Never forget how they lied about the vax:

Thought experiment:  Donald Trump was reelected president, but if the election had not been rigged, the vaccine(s) would’ve still sucked and been plagued with problems.

The big news outlets would’ve decried how dangerous they were (purely on the basis that they were supported by Trump, just coincidentally correct). Democrat voters would’ve followed suit, eventually leading to a left-leaning “anti-vax” movement (probably still decrying the right as “anti-science”).


How to Become Rich by Working for USGOV

(Wall Street Journal) Federal officials working on the government response to Covid-19 made well-timed financial trades when the pandemic began—both as the markets plunged and as they rallied—a Wall Street Journal investigation found.

In January 2020, the U.S. public was largely unaware of the threat posed by the virus spreading in China, but health officials were on high alert and girding for a crisis.

A deputy to top health official Anthony Fauci reported 10 sales of mutual funds and stocks totaling between $157,000 and $480,000 that month. Collectively, officials at another health agency, Health and Human Services, reported 60% more sales of stocks and funds in January than the average over the previous 12 months, driven by a handful of particularly active traders.

By March, agencies across the government were working on wide-reaching measures to prop the economy and markets. Then-Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao purchased more than $600,000 in two stock funds while her agency was involved in the pandemic response and her husband, Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell, was leading negotiations over a giant, market-boosting stimulus bill.

And as the government was devising a loan package aimed specifically at helping companies including Boeing Co. and General Electric Co., a Treasury Department official involved in administering the aid acquired shares of both companies.

Federal officials owned millions of dollars of stock in industries most affected by the pandemic and the government’s response. About 240 officials at health agencies and at the Pentagon, a key player in the vaccine rollout, reported owning a total of between $9 million and $28 million in stocks of drug, manufacturing, and biotechnology companies that won federal contracts related to Covid-19 in 2020 and 2021, the Journal’s analysis found…


More bucks than brains…


Bullet Points:

* (Gateway Pundit) Flashback: Former AG Barr shut down investigations into a trailer load of 288,000 ballots into PA from New York in 2020 Election – Barr refused to provide whistleblower protection – Now the USPS won’t provide an investigation report – what gives?


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  1. Crooks! It’s that simple. And they know it. Yet enjoy their “special status” ill-gotten largess without conscience or consequence. Exposing their Incestuous Nepotism on Steroids does nothing since across the aisle their pals and pal-ette’s are doing the same. It’s beyond infuriating. The only solution to clamp the crookery is to disallow any trading by elected officials. Might have the added benefit of keeping some portion of the bums from running for office.

    The MSM is beyond fickle, whatever supports their latest Lefty chaos is the script they all spout from, especially if it harms America First. Most of those talkers couldn’t get a real job if they paid for it.

    • Any money acquired (through nominees or through family or by the employee) through a conflict of interest should result in a felony conviction for all concerned. No government employee or PAC or union or association should be able to contribute to the politician (or the politician’s family or any interest) if the politician votes for the employee’s salary. Again, it should be a felony.

      • Yup…best practice is to stop it before it starts. Dissuasion, as in bodily harm or prison or both, may have the desired effect.

        One way to reduce candidate fiddling and election fraud is to make it illegal for monies to flow into another states election, only residents should be able to donate to their preferred candidate. California pumping millions into Robert O’ Not A Mexican Rourke’s Tejas’ Senate run…really? How can that be anything but cheatery?

        • I think that’s a good idea. Candidates can’t receive funds from outside of the US, so why can they receive them from outside of the state? Likely a conflict of interest particularly when Kalifornistan is involved.

          The whole funding mechanism for candidates needs to be scrutinized and regulated (made regular) for the sake of the nation.

          I hear that Beto is over his monkeypox infection. I guess that’s good?

          • Sympathy grabbing by him and others taking selfies when getting jabbed or being ill. Alpha males don’t announce their illnesses, perceived or real, but weaklings do. Even if we’re starting to bleed out we wait until we’re half dead before hitting the medicine cabinet or heading to the Emergency Room, driving ourselves most of the time.

            Building the house, cut across four digits…two were bad enough for stitches. Walked out to vet truck bleeding into my t-shirt, grabbed the suture pack and surgery kit. Told MrsPaulM to sew me up even if it was 2/0 – I was not wasting the day driving an hour to town to sit for four hours then pay the exorbitant insurance Ponzi grift to get a dozen stitches and a proper bandage. Can’t hardly see the scars 18 years later.

          • Paul M – not just alpha males, it was standard old school behavior when my grandparents were still alive. Grandma had a cast they sawed off her arm, and they had set the cutting depth too deep. When the doc saw the bleeding after the cast came off he asked why she didn’t say anything when they were cutting her. Her reply: “I just thought that was how it’s supposed to work”.

