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* “Did You Approve Hidden State Censorship in Direct Violation of the Constitution?” Elon Musk Calls Out Adam Schiff After Documents Reveal Schiff’s Office Was Emailing Twitter https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/12/approve-hidden-state-censorship-direct-violation-constitution-elon-musk-calls-adam-schiff-documents-reveal-schiffs-office-emailing-twitter/

More here. The deeper you go down the rabbit hole, the more you find. Those of us who’ve been around for a while are not the least bit surprised. Keep digging.

* A Few Miles North of Prescott, not that far from the White Wolf Mine – a former co-worker of mine has his own landing strip. Do I have landing strip envy?  No, I don’t have an airplane. But if I did? Yeah.


From EdB – Trying to clear things up.


It’s Gonna Hurt



Taxes and fees on the typical American wireless consumer increased again this year, to a record-high 25.4 percent tax on taxable voice services.


Change in the percentage of the white population in the US


Map of Europe split by what hand they traditionally wear their wedding rings on.


That’s why they flew to Epstein’s Island. It’s obvious that Shifty couldn’t wait.



For the Memory of a Lifetime, go to Recall!

This comes by way of Claudio and life imitates art: Throughout December, a social media user known as Stelfie the Time Traveller has been crafting a time-hopping travelogue using generative AI. Thanks to Stable Diffusion and fine-tuning, an anonymous artist has created a fictional photorealistic character that he can insert into faux historical photographs set in different eras, such as ancient Egypt or the time of the dinosaurs. What could possibly go wrong?

I hope that he doesn’t pop a memory cap and “get his ass to Mars.”


  1. I have access to my own landing strip but I digress. So basically all that happened yesterday is we watched a Ukrainian president pick up a check for 47 billion of taxpayer dollars in his PT gear???

          • Vlad Zelensky was heavily criticized for turning up to the White House looking like a ‘strip club manager’ wearing casual combat clothes. Truth be told, he thought that it was a come-as-you-are party, so the strip club manager vibe worked.

          • Yes, not to put to fine of a point on it. — or at least he WAS a pimp, a comedian, tranny entertainer, but all that changed and now he launders money for the democrat party (with a hefty commission).

          • Why the hell should anyone dress in a way that might show respect to Joe Biden?

            Even if the President weren’t a piece of shit, he’s a public employee, not a Noble or Royal. Letting elected FedGov workers put on airs is part of how we got where we are.


          • (a) I feel no need to address respect to a building. I don;t expect others to, either.

            (b) Respect for the American People is also a waste of time. We’re the assholes that keep choosing Traitors, Morons, and Crooks to represent us, after all.

            Respect is earned, and America rarely earns it.


  2. Oh wait I forgot fast burners too. I bet you every one of those soldiers mushroom stamped that flag before they gave it to him to give to pelosi and ultimately us.

  3. “Change in the percentage of the white population in the US”

    So all those immigrants came for the ‘hatred, bigotry and systemic racism’ we keep hearing about from the left?

    How’s Zelinsky going to manage laundering “10% for the big guy” now that FTX went belly up?

    • I’ve commented here that the FTX laundering scheme was almost puerile, and an insult to money launderers. (I was the money laundering consultant to the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Investigation Division for 20 years in addition to my day job). My training materials were reproduced and re-branded outside of copyright laws by the California DOJ and a number of law enforcement agencies. While that’s commonly done, and no royalties are paid in law enforcement circles, I just wanted to mention it here. My point is that it’s easy enough for a trained chimp (FTX) to do. Anyone can do it if you have the FBI and the media and the Democrat Central Committee running interference for the criminals.

  4. 44 billion divided by 330 million = each American’s “share” of the “national debt” owed to E-lon for shoveling all this schiff out for everybody to lookit is $133.34. Where do I send my check?

    • Not a check…send me the cash and I’ll see that it gets to the right place. I always knew that I could be a democrat if I put my mind to it.

  5. “It’s gonna hurt.”
    I never see the statistics on these “death defying” stunts.
    But if they are death defying, somebody’s gotta die, right?
    Or be seriously injured and recover for months before “learning” from what they did wrong.
    My position is they did something wrong when they attempted it, but that’s just me.

  6. I had a fully pithy (if I say so myself), slightly acerbic (Me? Nah), medium length (for me) comment prepped this morning when lo and behold at 7:00am on the dot the power went out. -22, 6″ of snow and a light Wyoming “breeze” (approx. 35mph).

    No problem as both woodstoves were going at low ebb. Don’t open the fridge or taps or flush the terlits. Trundled the small generator to keep the horse auto waterer from turning into a frozen cube. 5.5 hours later power came back on…6800 people, we were the last 140 after REA said “power has been restored!” (not at our place). Once notified they had the crew survey the last few miles of line along the main road.

    Major H/T to the crew out there…sunny but bone chilling.

    ChillAgeddon happens at least once every year, Alaskan’s are like: “Hold my frozen beer!”. Stuff happens. No harm when it’s not days long and you’re prepared.

    Schiff-ty- Quite a few SwampDwellers need to be concerned, preferably shaking in their boots. The problem is they believe they are untouchable despite criminality, or too dense to recognize the coming heat.

    Gotta love Musk…gets to the heart of it in the fewest of words (me, not so much).

    The Red Ryder Cow v. The AR Bison…puts the Dem’s in a tough spot as to which one to cancel; they hate cows – Ranchers…bleh – BUT LOVE Bison because THOSE are an “indigenous” species therefore unceremoniously protected. Maybe if cattle self-identified as Bison they’d all be safe and secure from scrutiny?

    • PaulM – you’ll hate me, but I’m in SoCal for Christmas and it’s 78F(+). It was cold when I left the White Wolf Mine. However, I do feel your pain (distantly).

      • No hate, certainly one of us is smarter. However, wouldn’t trade where we live for all the Biden Crime Family Ukrainian/China dirty money…Once a quarter tough conditions are just part of the choice.

  7. Can you get storage/fly-in rights to your friend’s strip? Because that would be great for your Pilatus. Especially if he allows you to put up your own hanger so you can store your truck when you’re flying and your plane when you’re driving.

    Other than that, Kari Lake is in the right and I pray she wins her election. Gee, wonder where the GOP is in supporting her?

    As to the Z-man, well, so? You show respect to your superiors. Your inferiors show respect to you. Which tells us what the Z-man really thinks about Slo-Jo and the Ho and America’s Congress. Heck, ifn I got called to testify before Congress, I’d wear what I always do, maybe wear a dress t-shirt and I’ll make sure my cargo shorts are clean and my flip-flops, too. Because the dorks work for me, according to the US Constitution. Well, according to the USS Constitution if we can sail it up a river and blast at Congress…


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