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JFK Assassination Files

I was not surprised by the revelation of the recently released files that showed President Lyndon B. Johnson to have been a member of the Klu Klux Klan. He’s a southern politician from that era. If you wanted to get elected as a Democrat, you needed to have a sheet with eye holes.
Naturally, it’s a bit embarrassing to Johnson’s legacy and I can’t help but wonder whether or not his Presidential Library will now have a Klan exhibition. 
I was never an LBJ fan. His enthusiasm for the Viet Nam War didn’t speak to character, and neither did his “Great Society”. The Great Society was/is a plan to keep negroes poor and dependent on the Democrats for continued benefits (free cheese) and voting for the party that doles it out. It’s in great part responsible for the bleak, soul sucking, inner city ghettos, the failed projects, the horrible narcotics addiction and the multi-generational welfare queens which have continued and have been supported by the rest of the nation.
It’s unlikely that we’ll hear much of this on the corrupt, elite, smug, lying mainstream media. I’m sure that they’ll focus on the fact that President Trump ate his breakfast on a linen table cloth.
I wonder what the world would be like if the mainstream media was not a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democrat Party? Imagine a fair and impartial press…wow, what a concept. 
Imagine waking up to news broadcasts that weren’t completely faked!
The media perpetually whine about President Trump threatening their freedom to tell the truth and then lie about his “bullying,” “racism,” and everything else he says in public. Will they reflect on the Johnson years – the Klansman President?
It’s endlessly fascinating to watch the national media accuse President Trump of lying, usually over minor and debatable details, after they’ve slandered the White House in shocking ways. 
The media perpetually whine about Trump threatening their freedom to tell the truth and then lie about his “bullying,” “racism,” and everything else he says in public.

21 thoughts on “Johnson’s Sheet (etc)

  1. Since LBJ was a memeber of the KKK, his library will have to be torn down and moved to a secluded location where it cant be seen or visited.

  2. I didn't figure we'd learn anything new from the release. I expect nothing of real substance was included to begin with.

  3. The lib/progs have honed projection into an art form. It's a sickening sight to behold scandal after scandal, day after day.

  4. Indeed, along with his Silver Star medal.

    Seen on a forum not long ago–

    "One of the tragedies of WWII is that Japanese ace Saburo Sakai never got a shot at Lt Cdr. Johnson".

  5. Remember hearing LBJs Great Society speech on Armed Forces Radio at Pioneer Kaserne, Hanau,as a young impressionable soldier. Got very excited. Later, as a civilian, had access to better information. What a lying fraud that bag of Texas shit was.

  6. I saw a commercial for a movie about LBJ coming soon. Directed by Rob Riener.

    Somehow I doubt it will include that quote about, “this will have those ni***rs voting Democrat for 200 years” during passage of the Civil Rights Act.

  7. Any statues or photos of President LB Johnson need to be taken down and destroyed. His Presidential library napalmed and his picture or likeness destroyed for all time. In the photos of presidents there will be a blank over his name. If he went to a church, that needs to be torn down too.

  8. He was an ambitious, scheming, corrupt, windbag. And he got a lot of good people killed for no reason in the war, not to mention the billions in treasure spent on nothing constructive both for his great society and his war.

  9. If Riener directed it, I'm sure that the quote won't be in it and neither will be footage of Johnson wearing a sheet at rallies.

  10. CNN and the media are way to busy with implementing the Gerasimov Doctrine. Relevant impartial media will not become the standard in the foreseeable future.

  11. You're right. The media we now have blasting propaganda is irrelevant. And I don't see a change either.

  12. I guess the Russian intelligence services celebrate with champagne and vodka every day in the year to come. Seldom have so few managed to become so successful with so little effort.

  13. I'd say "no" effort, but they did put out a little, I guess.

    They ought to write checks to every anchor at CNN and MSNBC, and for all I know, maybe they are.

  14. Rumors tell they have a special room with a wall of fame where the journalists you see in CNN and some other channels are framed in gold for their effort. Some politicians hang there too for their effort to undermine and destabilize the country. The motto is "we make them do what serve our purpose".

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