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They would like to disarm America, but who would they get to do it? The police won’t do it. 95% of them will be true to their oaths. The military won’t do it, despite the purges of white people and the promise of gender reassignment to the rest. Inner-city people? They’d run out of them very quickly.






An LC-130 Skibird assigned to the 109th Airlift Wing sits on the ice runway at Raven Camp in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland, May 11, 2021. Raven Camp is used to train members on landing on ice runways, polar airdrops, and operating in the snow and ice conditions.


They Matter

black helicopters matter

they just do.


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How Long is Hawaii?



46 thoughts on “Black Helicopters Matter

  1. “The police won’t do it. 95% of them will be true to their oaths.”
    It’s the 5% that concerns me, because they generally look like the other 95 and I will have to make a decision quickly.
    Not all blue lives matter.

    1. When dealing with human beings, finding 95% who will do anything correctly is something of a miracle.

  2. “The police won’t do it. 95% of them will be true to their oaths.”
    That holds true with the ones I know.

    1. There are always Quislings in the ranks.

      Look at our current Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon.

    1. It looks a bit like propaganda to me. Information designed to provoke a reaction.

      1. It’s Vox. Who hates ‘Boomers’ but is basically one himself. Who bitches about the US government but lives in Italy. Who says he’s for free speech but is very quick to drop the ban-hammer on anyone who doesn’t fellate him.

        So, well, I trust Alex Jones more than Vox. At least AJ is funny. Vox takes himself too seriously.

  3. I have to call Bullshit on the migration map. The number of California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts , and Michigan car tags in driveways is way up over the past 18 months here is Georgia. Just in my small neighborhood we have had a 10% increase of people from out of state move in. The ones that moved out moved to other parts of GA.

    1. It’s not “my map” – so my feelings are not hurt. I’ve heard that many are fleeing to Georgia. I’ve also heard that Buckhead is trying to break away from Atlanta (good move). I’d think that rural Georgia would remain livable, but metro Atlanta has been slipping for quite some time.

  4. Who exactly are those operators operating operationally with the G36k’s and the sanitized bdu’s?
    It’s as good as any planet I guess considering we can’t get to another to die on.

    1. For the historical record, I carried a G-36C for quite some time with a S-1-2-Full trigger group. In fact, I think my task force (joint agency Los Angeles/Orange County Regional Gang Enforcement Team) was the very first law enforcement group to go to the G-36.

  5. I’m looking forward to the day the Mine gets a black helicopter. Of course I’m assuming it doesn’t have one already, which may be foolish on my part.

    Hmmm. Perhaps an autogyro would be neat too.

    1. Google Earth the WWM area…in one spot off in the forest I see a little fuzzy part. Camo netting??

  6. Sooo…discriminating against brown helicopters?? Time for some “woke” classes.

    In ANY profession there is 5% of chaff, not just the police….except for politics, the numbers are flipped.

    As a backpacker and climber I was asked by a an older co-worker if I knew what the tallest mountain in the world was, base to tip? Trick question. Hawaii’s Mauna Kea at 33,500+ feet has Everest beat by quite a bit. Altitude matters but starting at the bottom of Mauna Kea would be challenging.

    Colorado is at the point of a sea change, over decades too many Lefty trust funders and Liberals from California moved here, mostly into a handful of larger Front Range towns. Like a locust swarm they flipped the state. Denver is a sanctuary cesspool that keeps stealing from public coffers to pay for useless programs like homeless camps, “safe” injection sites (still trying that one), and every hair-brained ruinous Socialist concept.

    Ingrained idiocy is hard to overcome. Not unlike the twisted mentality that “getting the vaccine is to keep OTHERS from getting Covid from YOU”. Huh?! The level of stupidity and gullibility of the general public is astounding.

    1. Black is beautiful, PaulM – other colors of helicopters don’t matter.

      Just watch tv if you can stomach it. All commercials now feature black helicopters. And they matter a lot.

      1. I’ve got a rainbow painted helo on order…you know, to be inclusive and in line with the new improved woke military upper echelon, like that one last week.

        Might need to rethink the rainbow color scheme tho, could be tough to camouflage….so, black is best.

