperately old, because it reminds me of the awesomeness of wheel guns.

    People that donate COLT PYTHONS to the church aren't trying to buy their way into heaven, just doing the right thing.

  5. I reach my three score and ten this summer and I'm generally an easy going guy. Just don't push it.

  6. Well, lovely Juliette, you definitely came to the right place. We love Shield Maidens who have a genuine wolf at her side.

  7. …….but you said previously that you're back to eating Aunt Sally's cooking and you're liking it……..

  8. golden rules are good to have. speak softly, be nice, be polite, have a plan to kill everyone. a second clip is a good thing. there is no such thing as excessive when it comes to firepower. 1950 was a long time ago. Do you really think an old man hasn't seen that all before and managed to survive it?
    golden rules are good things.

  9. Wadcutter's are also known as Dum Dums. Soft lead will expand over twice it's original size in ballistic jell, better than a Jacketed Hollow Point. A 357 with a 1050fps 158 wadcutter (high end 38 SPL +P+ load) is more lethal than that of a 45 ACP jacketed hollow point of the same weight at a +p charge.

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