Firearms and Racism

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(Fox News) Progressive British and Australian researchers have decided that if a white person owns a firearm, they are racists. In fact, the only reason that the researchers can find for a white person to want to own a firearm would be to murder a black person. (isn’t that racist? – apparently not…)
The study’s lead author, Kerry O’Brien, explained to the New York Daily News that their conclusions are so sensible because: “There had already been research showing that … blacks are more likely to be shot, so we thought there must be something happening between the concept of being black and some whites wanting guns.” 
There is an obvious problem with this claim. Blacks, not whites, are killing blacks. Indeed, in 2012, over 91 percent of blacks were murdered by other blacks.

Progressive academics love their theories don’t they?

Fox News continues by positing this question: If you really want to confront racism and gun ownership, ask why liberals keep pushing new taxes and fees on gun owners that primarily disarm poor blacks. Why don’t liberals think that poor blacks can be trusted with guns?
There is a solution for inner city people who want to own a firearm but don’t like to fire it in the traditional way. Bending to culture, the new Glock (right), with Nyte Sytes.
There is another option that may be less obvious to the researchers. Drive-by shootings are most often carried out by inner city poor people with automobiles. If the government restricts automobile ownership the inner city to the rich, to suburban people and people who live in the country, drive-by shootings will in effect be eliminated.
Keen logic.

11 thoughts on “Firearms and Racism

  1. I think the parameter for deterring racism is even simpler . . . White (or even white "looking") = Racist . . . . Sitting on a witness stand talking about "White Assed Crackers" = Loving and accepting of all humanity. Guns are just a red herring . . .

  2. Then, of course, the color of the ammunition must denote racism as well. I mean, after all, isn't every possession racist?

  3. Now one can toss weapon to hide it from the cops and come back later to get it out of the bushes. How clever.

  4. You're onto something. Why are brass cartridge casings "brass color". Brass must be a code word (cleverly disguised) for some sort of racial permutation.

  5. Black not only kill blacks with gusto, they are also kill whitey at twice the rate that whitey kills blacks.

    2012 Murders
    White on White 84%
    Black on Black 91%
    White on Black 7%
    Black on White 14%

    Source: 2012 FBI UCR Expanded Homicide Data Table #6

  6. Hate to beat a dead horse, but in 2012 there were 12,765 murders reported to the FBI by the nations law enforcement agencies. While blacks comprise only 13% of the nation's population, they account for 51% of all murder victims.

    Total Murders 12,765
    Black victims 6,454 51%
    White victims 5,855 46%
    Other victims 326 3%

    Source: Expanded Homicide Data Table #2

  7. You're not very progressive these days. Being progressive means that you go with the "emotion" of social justice even if it makes no sense. Trotting out statistics doesn't prove a point to progressive people because they are "the white man's statistics".

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