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It’s Saturday Night, the World Series is on the TV 
and it’s time for a snack. 

h/t Jeff Henry
Admit nothing, deny, everything, demand proof, make counter allegations and find a scapegoat. That’s the best advice that I can offer, and it’s your Sunday Sermonette.

Our fellow blogger, Old NFO, J. L. Curtis, will have the CALEXIT anthology up for sale on tomorrow – Monday, October 30 (both soft cover print and Kindle versions). I’ve heard that they will be blowing off the shelves as readers snatch them up to see what is in store for California as it leaves the Union. Buy your copy before the politically correct figures out what they’re selling!
The list of authors who contributed to this work is long and distinguished. Having had the opportunity to preview the work, I can’t help but be impressed. The crystal balls that these seasoned published authors have in their writing offices are not cloudy.
The books will make great Christmas gifts for your liberal/progressive friends who can’t wait for California to secede from the United States and transform itself into a totalitarian socialist paradise.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. Actually, the Kindle version is available on Amazon as of last night. I got mine! 🙂
    And, yes, it is good, and should fly off the shelf.

  2. Exactly?

    Though my response might be, "It wasn't me, WSF sprinkled cookie crumbs down the front of my shirt…"

  3. And especially interesting, since the 'new' three state option for California is now getting press…LOL Thanks for the bump!

  4. It's already available at Amazon. I may have to throw my monthly budget out of whack and buy it.

  5. I'm sure that you're rooting for the Astros in the World Series. It will be interesting to see how all of that plays out. Having snacks available during the big game is critical. Tonight it will be pizza. I don't know whether the pizza mojo will favor the Dodgers or the Astros.

    I'm surprised that Archbishop Welby has not offered Hillary and John Podesta bishop's slots in the hierarchy in America. I'm sure that Hillary wouldn't redirect offerings into the coffers of the Clinton Foundation.

  6. That's really weird. Pizza tonight at the Compound, something that calls itself a "Supreme." That seemed MAGA to me and maybe it'll help the Astros.

    And I'm surprised too, you'd think that spirit cooking would help with the pointed hat promotion. Maybe Welby's being shy.

  7. Hillary checks all of the boxes:

    (1) Lesbian
    (2) Wears comfortable shoes (see #1 above)
    (3) Out of control alcoholic – prefers gin.
    (4) Outstanding fund raiser
    (5) Has sold her soul to Satan (long since)

    I'd think that she would be perfect as a key player in Welby's crew.

  8. I guess there is a difference between what is going on in CA where clever people move out of the state and European national states wanting out of EU. California will become the beacon of socialism in the US similar to what Albania, Cambodia and North Korea was for the communists attracting everyone wanting to live the dream where they receive everything for free. With the motto "you have we take".

  9. The pendulum will swing back from the bump-stop that it's hitting now in its swing left. However, it's not moving anytime soon.

  10. The book has all potential scenarios. Clearly CA without the US would fall to a Mexican invasion – or an invasion from Guatemala, or Panama (getting even for Operation Just Cause)

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