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A fellow blogger e-mailed and asked whether or not I was a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. I am not. I am a member of the American Legion, China Post 1 (Soldiers of Fortune), operating in exile. 
Today, China Post 1 falls under the American Legion’s Department of France and a member of FODPAL (Foreign Departments and Posts of The American Legion), but it has no permanent home since the Communist Chinese won’t let it exist in Shanghai. Technically wherever two members are gathered (usually at a seedy bar run by an ex-pat who brings out the good stuff when China Post 1 types show up…then starts serving from the bottom shelf when they’re well lubed…), they can have an official meeting.
China Post 1 has some interesting members, including many of the Ravens and the Air America types from the Vietnam War. As best I can recall, I joined in Laos as well, but it may have been when I was running with the Southern Air Transport types. The haze of age obscures those details.
Today there are actual approved hang outs for China Post 1 at various locations around the country. I don’t know of any in Arizona, but I’m sure some exist. There is one in Las Vegas. I don’t hang out there (obviously).
Now for the Gripes
The Second Amendment is still in place (and Constitutional Carry is alive and well in Arizona) and I expect that there will be a large body count if it is ever repealed and somebody is brave enough to come and take.
Have you ever noticed how this one works?
Whenever a Muslim kills people, the media works diligently to downplay it. When a deranged lunatic (irrespective of the grudge or grievance) does the same thing, they immediately brand them as “Christian”, irrespective of anything.

11 thoughts on “Mail Call (and gripes)

  1. I'm the adjutant at my local Legion post. Nothing so colorful as yours. Our biggest problem is getting younger vets to join. We're nearly out of WWII vets and the Korean War guys are certainly getting up there. The young guys just don't seem to be interested.
    We have constitutional carry here as well and for the moment it's safe, though the loony cities managed to get the governor they wanted in. I think she got in because the independents didn't like the GOP candidate and didn't show up. Thanks a bunch.
    Seldom has there been a more self destructive bunch than those on the European and American left. I'm disgusted by them.

  2. You need to have a presence at wherever newer vets are frequenting, maybe at the VA. Mayhaps contact some still-in-service people you know and spread the word.

    Being able to talk to fellows who know what's what is part of the reason AL and VFW were founded.

  3. I pay dues each year but haven't been in an American Legion post since 1967. One of my good friends from high school days is active, now at the national level, and I support him more than the legion. My reason? Loudmouthed stolen valour assholes saying my generation lost the Vietnam war.

  4. Now that is a cool hat that I have never seen before. Thanks for the background on it.

  5. Right on the money. Young people need to see the advantages of associating people who are where they will be one day. Passing it on was always a key part of barracks life…replaced now by on line games and other distractions

  6. Yes, interesting people, with intersecting interests, and at times a species of employment agency for soldiers of fortune with the correct pedigree

  7. It's weird, but it's almost as though there's some kind of double standard in play when it comes to the press and Islam?

    What a good hat!

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