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This blog explores the improbable from time to time, but in situations such as the topic today – it may be more plausible than you think at first blush.
Robert Mueller
In a field of the lame, sick and lazy such as Old Slow Joe Biden, Poke-a-haunt-us, The Ancient Communist, Spartacus, the Creepy Porn Lawyer, and Crooked Hillary, who says it’s still Her turn, the Donkeys may turn elsewhere to draft a candidate. I’m going to suggest that it may be Robert Mueller, Special Counsel, former FBI Director and Democratic Party operative.
Hillary may contend that she has earned the presidency. She’ll point to the bodies she’s left in her wake and the Clinton Foundation, which received hundreds of million dollars in contributions from foreign potentates while she was Secretary of State. Are those qualifications to lead? Hillary thinks so. But there hasn’t been anyone who has carried the Democrat Party’s torch the way that Robert (Bob) Mueller has over the past two years. 
Mueller has a witch (Hillary) to target and he avoids that like the plague while plunging forward in different directions in the hopes of twisting the innocent to either tell the story he wants to hear or face personal financial and professional ruin.
In a world where some pigs are more equal than others, Mueller rises head and shoulders above fellow attorneys Creepy Porn Lawyer and Crooked Hillary. If he joined with Spartacus for VP, he might be unbeatable.

18 thoughts on “Speculation

  1. The Donald will be hard to beat in 2020. He's still got money (lots and lots of it), and his policies on illegal immigration, taxes and national defense are the stuff of mucho votes.

    I don't know that even if Jesus Christ ran as a Democrat, He could eke out a win over Trump.

  2. Hard to beat but not impossible. The scenario where millions and millions of ballots are "found" after the election to push Democrats to victory was played out in the mid-terms. We will see that again. It's the Chicago scheme on steroids.

    They don't have a viable candidate now, but the media could really get behind Mueller as the gold standard in donkey integrity.

  3. A Mueller/Spartacus ticket? It's all too plausible. As you say, no one's held the torch higher than Mueller and with such persistance.

    But will FISA catch up with the heroic investigator?

  4. > a world where some pigs are more equal than others

    The above is why I'd doubt Mueller getting the nod. He is less equal by virtue of being white (German-British Isles ancestry), male, career Washington insider, former Marine officer. For those of you thinking, "But Bernie is an old white dude!" about now, recall that Sanders has crafted an image an outsider, and he has Jewish ancestry to fall back on should anyone call him out on "whiteness". Victimhood is sacred to the new Dem party, and Bernie has genetically (or venerally, I dunno, maybe both) transmitted victimhood.

    Apart from Bernie, the Dem candidate will have to be female (sexually ambiguous or confused still will not fly nationally), and/or "of color" — but IF of color, will be very light-skinned, e.g. Kamala Harris, Valerie Jarrett, Marilyn Mosby, Spartacus. BHO was probably at the limits of acceptable for them, not that he's particularly dark. Ironically skin color is a BIG thing in the black community, and among progressives. Ironic but not surprising. After all, if you spend all your time whipping yourself into a frenzy over "racist white people" then you've devoted a lot of mental energy into skin-tone issues. Nietzsche2.0 says "He who fights the mostly-imaginary dragon becomes a crappy, strident caricature of the dragon."

  5. 'Finding' box cars loaded with stacks of votes (all Democrat votes, strangely enough), ala Al Franken (D-MN) can provoke a whole lotta pitch fork, torch wielding irked citizens if its done on a national basis.

  6. Sorry for the sour stomach.

    If this pissed you off, wait for Tomorrow's SPECIAL EDITION of Virtual Mirage on China. I saved it for December 7.

  7. President Trump has been threatening to declassify FISA for a while now. I realize that it's all strategic. It might destroy Mueller's march to glory, leading the rainbow coalition.

  8. "He who fights the mostly-imaginary dragon becomes a crappy, strident caricature of the dragon." Yes, it's clearly the pattern and Elizabeth Warren, an Indian, may be their solution.

    I was thinking that Mueller could come out of the closet and mate with Strzok or something to wow the crowd. He could also share that he had negro ancestors (Warren scheme) and understood oppression in the same way that Poke-a-haunt-us has – as a minority trapped in a white body.

    Bernie is a communist and I think that from the point of the donkeys, any communist is a good communist. Now that Russia is not communist, anything Russia is evil. Riddle me that one, Mike_C

  9. It worked well locally in California and Arizona. The Chicago ward bosses would be proud. Damned proud.

  10. Larry- I’ve just spent 1 hour 45 minutes trying to comment. Not kidding. I cleared my computer, iPad, phone. I shouted at the dog. I cleared cache, history and I even unfollowed and re- followed. I asked Kevin. I cried a bit. Now it’s miraculously working and I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. Dear God, it’s a good job I like you!

  11. Waal, perhaps "evil Russia" is merely a reversion to form.

    Solzhenitsyn had this to say: The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America the 'Russian Revolution'. It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. […] Bolshevism was the greatest human slaughter of all time."

    Now that the Bolsheviks are out of power and Russia is at least nominally Christian, the Russians are evil again. It's neither revisionism nor hypocrisy. It's entirely consistent with what went on before and is going on now. There is a reason that some of Solzhenitsyn's major works remain untranslated.

  12. That's not a bad explanation at all.

    Whether Mao's cultural revolution exceeded the world of Bolshevism in raw numbers of butchered humans is possibly arguable. What we can all agree on is that collectivism and dictatorships and state control over our lives tends to end very badly. Pol Pot was no piker, but he had fewer people available to murder.

  13. Ed, Ed, Ed (as I solemnly shake my head)…of course Jesus was a Democrat. He espoused that we all should give our worldly possession to the poor, and ensure our entrance into Heaven.

    If that's not a card carrying Democrat position, I don't know what is. They want to take our worldly possessions and give them to the poor, the needy, the not so poor, the wealthy, heck, Democrats will take our worldly possession and give them to anybody who will vote for them.

    Sorta like Jesus. Of course the Son of God is able to sort out those recipients of one's largesse who are somewhat other than genuine needy types better than most of us…

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