    2. Denver’s history is convoluted. The “mafia” never was strong in Denver. Until 1961 much of Denver’s vice was run by the police!
      The small potatoes were involved with high end burglary.
      Some historians claim the police ran things from the inception of the city.
      Gambling was allegedly run by the Smaldone”family”.
      I lived in Denver after graduating high school. That was where the jobs were.
      I have no direct knowledge who runs things now. Black gangs? Bikers? Cartels? Politicians? A mix?

      1. The short answer is that I don’t have any idea who “runs” Denver. I suspect that the cartels have a presence where narcotics are concerned. I’ve never done any work in Denver at the level that we’re talking about. I’ve been in town maybe four or five times total but through the airport a number of times. For me, Colorado has been all about the San Juans and putting my 4×4 through its paces. It’s a vacation destination.

        Bikers tend to serve the dope/firearm/bike theft market at a far lower level, and they’re not political. Sometimes they have friends among the scooter riders in the police department but it seldom gets higher in a place the size of Denver. They prefer small-town politics where they can throw weight around IF that’s what they want to do.

  7. I understand the Democrats use a chaos strategy where they let Chicago, the border, and other places the Democrats control experiencing huge problems due to their politics. Since the defunded local police can not handle the local chaos, the president can “help” by using federal agencies like the FBI to take control. In due time it will be an FBI task to secure control locally wherever there is a legal gun owner. They will start with the confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens since that is an easy way to start. I guess Biden will put Lori Lightfoot in charge due to her proven track record in creating chaos.

    1. There is no question that’s what they want. Pulling it off is not that easy. Lightfoot, who appears to be a zombie – and I’m just going by her presence in the media – is very woke.

  8. LL I hope your right about the cops. But the men who arrested the Preacher Purple Heart recipient andhis son in Florida last week, were “just doing their job” . They were local popo. What’s happening to these Trump supporters for what amounts to an unaccompanied tour of the capital is truly frightening.

    1. Yes, FEDGOV is making examples of any citizen who would come to the Capitol in the future.

      An arrest by lawful warrant does not mean a conviction. I’m not familiar with the specific situation in Florida. There are times when I go dark and miss events in the news just because. There are situations where allegations are made, charges are filed, a warrant is issued based on probable cause and the officers bring a person before the court to be arraigned. Bail is set, and they will have their day in court. I hope that the incident you cite is one of those and not a gross overreach of power.

    2. It’s not “just” what’s happening to the ordinary people who were present Jan 6th. They’re going after every level of society.

      Rudy Giuliani just had his NY law license suspended on an emergent basis. Why? Because his questioning of the official election narrative constituted such a clear and present danger to the rule (and practice) of law that he had to be forbidden — immediately — from being able to appear before the bar. Now obviously that’s bullshit because legal-profession people have said far crazier things and nothing happens to them. Also, Rudy has probably personally not practiced law for decades and doesn’t need the money, but neither of those are the point.

      This is a warning and threat to all lawyers, and every person whose livelihood depends on professional (government) licensure. If you speak out against the official narrative then we will take away your ability to support yourself and your family. “So, as an MD you are skeptical about COVID-19 vaccines? Well, you are clearly a science denier and therefore a danger to the public. You cannot be allowed to diagnose patients and write prescriptions. License suspended. Appeal if you want, but the process will take at least 6 months.” Similarly, “so as an RN you refuse to get the vaccine and you openly admit that to your patients? You are a hazard to patients, and your dissemination of demonstrable falsehoods to patients is a breach of professional ethics. License suspended.”

      Suspending Giuliani’s law license has little to do with Rudy himself. (Sure it affects him adversely, but that’s not the main point of it.) It’s a clear threat to the rest of us.

      1. For Rudy, it’s ego and muscle, and you’re right, it’s a message. And it will get worse. One thing that they hope will happen is that the aggrieved will use firearms to cap the comrade who is harassing him. It gives weight to their message. That it has not been happening must really be vexing.

        1. Just say no to firearms for retributive justice. We’ve all seen the graphic with a pistol marked “business” and a knife marked “personal”. That’s fine and good, but sometimes a fella wants some standoff distance.

          Faced with such dilemmas, I ask myself: What would Gary Granger do?

        1. I’ve been booked by the FBI twice (when I was working for the government). Never actually arrested, never charged, but harassed. Being challenged by assholes simply means that you’re pushing the envelope. They threatened to have my clearance pulled, they sent people out to paw through my trash, they surveilled me, and at the same time, I was up for a Director’s Award for work with a different part of the FBI. Riddle me that one. I received an award, it’s on my wall now, but it was downgraded. Actually, I have two FBI awards on the glory wall, as I look around while typing. Some of them loved me, others hated me.

