It’s still Gun Pride Month!

Yes, I know that these sights don’t see over the can…



Bullet Points

* Brandon’s visit to the Middle East was a complete failure and shows that Washington no longer possesses the power that it claims over the region — neither diplomatically, nor militarily. The Brandon Regime failed to achieve any of its primary objectives in the region with his visit and instead of sending a strong message to its rivals in Tehran, affirmed that there is no military solution available against the Islamic Republic. The weak, disoriented, quintuple-vaxed,  demented, creepy, Brandon just spread plague and then left.

When the Brandon Regime announced that the President would make his first trip to the Middle East, by visiting both Tel Aviv and Riyadh, talk began to emerge of many major developments that may follow. Saudi Arabia and Israel were expected to grow significantly closer towards a normalization deal, with some progress seemingly made on that front, the only thing that seemed to change was Riyadh opening its skies to Israeli aircraft, and other than this, there isn’t anything to show for Slow Joe’s visit…except as a super spreader.

* Russia will withdraw from the International Space Station (ISS) project ‘after 2024’ to build its own equivalent, the newly appointed chief of state space agency Roscosmos said Tuesday.

* China and Russia are taking their shot at the U.S. dollar. And as often happens with consequential news in the United States and the West, no one seems to notice or even care. (zerohedge)

* It’s difficult to know the truth from fiction these days. Vetting stories from even reliable news outlets is required. Even a job as simple as watching sheep, or so the Aesop fable tells, cannot be done with success by the boy who cried wolf. Let it not be forgotten that the end of that fable was not only that the boy was dead at the jaws of the wolf, but that the flock was ravished.

* The State of the Union: Overall, nearly three-quarters of Americans hope that Brandon does not seek a second term in office. It is not difficult to figure out why. The republic is not in good shape. Unforced foreign policy blunders, such as the botched Afghanistan withdrawal, and continually embarrassing America on the world stage, in a demented haze has little appeal except to the chronically woke. Our homeland territorial integrity has never been more undermined, as a wide-open southern border permits an unprecedented flow of smugglers, traffickers, and other miscreants. The economy is weak, inflation is high and the only apparent certainty downrange is uncertainty.

* Lake Mead will soon reach what they call “dead pool” status, unable to release water to the Colorado River system and unable to generate power at the Hoover Dam. It seems like nobody has genuinely cared about the lake for a long time. They just keep draining it. Nevada will start draining the aquifer in Western Utah. What will they do when that’s used up and the place is a dustbowl?

It’s possible to use nuclear power to desalinate seawater and pup it inland, but nobody talks about that and even if there was a green light, construction of the plants and the pipelines would take many years.




Thus said Bukowski


Darrel’s Root Beer Stand, Winslow, AZ

I wish that they had frosty mugs, but they don’t. At the same time, the root beer and root beer floats are first-rate. There is not much in Winslow besides the mention in the Eagle’s Song, Take it Easy (1972) written by Jackson Browne and Glenn Frey. It’s an old railroad town and to its credit, it is trying to reinvent itself. The biggest problem is that it’s a very poor town.

The Root Beer Stand is located in a residential neighborhood (recently refurbished) and has been around since the 1960s. I like root beer. I’ve always liked root beer. They also serve a soft shell taco called a ‘taco tangle’ and are known for their chili fries. Americana in its classic form.

So If you’re driving down I-40 and are in the mood for root beer, jump off the freeway and nav your way to the Root Beer Stand.


Parting Shot



  1. Frey kinda failed at that “don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” thing, wot?

  2. Can you imagine the protests if a state even tried nuclear desalinization or towing an iceberg down from the arctic. Both good ideas but the protests would be epic.

    Gun pride. Nice setup but I am not a fan of FDE. Looks great until you shoot it and then it takes two hours to get the exterior of the gun looking primo.

    President Biden’s remarks on lower gas prices are ironic as all get out. The Demoncraps’ policies caused the increase in pricing and Biden is touting a per gallon price reduction like it is the greatest thing since sliced bread and just taking credit for the decrease.

    • Nuclear-powered desalination is the solution to an American Southwest that has suffered from drought since the ice receded 10,000. years ago. If it’s a recurring theme on VM, it’s because I’m working on that problem professionally (not in the US). If you want “Net Zero” carbon emissions, you want nuclear power. Windmills and solar collectors aren’t the solution.

