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You all know that the government (meaning both Congress and the Executive Branch) plan to cut checks for many Americans. And since it will be means tested (full disclosure), I won’t get a penny from Uncle Sam. So you might say that I don’t have a horse in the race. Maybe I should shut up? Right, fat chance of that happening.
I have no problem with unemployment insurance for workers who have been laid off because of COVID-19. You were working, now you’re not. You collect until things get back to normal in sixty days – maybe less.  But that’s not what is in the works.
It’s a free cheese hand-out that will buy votes from a class of people who may or may not be working and can be influenced to vote for the Republican benefactor, at the expense of the national debt. In effect, the USGOV is buying a vote with your money. And it’s pretty filthy.
Many businesses including small businesses carry ‘business interruption insurance’ and floods, tornadoes and such are mentioned. Pandemics are not. USGOV can protect them by extending Pandemics into the items that are covered and the insurance kicks in. That problem is solved by a stroke of the pen.

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  1. I keep telling anyone who will listen ( and even those who don't want to hear it ) that we are overdue for a revolution. Even though I like ( and voted for ) the current President, we, the American people, need to throw ( all ) the bums out and start over fresh. This most particularly applies to the bureaucrats. On my kind days, I would let the bureaucrats live, but on my grumpy days I would Joseph Stalin them all ( Federal, state, and local ). I am not a nice person when I am grumpy. P.S.: My in family name is grumpy.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  2. There is no such thing as free cheese. It's usually found in a trap. It appeals to people because a lot of people see the instant gratification, but it leads to difficulty and trouble.

  3. I think that we'd get the clones of those people currently in office if we tossed the bums out and replaced them.

    There are a number of legislators who I believe have the interests of the people at heart, but clearly not a majority.

  4. Addressing our national debt was not something The Donald did anything about during his first term, but said he would tackle it after his re-election. Looks like that won't happen, now. Helicopter money for everybody! Except you billionaires, LL.

  5. Perfect meme.

    Guvn'r Polis just extended the "shelter in place" (Gov't speak for mini-Marshall Law) until April 30th – uh huh…he can go pound sand.

    Then Denver announced a $4mil "loan program to assist small businesses and ARTISTS". Huh? "Artists" (I've added "Artist" to the end of business name)

    And for sure the small businesses they are speaking about are Rec-Med shops that have lines around the block (as witnessed for two straight days), or the politicians favorite hang out spot.

    And do you think Jack Phillips (that Christian baker) will see any of this money? Not on their life.

    Nothing is "free"…but I do have plenty of nice cheeses in the fridge, and it's not for traps.

  6. Deficit spending seems to be a lost battle. Essentially nobody in government will hear anything about it, and AFAICT the electorate is about 75% in favor of printing money as fast as the presses will go, as long as they get a dollar.

    I wish it weren't so, but then I've never been a popular person.

    The cash handouts are inevitable, I think, to go along with all the questionably-legal fiat tyranny that is breaking out all over the US, that apparently I and a few compatriots are the only ones who give a shit about. I guess we'll just have to continue on the course of "sure, we'll go broke, but I bet everyone else will go broke first and worst, so we'll still look good in comparison" and depending on the Uranium Standard of US currency – i.e. "Yeah we owe you money, why don;t you come and take it?" . Sigh.

    What I would really like to see from the Gummit is a moratorium on tax collection from businesses forced into closure by Gummit order for the duration of the crisis, and also some sort of relief for the persons of employers, since they cannot collect the UE.

    I am currently on the UE (well, once I actually get around to calling them), and thus loafing on the State nickel. In fairness, I'm a school bus driver which in my case is a ridiculously easy and pleasant job that I would for a while, or intermittently for free (cover my fuel) and which is almost entirely paid for by taxes… so even when at full employment I'm loafing on the State nickel.

    Kinda undermines my anti-big-government credentials that I'm a zero-net-taxpayer, but there you go.


  7. The one problem is that as people with good intentions get elected, the majority of them quicly get corrupted by the power. How do you get past human nature?

  8. two justice standards equals zero justice. exact opposite of what the founders envisioned for us. surely they would be hanging our "leaders" by now. the perps should be tarred and feathered in the town square complete with the final touch they don't tell you about in fifth grade history class, setting them alight. let them run thru the halls of congress as a warning to the others.

  9. Mr. Smith goes to Washington Jimmy Stewart did a good job. It's an old movie but the song remains the same. If you're not corrupt, you don't get a chip in the game. That's why so many never Trump types were furious.

  10. Through deft trading, I'm trying to transfer half of Bloomberg's capital to me.

    Trump isn't a conservative. Never has been. Never pretended to be. And the national debt will be left to his successor.

  11. I like hanging them from light poles down the Capitol Mall, but ok, tar and feathers works too. A bit light on the example when compared to rotting flesh until the body drops from the head, but your scenario works. You've become a bit tender hearted.

    Nothing that we're doing was what the founders wanted, or what is in our best interest long term. I can only hope that there is enough anti-China sentiment to separate ourselves from them in every way possible.

  12. Yup…

    It is Denver, a bastion of the urban Left, so ALL of them vote, overrunning the rest of the State (like Portland, Seattle, Philly, etc.)

  13. Too lazy to set up accounts in dummy corporations should be a disqualification for office in of itself.

  14. I'm looking forward to my helicopter money. Might put it towards a Silver Pigeon.

    Good insurance point.

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