          My friend Bob Baer was arrested by the FBI and charged by DOJ for working to take out Saddam Hussein, if you can believe that. I think you can Google it.

          Think of President Trump – impeached for bullshit. Total and complete bullshit. If you’re going to do it, you have to be prepared to be attacked.

          One day somebody will make up their mind to F with me over this blog because they won’t like it. Right now there are bigger targets. I’m just an old man with friends (also old men) who still pull levers, who owe me favors. Body armor. Maybe the bullet hits the body armor, and maybe it misses ad hits your throat. All in a lifetime, Ed.

          1. I found the article that I referenced (above)

            Jan. 17, 2002 — In 1995, CIA field officer Robert Baer helped organize a rebellion in northern Iraq to topple one of the United States’ worst enemies, Saddam Hussein.

            To his dismay, his superiors declined to support the rebellion and he was ordered home to CIA headquarters in Langley, Va. He was furious, but nothing prepared him for his reception: He found two FBI agents waiting to question him.

            “They show me their credentials, read me my rights and say, ‘You are being investigated under murder-for-hire statutes,'” Baer recalls. The FBI began an investigation into whether he had privately attempted to assassinate the Iraqi president — something that is illegal under U.S. law.

            Baer says the charges were based on a “silly rumor” and there was never any assassination plan. He was eventually exonerated, but it took a year to clear his name. By then he had had enough.


            I have an FBI friend who was treated the same way by his own agency. He says, “You’re not shit if the FBI isn’t harassing you.”

  9. Not convinced of the “95% of police” number.

    By far, most of the police in America are in the big, Marxist, cities. Do you guys even think 50% of the police in NYC, Chicago, L.A, S.F, even places like New Orleans where the biggest problem is corruption instead of Marxism, would remain true to their oaths?

    Sure don’t seem interested in that in Washington D.C.

    Outside the cities, I agree – but in my town, I think we only have 14 officers? Providence has hundreds…


    1. San Francisco is an outlier. They are often not even in compliance with the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training and it’s not rare to find them de-certified. Which means that they have no power to arrest outside of San Francisco. (All California peace officers are State officers with authority to arrest anywhere in the state). So take them off the list now and forever. But even with that bit of bias exposed like a chipped tooth with an exposed nerve, I think that San Francisco police officers might meet a 75% standard. I worked with some of the SF people on cases in times past and some of their detectives were the very finest.

      I will say that I’ve had the same experience in New York. David Chong, police commissioner in White Plains, NY (Former NYPD) is a close personal friend and one of the finest people I know. He’s demonstrably brave, loyal to his oath, and a great man. I have known him since he was undercover in the Ghost Shadows gang many years ago. The officers who ran into those burning towers (including David Chong) were not cowards. They ran toward danger and not away from it. I expect that they’d do it again. Would they be true to their oaths? I can only hope so.

    1. Here comes the super copter
      Here comes the noise it makes
      The demon was an idea
      The demon is awake
      Scratch mark traced across the
      Surface of your mind
      This hour, now upon us
      The hour, now arrived
      Unmarked helicopters
      The lord is coming soon
      Unmarked helicopters

      The truth is out there, DRJIM.

  10. About that 95% good cop thingy. Yes, amongst the old guard, even in the big cities. But cops hired after 2008? Most solidly Stasi, especially amongst the subset of non ex-mil types. And the closer to 2021 hire date, the more fully indoctrinated and less trustworthy.

    Doesn’t help that most command structures are overwhelmingly leftist self-serving jackholes. Serving overwhelmingly leftist self-serving jackhole city or county commissioners and city mayors. All will purge any who stands for truth, justice and the American Constitution.

    Back when I was at the local PD, the city and the police command structure were overtly beginning to purge followers of the Constitution. And that was in the early 2010’s.

  11. re:
    “95% LawEnforcementOfficials oathers”
    January 6th 2021 visitors to Distract Of Columbia [sic] arrested and held in solitary confinement waiting trial.
    Some reports of brutality by racist/diversity guards against Caucasian detainees.
    I suspect some of those 95% might align along ‘your skin is your uniform’.

    1. Prison guards, acting under orders to torture, are not police officers. They’re prison guards.

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