The Most Dangerous Job

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One of the more dangerous occupation categories during this election season is being affiliated with Hillary R. Clinton, though her coterie of flying monkeys seem to be safe enough.  The fatalities all took place among those who opposed her candidacy or her fraudulent criminal conduct (or both).  The odds of being struck by lightning are much better than dying in any of these situations, yet the facts speak for themselves.
Yes, these are all ‘accidents’ that have happened to Hillary’s enemies, but none of them are ‘slip and fall’ in the shower. 

10 thoughts on “The Most Dangerous Job

  1. They need to start killing off their own staff members. It would be morbidly interesting. They can stuff them in the walls of buildings, etc. It would make a great movie-of-the-week or something.

  2. Things like that happen. The guy you ask to spot you is paid to kill you. Happens all the time in the Clinton orbit and in the movies.

  3. Don't worry, LL. Once she's elected, she will stop having people murdered. She's promised as much, with hand on the Bible.

  4. I have always liked Bill and Hillary, don't know what all the fuss is about, people die. But I like them, so, just so we're clear. I have nothing bad to say about the Clintons…

  5. They're both wonderful people with a rich and delightful marriage, full of adventure, commitment and shared joy.

  6. I think that it was a trout. If you go to his blog, you will see somebody trying to eat it. ( )

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