I’ve received a few e-mails asking what contribution the Arizona Army National guard made to the Nuremburg-style rally in Washington DC on January 20. The answer is that no Army National Guard troops from Arizona participated in the gala event. There were about two dozen Air National Guard (USAF) who voted for Jo and Ho volunteered to go and do something with the event. I don’t know whether they ended up in hotel rooms, but the Air Force usually travels well and they had an aircraft from AZ to get them out of there when the party ended.

I don’t think that guard units from Texas or Florida will answer the call of Jo and Ho in the future. It was an epic goat rodeo.


Cutting Wires

Wire-strike protection system (WSPS) Cable cutter in Apache helicopter acts as wire strike protection system. A system meant to protect helicopters from high wire strikes. The WSPS was developed to reduce the severity of a wire obstacle collision by diverting the wire into the cutter blade assembly.


Fun with Maps


Three regions comprise 50% of world GDP.




A banned book. It’s fiction, folks — fiction.


I lived in close proximity to both walls during the time that I lived in the UK. I moved around a lot. Hadrians Wall when I lived in Carlisle (it was a turf wall as it met Solway Firth) and Antonine’s Wall when I lived on Colinton Road in Edinburgh (I lived in three places in Edinburgh). While I thought it was exciting, the locals had a casual attitude toward the walls.


United States Metropolitan Statistical Areas with Populations Greater than 2 Million.


Security measures in Washington DC for the presidential inauguration. There is some indication that it will remain for months if not for the entire term of Jo. Some don’t think that will be too long before his health fails. Ask not for whom the bell tolls, Jo.


Air pollution in Europe, January 19, 2021.





  1. Of course the lockdown and fencing of DC is going to continue.

    What a lot of people don’t know is how much of central DC was extremely controlled during Comrade Obamski’s reign, and how much was opened up under the Trump.

    Had friends try to go by the WH during Obamski and there’s nothing like a police armored vehicle with a guy with a really big rifle parked in the middle of the street to tell you to go somewhere else.

    Freedom… It’s something extremely lacking in any Dem regime.

    • The media would call it prudent security during the Obamanation and an intolerable police state under President Trump.

      That is really the difference, because people believe what they hear on TV.

      • I think that the situation was such that occasionally, travel was more restricted through Lafayette park. When in town, I usually had oysters on the half shell and a salad or sandwich at the Old Ebbit Grill, across the street from the White House. I have wondered whether that place survived. It was always packed.

  2. And a lot of people ‘in the know’ make fun of us Southerners. Yet we refuse to live in shithole cities, refuse to live on the 50th floor, refuse to live somewhere that’s over-taxed and over-regulated and it’s absolutely amazing how far our money goes.

    • Those same people believe that people who live in remote compounds in the Arizona mountains are dangerous, when the truth is that we are.

      • Iffin they get that far up the road, the modified entry – armaments not often used as a gateway – would give them pause. If not, that “Can you make it across the pasture in nine seconds, ‘cause the bull can do it in ten?” no trespassing warning sign comes to mind.

    • When I lived in Illinois it was fun to go into Chicago because there were things to do there that didn’t exist in my hometown. And being a Major Metropolitan Area, we had access to any type of store, or equipment you could think of. Some years later, a young lady I was going with lived up on the North side of Chicago (Rogers Park, almost in Evanston), so I spent a lot of time in The City. After a while, I started to dislike it. Too much traffic, too many people crammed into too small an area, high prices, no place to park, and indifferent snow removal in Winter.

      Then I moved to the Lost Angeleez area, and spent 35 years in a Concrete Canyon/Coastal Desert.

      L.A. had many “Good Things”, but the “Bad Things” got to be 10 times worse than Chicago. We had the ocean, and it didn’t snow, but after some years there I felt my soul was being sucked dry, and I had to get out.

      We were very fortunate to be able to leave and move to a less-dense area.

      • I am currently in the Dallas/Fort Worth area visiting our son and family. It is crowded, over priced with too much traffic. But I did get a good price on the last box of 100 12ga shotgun shells at Walmart.. Otherwise I do not want to live in or very near (suburb) of a big city. The 30 miles our home is from San Antonio is almost too close.

  3. Poland always getting shat upon. Is it their own industry? I have not researched the weather in the Euro interior, therefore I know not.

  4. Walls, razor wire and troops around government HQ is a sure sign of massive popularity. I predict Jo & Ho will only become more popular. But where will we get the troops to defend them in their popularity, Yemen, Somalia, China, Turkey?

      • oh goody, target rich environment….i suspect we’ll never see our “leaders” in public again. elections will be virtual, which they will say they won every time and the green zone will grow stronger and larger with each passing.

        • That would seem to be the plan. In the book, 1984, Winston never saw Big Brother. In our case it’s Big Great Great Grandpa. Soon Big Sistah.

          Or maybe things won’t get THAT far, but there is no question that “handling Great Great Grandpa”, who was signing a lot of stuff in front of the camera and blurted out that he didn’t know what he was signing, is going to be a problem going forward.

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