Radio Free Asia reports that Police in Hong Kong fired pepper spray at a crowd in a Shatin New Town shopping mall yesterday, after they planned a public singalong as part of the city’s ongoing pro-democracy movement.

Dozens of riot police charged into Shatin’s New Town Plaza mall ahead of the planned “sing with you” event, to be faced with people hurling insults and chanting “Free Hong Kong! Revolution now!”

It wasn’t just the New Town Plaza Mall, the police had roadblocks set up at malls and traditional meeting places, which caused local residents and shoppers to stop and chant slogans and insults at police, who cordoned off at least one entrance to the Langham Place shopping mall and threatened bystanders with pepper spray.

Police then broadcast a message telling people to leave for public health reasons, as gatherings of more than four people have been banned under coronavirus restrictions.

One protester interviewed* as she was hauled away said, “They quoted the [coronavirus] restriction order … and I said there were only four of us and that we were very far apart — 1.5 meters between each person.”

The violence during the protests has originated primarily with the Hong Kong police, who have been widely criticized for the excessive use of tear gas, water cannons and pepper spray, as well as using both non-lethal and live ammunition, on unarmed protesters.

*Reported by Wong Lok-to and Man Hoi-tsan for RFA’s Cantonese Service. Translated and edited by Luisetta Mudie.

On a more personal note: 

I received an e-mail from a pro-Communist Chinese Party person asking why this blog is always so hard on the Worker’s Paradise. I chose this meme in response.


  1. Pretty sure the authorities in Red China….and they now run Hong Kong….don’t consider ANY protest to be “peaceful”.

    • All protests and all dissent MUST be crushed immediately and the people responsible must be “disappeared”. That’s how it works – ‘a boot stomping on a human face forever.’

    • Like as not, it would make me flash back to sending five digit code groups from a one-time pad.

      • The one I’m thinking of is an Icom R-71A, with “Drjim approved” upgrades. It’s just sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Seeing as I have several other receivers, this one is truly surplus to my needs, and I’d be happy to send it to a good Arizona home for “retirement”!

  2. When China crushes Hong Kong the Mandarins and Warlords in Peking will wonder why the erstwhile economic powerhouse burns so dimly. Not that they’d especially care, I’m sure. Their power and wealth will remain secure.

    Until of course it doesn’t.

    • HK accounts for something like 10% of China’s income. They can do without that ten percent to rid themselves of the people of the upstart colony. Once they’re gone, they can import more reliable people into Hong Kong and Macau.

      • So you are saying that the Commies believe in the “magic dirt” theory. That HK is special, and anyone living/working there will be just as good at it as the soon-to-be displaced/replaced people were.

        • The communist cadre believe that the loyal hive mind will beat the free mind every time.

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