Captioned photo: From my restroom window before the blizzard hit. They’re just above the old logging road. Eight of them hung around for most of the day. Elk are only afraid of you during hunting season.


320 AM (MST) Sunday – Absolutely horrible and terrifying conditions on I-40 near Flagstaff right now.


Riddle me this – Because it’s Sunday

Recently, a Catholic church, a Jewish synagogue and an Islamic mosque came together in the «Abrahamic Temple» built in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Catholic church, synagogue and mosque gather inside the “Abrahamic Temple” under a single world religion.

This project was named “Abrahamic Family House’,’ an interfaith space that is already considered the house of religion that will establish the antichrist in the end times.

This project was signed by Pope Francis a representative of the Catholic Church and Ahmed El-Tayeb, a representative of the al-Azhar Mosque, in 2019, which at that time was defined as the “Chrislam” and was defined within the document as “Human Fraternity”.

Designed by Ghanaian-British architect Sir David Adjaye, the site has three places in separate buildings intentionally built at the same height and at the same external dimensions. These places are the St. Francis of Assisi Church, the Moses Ben Maimon Synagogue, and the Ahmed Al-Tayeb Mosque, which are connected to each other for some future event “in fellowship”.

AP News details that the space made of concrete, marble, and oak promotes “religious tolerance”, and is already open to anyone who wants to visit it.

Inside the church, there is a marble altar and pulpit with a crucifix above it, oak pews for worshipers and it also has suspended wooden columns that hang from the ceiling.

There are similar pews in the synagogue, which have the Ten Commandments engraved in Hebrew on the front, they also have a Torah room located behind and a bronze net hanging from the ceiling, with a play of light coming from the windows.

In the mosque, there are shelves for the Koran and there is a place outside for worshipers to remove their shoes before entering, there is also a gray carpet covering the floor and movable walls that separate the men from the women.

The luxury stands out all over these three places. It is still unknown the amount of money spent in such work, so it is presumed that hundreds of millions of dollars were invested there.

The interesting fact about all this idea is that the Islamic faith is the only one recognized in the United Arab Emirates and they promote conversion to it through applications via the internet, being illegal to convert from Islam to other beliefs.


In the Jungle

You should always be armed.


Identify the Aircraft




Identify the Tank


Public Service Notice:

To my friends and family in SoCal, REMAIN CALM. This is called a RIVER (riv-UR). It is not the End of Times. I would definitely not advise swimming in it as the 20 years of accumulated crap in the culvert combined with water would probably strip paint, but don’t worry, it will be gone soon.

The Los Angeles River is flooding. As with much of California’s water, it flows unimpeded to the sea.


  1. Apropos different faiths/denominations/sects:

    The Catholic congregation of a certain town were informed that their parish priest’s vehicle was just about worn out. Concerned, they organized bake sales, bingo games and the like, and raised enough money to buy him a new Ford. Next Sunday after Mass, the worshippers gathered around while their priest read a blessing over the new car and sprinkled it with holy water to inaugurate it into God’s service.

    The Baptist congregation were a bit put out by this, as their pastor’s car was now older and less desirable than the Catholic pastor’s. They decided to do something about it, and organized cook-outs, raffles and the like to raise enough money to buy him a new Chevrolet. Next Sunday, they gathered around and laid hands on the new car while their pastor prayed over it, to inaugurate it into God’s service.

    The Jewish synagogue worshippers were by now feeling a bit left out: so they arranged fund-raisers of their own, and bought their rabbi a new Cadillac. Next Shabbat, they gathered around and chanted solemnly from the Psalms as he took a hacksaw and carefully cut an inch off the tailpipe.


  2. I commend you for informing us of that evil travesty…was near tears reading the bit, practically weeping for their souls to be received in Heaven and made whole. Then I got pissed because it’s beyond despicable there is no coverage in the media of this, proving they cherry pick to push the crap Woke narrative the so strongly believe. For the evil scumbags (we’ll find out they were “well known to police and out on no bail or early parole”) I demand immediate and swift hanging, in front of their families. I’d also go after the Parole Board and any damnable DA who went easy on them. This base behavior didn’t just manifest, it has been learned through no real consequence received from prior criminality. Wonder if the scum were broadcasting the torture on the Dark Web? Ahh. Ticks me off.

    On a lighter note…you must have a special way with the girl elk, they know where safety exists.

  3. Elk. It is convenient that your emergency food supply stops by every once in a while for an inventory and wellness check.

    LA Rivers. I used to be stationed at Vandenberg and drove down to LA on many occasions. Watching one of those drainage canals filled to the brim and washing down all sorts of stuff, trees, cars, parts of houses, was incredible. Would help their water situation a bit if they could capture some of that water and the snow melt in an additional reservoir or two but that will never happen.

    • Ed, My dad was stationed at Vandenberg from 64 to 70, and at one time his office was in a building in Lompoc. Some time in 67 or 68, I think, the valley was flooded and it even reached the 2nd story of Dad’s building.

      Flood and drought have always been part of California’s climate. Shame they keep forgetting this simple fact.

  4. The 20 billion a year the dem govs spend on illegals would pay for new dams, reservoirs, catchment basins, etc. Sometimes, you just can’t fix stupid. You get what you vote for.

  5. The media kept a tight lid on the Christian/Newsom case here in Knoxville. The first time I remember hearing anything was several months afterwards, after the arrests but before the trial. What makes it worse for me is that the initial carjacking took place less than 1000 yards from my front door- and there are many more homes, condos, and the like between here and there.
    I applaud you for reminding folks that there is evil out there.

  6. Not a criticism of anyone, but I’m shocked that not everyone here has heard of “The Knoxville Horror” as the torture/mutilation/murder of Newsome and Christian is known. The first time I read about it I was sick -figuratively – and hotly furious. These days the fury is no less, but it’s utterly cold. The ferals are bad, no doubt, but the real problem is their apologists and enablers.)

    That some of you have not heard of this genuine atrocity is yet another example that the press in the US is largely controlled by persons who hate you (“you” meaning white people). But don’t take it personally. Many are resentment-filled, eternally ungrateful wretches who hate everyone, including each other. (That was sarcasm. That the press is full of horrible, self-righteous persons does not make it better. Knowing that it is the nature of a scorpion to sting does not make being stung by a scorpion any better.)


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