      • Absolutely agree. Solar can be right for small isolated installations in some instances but that is it. Wind doesn’t make the cut. The economic buyback occurs well after the wind turbine is in a landfill. Both are mostly scams. I would also posit it makes more sense to have several mid-sized units instead of one single point of failure.

        • The concept of a robust, distributed nuclear powered grid is the only way that all of the notions of a net zero power system could work. The smaller reactors can go down for maintenance and the grid is strong enough to sustain the whole irrespective of that sort of disruption. Because it works, the left hates it. Power for water desalination, for industry and residential use is not enough for individual transportation, though you could build workable mass transit. The battery problem is a non-starter. There is not enough lithium and cobalt, and the disposal issue is polluting. For the foreseeable future, cars will be powered by oil.

          • California could have been a net energy and water exporter, but, well, California.

            Wish Texas would step up and do it. They could, easily, being relatively centrally located, become the power and water state.

      • The cliff dwelling down in that part of the world were abandoned about the same time as the Little Ice Age started…

          • Whiskey Is For Drinking. Water Is For Fighting.

            Always heard that saying, but I never understood the real impact of it until we moved here.

          • During my product development years, met a good man at a firm who used to be a water rights attorney. Said he quit one day after realizing he “produced nothing in his work”, only transferred money from one person who was being sued by another…over water. Big litigation arena in Colorado.

  3. Considering yesterday I used up my weekly word allotment bloviating on the state of affairs, aka “the Dem’s willfully running our country aground”…I’ll keep it [somewhat] constrained.

    Curious, are the RR SMR’s hand built? Do they come in Iguazu-Blue, Imperial Jade, or Petra Gold?

    SMR’s are hands-down THE BEST energy source solution…which is why the Lefty-Lunatics hate them, they actually work and use a small footprint. To the Left: “If you want EV’s and “refueling” stations sprinkled all over the map at 50 mile increments so you can turn a one-day trek into 3 days, this is your ONLY solution. Unreliable Pinwheels and sun collectors ARE NOT the answer.”

    Bukowski (RIP) is a pouty glass half empty pessimist. It’s okay to be a realist with “man’s struggle for meaning”, but this guy takes Ecclesiastes 2:22 to the extreme.

    On a higher note, last night watched “The Day the Music Died: The Story of Don McLean’s American Pie” [Prime]. It is really well done, and uplifting. I’d bet that even America haters know every word of this iconic anthem.

    • Jackson Lake is still [intentionally] being kept low to provide similar “Climate Change!” panic optics. LV can’t operate without water, Lake Mead is a travesty of government oversight with zero solutions offered. Typical.

      But hey, all those lost beer cans, cell phones, wallets, fishing lures…dead bodies w/ or w/o cinder blocks, are now available for retrieval.

  4. “Rioters letdown” graphic: That man is a poor example of a Scary White Nationalist (TM). Shame on him for having a Corona [1]. All good Aryans should Deutsches Bier trinken.

    Trump graphic: Leftists are all about (psychological) projection. It’s a long-standing trait, hence the warning against bitching about the speck in your brother’s eye despite the plank in your own and all that. There is the thought that projection is the dark twin of empathy. This actually makes sense when you consider that the same ones whining about Russian Collusion and any number of historical injustices (cotton, Lampshades, the evils of Capital, and on and on) are those with the most grandiose plans to fix the world. If by “fix” you mean torturing the world towards an impossibility that mirrors the twisted geography of their own inner psyches. (c.f. Karl Marx, a very jealous, resentful and covetous man).

    Bukowski’s quote is about 50% not wrong, but it’s not an adornment to my opinion of the man. (As if anyone, much less Bukowski, cares.) I suspect deliberate angry posturing to shore up his public (and self) image. In terms of quotes about “death and how to live your life” I much prefer the “Tecumseh Poem”. Gratitude is missing from Bukowski. It would be a mean and sorry life indeed if one did not, or could not, feel gratitude.

    Root Beer: I also like root beer. For whatever reason, I have NEVER met a non-American who likes root beer. ALL the Germans, Swiss-Germans, French, Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Pakistanis, etc that I know well enough to chat food-and-drink with dislike or outright despise root beer.