          • I can’t imagine anyone characterizing Robert O’Rorque as an Alpha anything. I always thought of Beto as a Beta male (at best). Frankly, I thought that Mrs. Beto would have left him when it became public knowledge that he shared Paul Pelosi’s peccadilloes. I guess not.

        • ” California pumping millions into Robert O’ Not A Mexican Rourke’s Tejas’ Senate ”
          One of the many problems with the 17th ammendment.
          Like Fetterneck recently said, “Elect me to be the 51st vote!”
          Not to represent Pa.

          • Time to repeal certain Amendments that afford political grifters the ability to skirt strict Constitutional confines.

  2. I’m not surprised at “our” government officials selling out. But I am disgusted that they’re willing to break their honor for SO LITTLE. Especially when many of them already have so much. (On the other end of the socioeconomic spectrum and doing nasty things for little money, the going price of oral sex from a street walking likely drug addict in downtown Manchester, NH is $40. Or was as of 2021. No idea if the FJB economy has impacted that too. But either road, with our govt, WE are the ones left with the bad taste in our mouths.)

    • Judas was paid 30 silver denari to betray Jesus. There is some question as to the buying power of 30 denari in 33AD, but if you figure about $1,000, you’re close.

        • Wouldn’t you have had to go to the New World to find a syphilitic whore in 33 AD ?

          I always learned that syphilis was the Indians’ return gift to us for smallpox.


          • It came from the intestinal tract of sheep. So I think that it was around for some time before Columbus, but you can prove me wrong. I’m not an expert.

          • I dispute that was the reason for 30 pieces. (as you’d expect) All slaves were not created equal then or now. Yes, I know equity, but that wasn’t something that they cared about. A young female who could bred for more slaves was worth more as was a male in the prime of life. An artisan was worth more than a laborer.

            Judas was the treasurer for Jesus and his followers. He likely had a significant purse at the time. There was speculation by some scholars that he wanted to keep the purse of the Savior after he was martyred and that the 30 pieces were just an arbitrary number. Could you buy some sort of slave for 30 silver denari? I’m sure that you could. It’s just that particularly under the Romans (who sold captured slaves at markets) there were standardized prices based on a sliding scale of value.

          • This is what I was thinking of.
            Ex 21 32 If the bull gores a male or female slave, the owner must pay thirty shekels of silver to the master of the slave, and the bull is to be stoned to death.

          • In the end there is always a price determined by others who believe they have to power to do so (the Covid Lockdown crap comes to mind). Yet the question is of value. Who decides? Some idiot politician of official? Not on my watch. Never allow others to define your value, whether he be President or not – who repeatedly states half of American has no value to our “democracy” despite we are a Constitutional Republic.

      • The Biden Crime Family has a documented history of backstabbing their partners over cash, which shouldn’t surprise anyone. They want to keep all of the bribe money for themselves.

  3. Rich by working for FEDGOV. Well darn it,
    I should have taken advantage of situations when I worked for the federal government. I had to do my annual OGE 450 reporting of my finances but it was pretty much blank when it came to stocks and such. It is not right to have even an appearance of a conflict of interest.

    • You can’t buy integrity. It’s baked in or it isn’t. Politicians (and I’m speaking of Dan Crenshaw here) who take 30 pieces of silver and become Quislings are better off just declaring themselves as democrats.

      • You would think an ex-military guy would have more integrity. Guess the intoxicating affect of Washington can easily overcome those with weak constitutions. Money talks…

          • I don’t trust these people at all, they have sold their souls for 30 pieces of gold and fail to see that very act is contrary to God’s prescription.

    • I have one in the fridge…waiting. Yup, a meal in itself. Perfect with a nice medium-rare steak and some herb potatoes. Toss in some green beans to cover the “healthy” veggie side of things…with butter.

      • Just more patriarchy and toxic masculinity exhibited by people on this blog. “You’re all a basket of diplorables!” – HR Clinton

  4. Paul M
    The rule here is that it is not an emergency unless someone is bleeding, and then it depends on HOW MUCH someone is bleeding.
    Also, if a trip to the ER is required I get to play The Flight of the Valkyrie while transporting the injured.
    Note to self: May want consider revising / modifying this rule as Wifmann was NOT amused the last time said rule was invoked.
    I have found that stitches done without benefit of chemicals ending in “…cain” are best done ASAP.

    • Hahah…so true! Pretty sure our wives understand that we are 12 year olds inside and operate accordingly: “Oh, just a scratch, put a band-aid on it and get back to mowing the lawn.” (MrsPaulM decides based on distance from the heart and if anything with a name is injured…sorta like a horse but with a little more leeway.)

      The Flight of the Valkyrie is a seriously great touch…gotta remember that, might as well make it epic while bleeding out.

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