The Jihadi in the Boat

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Re-framing the debate on gun control
I do not suggest that every American needs a firearm. Those are personal decisions that people make. However, that is not the debate. There have always been people who have dropped out of the gene pool because they were  unable to remain viable for one reason or another. The framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights understood that. They simply provided the RIGHT to keep firearms and it falls to individuals to decide how they will provide for their own defense. Progressives are very uncomfortable with giving people that decision. They prefer laws prohibiting because those laws provide a measure of comfort (don’t ask me how they reconcile the comfort). Liberals feel that having 911 on speed dial is protection enough.

12 thoughts on “The Jihadi in the Boat

  1. Bombers are not supposed to come into the backyards of Mr.& Mrs America. How can one feel fulfilled about not having weapons if one is liable to NEED said weapons? It's just not right, and someone needs to tell those jihadist bastards that.

  2. Maybe you and I could go to Mecca and start passing out leaflets. I'm sure that the "Religion of Peace" wouldn't object.

  3. What part of "shall not be infringed" do leftists and tyrants (but I repeat myself) not understand.

  4. And what's more, there is a GOOD REASON that it was included in the Bill of RIghts – and that reason is good for America.

  5. WoFat hits the nail on the head… It's one thing when it's only the 'military' that is in harms (bombers) way, but it's a whole different ball of wax when it's in THEIR own neighborhood! And they just go comatose, because they can't process it…

  6. Leftists are power hungry, controlling tyrants. They're the ones who have done so much harm to humans in history. It ticks me off that progressives don't want others to have a firearms and want to take away our constitutional rights. I can't stand their condescending I know better than you attitude. They need to STFU and start respecting our constitutional rights. Its almost as if they're itching for a new civil war or something.

  7. Maybe it's time to think that everything bad that happens, occurs in SOMEBODY's neighborhood.

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