Raz Simone, a local rapper, has taken a leading role in declaring a several-block area of a residential Seattle neighborhood to be an independent revolutionary state called the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (The CHAZ). Simone and a few friends, armed with several guns and a megaphone, have declared themselves the new police. He came to national attention on Wednesday when a video of him assaulting someone over graffiti came to light online.

I have no idea how long Simone will survive, but I’m sure that after one of his bothers decides to “off him” that there will be a nationally televised funeral.

Raz and his gang have taken over the progressive enclave in Seattle, that both the mayor and the governor have hailed as “progressive” and non-racist. Really, it’s there view for all of Seattle. And it should work if people keep shipping them free food, free water and power, free sanitation services. It’s utopia, right?


  1. It is apparent that much of the general public are daft fools. Heard some of the audio from Seattle’s moronic mayor, a real piece of work that one. (Delusional Communist is a better descriptor.)

    Trump could end this now, but that’s what they want. He’s not that stupid…based on his presser he’s leaving them to their own devices…come in later with a semi-load of body bags to clean up what’s left when these rats get desperate as the non-GMO, organic vegan food stuffs run out and the place starts to stink like a hog pen. (COVID will be a party in comparison when real diseases descend on these clowns.)

    I believe God needs the decent folks to rise up and put the brats in their place. Order must be restored or this will go on all Summer.

    (PS. “Gone With the Wind” is on the movie docket tonight.)

    • I think that’s right. Trump doesn’t care. The bigger the mess, the better he looks. Let it roll.

      • Absolutely!

        “Out with the old boss, in with the new boss”. Even if it’s a tyrannical takeover there’s always a boss. No different than a petty dictator by committee.

        I give ’em a week.

        • Maybe two or three. Seattle can afford to pay twenty or thirty million to fix the damages. The Feds can stay out of it.

    • Lots of humans believe in a monster in the sky, when there is zero biological evidence of a monster in the sky. Lots of people running around now with a high-quality high-resolution camera attached to a collection of high-quality high-bandwidth radios. We call this assemblage a “smart phone”. Given this new network of sensors in the first world, our increased sampling has revealed the existence of new species, and old species believed to be gone from a geographic range. But it has not revealed Bigfoot or Gray Aliens.

      • I thought that the Bigfoot was revealed to be a species most closely related to a polar bear that lived in the Himalayas. There was a lot of documentation on the subject with DNA testing against a dead Yeti that somebody in Nepal bagged. National Geographic did a film on it (made for TV), and it didn’t sound like an Ancient Aliens production.

        • The guys who bailed out of a gulag up by Lake Baikal and walked ! across the Gobi and Himalayas to India in the middle of WW2 swore up and down they had seen a Yeti.

          • The findings from the forensic analysis based on the account referenced above, was that it was an ‘ancestor’ of the polar bear, that still lived on in remote regions. Allegedly they like to walk on their rear paws, and were/are quite large.

            Of course, that spawns other stories. There is a “Mogollon Monster” living in the area where I do. I tend to discount that the Mogollon Monster is Bigfoot. The black bears in the area are normal sized for their species. Could there have been an abnormally large one? There are abnormally large humans. Disgraced FBI Director James Comey is 6’8″ with a size 16 wingtip….just an example of a large member of the species who some view as a monster.

          • Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom

            “The harrowing true tale of seven escaped Soviet prisoners who marched out of Siberia through China, the Gobi Desert, Tibet, and over the Himalayas to British India.”


            A good read. Some parts undoubtedly exaggerated but based on real events.

    • LindaG – Never underestimate the stupidity of humans. The looters and protesters who are enjoying the Summer of Love in Seattle are hosting their version of Burning Man, but they don’t have to travel to Black Rock, Nevada.

  2. All this warlord stuff is fine- but the real question- is there a bounty? Will a Head in a Box (perfumed of course, in best samurai tradition) bring in the Big Bucks?

    • If a bounty is offered for Raz, with a green light, there will be a big competition to see who can claim it.

    • Maybe the rich, gender confused of Seattle will have to flee to Portland until this is over?

  3. Ah, good old “Jazz.”

    I’m not a betting man but I’ll wager the monkey on a 2 man SEAL team taking out CHAZ and JAZZ in about 15 minutes, or less, with paint balls.

    • I don’t think that he would last long – but I also believe that he WILL not last that long.

  4. Looks like a scene from Bladerunner or some other dystopian future. I don’t think it will last long. I hope that they are getting sent bacon and beef because I think the tofu will run out real quick and we don’t want them to commit cannibalism do we?

    • No. Oh no. It would be tragic (snicker) if they turned on each other in order to eat. HG Wells, The Time Machine. Who can forget the morlocks?

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