    [1] Corona: at the outbreak of The Pandemic when the office was starting to close down, I bought a 32-oz bottle of Mexican Corona (“Corona Familiar”) and displayed it prominently in my office in a location where passersby could read the logo. Out of the dozens of people who (used to) wander around here, only two besides me thought that was funny. You could tell some people thought it was terribly gauche. One or two were concerned for my continued employment, “You can’t have alcohol in the office!” Thanks, but first, that’s *barely* alcohol, Second, the vodka is under the desk. (There is a bottle of Reyka, but it’s empty. A colleague who to my knowledge isn’t really a drinker came in one night and basically said (see attached video). He drained what was left of the bottle. I ended up driving him to his house.)

    • (1) I taught Jules Smith (a British girl) to drink and enjoy root beer and more particularly root beer floats.

      (2) “Son of a bitch
      Give me a drink
      One more night
      This can’t be me
      Son of a bitch
      If I can’t get clean
      I’m gonna drink my life away”. – Nathaniel Rateliff is in touch with the human condition.

      (3) You have to drink a lot of Corona (and lime slivers) to do anything but piss. It’s not alcohol but it does take you to a different lattitude if you believe the advertising.

      (4) Bukowski likes to wallow and bitch.

      • Rateliff’s S.O.B. Local band. When that came out and the GM would show up on one of my jobsites I’d play it, then suggest it should be our corporate theme song.

        Just read about a “new study” (I gotta get in on that deal somehow). It “studied” something we “not afraid” knew would occur when The Morons in Charge decide to supersede natural viral progression; that the Covid Lockdowns caused a stay in illnesses and natural/herd immunity and now countries are finding themselves in the middle a rampant Covid case rise. Yet – and exactly because of this rise – these same morons are starting their stupid edicts all over again, even if most people may only have a normal Summer sniffle (everything is Covid, even cancer and motorcycle accidents).

        Any American who doesn’t like A&W Rootbeer and/or floats can move to Canada for wine spritzers.

        • There won’t be any more wine in Canada after they’ve embargoed foreign vintages for being grown in areas where people are not vaxed.

  5. Gun Pride Month is coming to a close and in celebration I’ve assembled a lightweight AR. Without the sight, which is on the way, it weighs in at 4lbs. 15oz. With the sight it’ll still be under six.
    On the subject of celebration, I propose that President’s Day, which celebrates all presidents including the worthless ones, and returning it to Washington to be celebrated on February 22 like it should be. I do believe John Moses Browning’s birthday(January 23) is more worthy of celebration than some other holidays. Another holiday may be deleted to make room.

  6. About water – read elsewhere that some in California have started asking that water from the Mississippi be diverted to their state.

  7. Out today on a 300 mile circuit I stopped at a Kum and Go to use the facility then bought a large root beer in your honor. Delicious! Probably haven’t had a root beer in years.

  8. Nice pistol. Re water, when California runs out, the aquifers are drained, and the dust bowl becomes real in the central valley, this are going to go rodeo!

    • They diverted water from the central valley to the delta to help the bait fish/smelt/darter. Again. I’m wondering when those farmers are going to start disappearing the pols in Sacatomato?

  9. I thought every month was Gun Month? After all, I’m a citizen of These United (hah) States.

    As to root beer, it has to be a really good one. Cheap knock-offs suck. A&W, Hires, but not a store brand, oh, no.

    Russia pulling out of the ISS isn’t about going it alone, it’s a cover for the complete failure and collapse of the Russian space program. The last two modules they delivered had serious issues with them. They are still flying basically the same systems they used when we were launching Gemini on Titans. Some minimal improvement, but any ‘new’ systems have been as much vaporware as most other ‘new’ Russian stuff, almost as much vaporware as Blue Origin’s BE4 engine and New Glenn rocket system.

    Disagree with me? Prove it. Russia is collapsing, collapsing rapidly, and the stupid Ukranian invasion smells of serious desperation and a last gasp at Empire.

    Which brings up China and Russia trying to become the new international currency. Russia is doomed as a nation, collapsing rapidly. Red China is also collapsing rapidly, more rapidly than even the most pessimistic news media is reporting. Their real estate market is busted. There are whole cities full of uninhabitable building (what they call ‘Tofu Drek’) and the only ‘industry’ that seems to be making money consistently is the illegal drug trade.

    If only Brandon would quit selling Red China our strategic oil reserves…

  10. Barqs root beer was a Biloxi MS tradition. Original facility still standing. I think Pepsi owns the brand now. Not what it was when I was a kid.

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