Bloody Mexico – The War Intensifies

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The internecine killing between Mexicans who have affiliated themselves with drug cartels is escalating with a reported split in the Sinaloa Federation (parent organization of Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación – below)
The cartel violence and the battle between mafia style groups for control of turf and valuable trafficking routes increased with the economic pinch that the world economy has trickled down to Mexico.
In dystopian México, the absence of a just and moral government has led to a vacuum where evil runs virtually unchecked. Society festers where an underground empire rules a land in self-destruct mode. Rampant corruption at all levels thrives in an environment where many compromise their principles and their virtue for narco-money. Recent violence as a result of the cartel wars may have topped 100,000 dead—but nobody really knows the numbers and the Méxican government hides the death toll for the sake of ‘national credibility’. There are states in México where the narcos rule and the government’s efforts to restore the rule of constituted law have been repeatedly thwarted. 
Narcotics are not just a Mexican or an American problem. Worldwide people spend more money on narcotics than they do on food. The wars between entrepreneurs who would be king for control of the drug trade are as vicious as they are unrelenting. The Mexican cartels have made billions of dollars by moving cocaine that was grown in Peru and Brazil and refined in Colombia through México and into the world’s largest consumer of everything, the United States of America. 
The unstable and unsustainable situation in México, caused in great part by the narcotics cartels, is quickly becoming a matter of concern to American national security planners, as the border is not destroyed with a bang, but by intentional neglect. 
The face of the Jalisco (and Guadalajara) Cartel – it’s in Spanish so if you don’t understand the language much of it may be lost on you. If you visit Guadalajara and are beheaded, these are the guys who will be doing it. Or if you’re sitting in a restaurant having dinner, and a hand grenade is thrown in, it’s better than even odds that these guys will have thrown it.
Interrogations of members of Los Zetas, the paramilitary cartel that roams through much of Mexico murdering and terrorizing.

11 thoughts on “Bloody Mexico – The War Intensifies

  1. I couldn't understand everything but the guy was admitting to killing many hundreds of people, including women, children and a baby.

  2. We need to lob some Tomahawk missiles across the border now!

    Oh. Wait. We only do that in countries where the government or citizens can't possibly hurt us and about whom no one really gives a flying leap. And have oil to sell.

    On a real note, this is painfully sad stuff you've posted here.

  3. Opus #6- Killing hundreds and even thousands of men, women, children and babies is a badge of honor among the cartels and they boast their blood and horror.

    Euripides – We need to close the border to illegal crossing and monitor the ports of entry more closely. As bad as it is in Mexico, we don't want that transplanted here.

  4. LL- Closing the border does nothing they will still find ways to bring the drugs to the U.S. If Americans would stop doing drugs then none of this would be going on since there's no demand for drugs.

  5. Closing the border is a whole lot easier and cost effective than trying to rid drug the US of drug abuse.

    If we could only have a campaign as effective on an industry as the anti-smoking campaign was on corporate tobacco. Instead, we pass medical marijuana bills and try to lower the drinking age.

    By the way LL, closing the border is the "racist" thing to do, don't you know? 😉

  6. Closing the border will stop illegal aliens and organized crime from coming north. Allowing a path for legal immigration and/or guest workers makes sense.

    And you're wrong, closing the border would be most effective against the Mexican cartels.

  7. Anonymous – securing the border is everything…because it is the first thing. Without that, everything else is handicapped, and almost useless.

    …and to your other point, focusing solely on demand would not stop the flow. You can't eliminate demand, and you can't eliminate the supply. We CAN reduce them considerably, and we CAN work on both ends.

  8. Odie – if you broke it, you bought it…and we don't need more people on welfare roles. Just harden the border and leave it at that.

    Race Bannon – You're on target. Preventing illegal border crossing would eliminate the lion's share of narcotics coming north. Heavy inspection of trucks coming north would dampen it further. It will never be eliminated, but by doing what we're doing we enable organized crime.

  9. WoFat – They get by with a little help from their friends. They get high with a little help from their friends…

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