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Cool 1911

The Butt Guy dropped out of the Democrat Primary. I wonder how much Bloomie paid him to do that? What promise was made. Senator Butt Guy? Vice President Butt Guy? Ambassador Butt Guy?

Sunday’s Proverbs – From me to you: 
One thing that I’ve noticed about getting older. You need to decide whether or not a thing is worth your energy. I realize that the young won’t understand this. Unless they live long enough. Then they will. 
I’m not available for anything that makes me feel like crap afterward. I realize that this runs against almost everything that I’ve done through my life, but it’s a rule as of today. March 1, 2020. Who would have thought that I’d live to 2020? Amazing.

Charles Bukowski wrote, “I’ve had so many knives stuck into me. When they hand me a flower, I can’t quite figure out what it is. It takes time.”  No shit, Bukowski.

I’ve known people who were jealous of dead soldiers, both because of their celebrity status and because they don’t feel pain anymore. It took me a long time to understand that view of the world.

22 thoughts on “The Afternoon

  1. I'm not a fan of assisted suicide, or unassisted for that matter, but when it's time, the rest of you are on your own.
    I hope the kids take care of my wife.
    I have run the race, fought the good fight.

  2. I am becoming more choosy about what I do as well. Unfortunately there are many thing I want to do and could easily do yesterday but today not so much. I find it sad on one hand and liberating on the other. I'm conflicted. The irony for me is that now that I know how do do the very things I want to do the body says no, you can't.

  3. The best thing about a motorcycle is it can make you feel 18 years old again. And it does not take much strength, so as long as the brain and reflexes still work, the illusion can play out.

    Till you swing an aching leg down after a long run….

  4. My back starts to ache after a couple glorious hours and I have to stop, swing the leg over and maybe get a snack or something along that line.

  5. Do every day what I always do. Get up and start putting one foot in front of the other doing what needs to be done.

  6. Take Banner with you. Annoy the coven while you're at it. Buy them doughnuts once in a while to keep them off guard.

  7. The Dem's are in disarray…good for us. The young mayor certainly has some folks in tears who thought he was the fresh-faced cute choice.

    Their ticket is looking like "Where am I?" Biden/"Angry Bird" Warren, or some weirder surprise, HRC maybe. Fools in plain view. Okay by me.

    Aside from keeping an eye on things like the above genius's in action or the latest Chicken Little hyper ventilation, the older I get the less tolerance I have for invasive idiocy trying to upset my life, regardless at every turn the proverbial "they" will try. It's not my parents world, hasn't been for a long time.

    To that end we've simplified, and sleep better while enjoying life more. It's not selfish, it's healthy.

  8. The DNC obviously decided that Pete was not to be the Anointed One, and threatened or bribed him to drop out.

    I'm kinda surprised, I wasn't expecting these to start until tomorrow night.

    Do you suppose the DNC will go broke again, like in '16 ? Then MiniMike can buy them, like Hillary did…


  9. Enjoying the journey of discovery. Would be nice to have someone to share it with, but that's not a necessity.

  10. We will know tomorrow who the likely winner of the Donkey race is. My sense is that the Democrats will feel the Bern – and the appeal of 'taking from the rich'.

  11. Amy Who? is still in the race, hoping for a brokered convention. I think that Tulsi is as well. They're irrelevant, and their egos don't seem to grasp that. Maybe they're hoping to be Faux-a-haunt-us' vice president?

  12. if, after you are forty years-old, you wake up and don't hurt somewhere it means you are dead.

    I used to think that if recreational activities were not life threatening they were not fun.
    And, no, I will never go to Mouseland.

  13. Amy K. just dropped out…by way of a thank you, check her bank account, likely a large deposit.

  14. My orthopedic surgeon told me that before knee surgery at age about 35. (he said if you're older than 35) I still think that recreation that isn't life threatening that it's not fun, but common sense occasionally overrides. If the blog suddenly stops, you'll know that the odds caught up with me.

  15. What a neat 1911 and of course the mind says one thing and the body another. I'll be more circumspect around mad Arabs in the future…

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