Hanoi John and Hanoi Jane
John Kerry is keeping up his junket from place to place on George Soros’ dime, violating the Logan Act and giving aid and comfort to Iran. 
John Kerry, one of several architects of the Iran Nuclear Deal started life as a traitor. Should we expect different conduct from him now?
Kerry is that one constant – with a record of being wrong all of the time, well exceeding that of a stopped clock. Some of you have said he looks like Srankenstein’s monster. Others call him “Old Woodenhead”. I simply call him traitor.
You’d think that George Soros, Kerry’s master and a Jew, would not want to see Iran nuke Israel as they’ve solemnly promised. Then again, Soros fought with the Nazis during World War 2. So it seems that he’s able to make common cause with Kerry. They would seem to understand each other.


  1. Agree with you assessment.

    Worked with a man who was a "snipe" on the boat next to his during the four months or so Kerry was there. Said he remembered him as just another officer, nothing special. Certainly didn't remember any heroics.

  2. And yet, he returned to the US with a silver star, a bronze star with a V device and a purple heart. The "Yale Experience" and his friends in Skull and Bones took care of him, made him a hero and pulled him out of the meat grinder.

    Still a traitor.

  3. Yes, and I fear that it will stick to him like glue as he follows John McCain into the void.

  4. He needs to be in prison… He's done everything he can to harm the USA! He WAS and IS a traitor!

  5. He did say Kerry's crew never said Kerry didn't perform when they were on operations, that is to say, he didn't act cowardly. Guess you can have guts and still be a traitor.

  6. Much of what he did or didn't do in riverine operations has been disputed in both directions. What he did when he came back to the US is not in dispute.

  7. Every single time I've heard him speak, he sounds like he's talking down to whoever he's talking to. Even in speeches he has the same tone of voice.

    Besides being a traitor, he's one of the worst public speakers I've ever heard.

    AFAIC, the only redeeming quality he has is that he's mortal…..

  8. Kerry, the Bonesman, the man who may have been involved in the death of Hines so that he could step into his shoes as husband of the window, the elite and entitled politician knows that he's better than you. He wants to help you and all of his "children" serve him more perfectly.

  9. I think Yale may be slightly less evil than Harvard, which is Satan's Vatican, but Kerry was and is a traitorous old millionaire socialist Woodenhead.

    Lock him up.

  10. Always despised him. I won't judge his conduct in Nam because I don't know anyone who witnessed it. I will judge it afterward. He turned on me and my friends and that was unforgivable.

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