It’s an open forum day on Virtual Mirage, feel free to follow up on any trend that has been discussed here in the past or below.

This is the speaker’s forum in Aukland, NZ. Word is that it’s not allowed to be used under the present regime in New Zealand but I can’t say for sure.


Here are a few bullet points for you to consider:

* Who is Pedo Peter? This is an interesting dive into the Biden Crime Family.

* 7-11 Stores in Los Angeles will close because of a series of robberies that ended in murder. Americans in the inner cities are the victims of a lack of law and order.  Small businesses in the inner cities are the victims.  Law enforcement with its hands tied is a victim.  This event in Los Angeles may be just a symptom of the real issue – a lack of a law and order philosophy in the city government.

If 7-11 employees were armed and used force in self-defense during a robbery,  LA County DA George Gascon, would charge the employees, and let the robbers go. It’s just the sickness in government that is making itself clear for all to see.

* It’s a Federal thing. Let that sink in… Homeland Security is only screening American passengers at TSA airport checkpoints, Illegal Aliens receive free air travel to the city of their choice, and bypass TSA screening lines

* The House has approved an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for compelling government officials to prepare a report on combating white supremacists and neo-Nazi activity in the police and military, despite every Republican voting against the measure. The amendment, sponsored by Rep. Brad Schneider, was passed in a 218-208 party-line vote on Wednesday. All 208 votes against the amendment came from House Republicans, one of whom described it as “Orwellian.”

* Liberal group lands $171M gov’t contract that could reach $1B to help illegal immigrants avoid deportation. The Brandon Regime violates immigration law, then spends taxpayer money to aid his violation of immigration law.  This government is broken and out of control.

* CCP influence over the Brandon Regime. Will Brandon stay bought?

* Pending US Nationwide railroad strike scheduled for Monday.

* Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and Biden’s chief medical advisor, has finally acknowledged something that many experts and many of us in conservative media have been saying for months now: that the COVID-19 vaccines “don’t protect overly well” against infection.

No shit.  Really?

* First Sri Lanka and now the elves go for the tree.

* It’s interesting to note the news blackout in The Netherlands. Of course, the term “blackout” is racist, so maybe. that explains it.

* Dying Society – Meme of the day – then and now.


I am posting this to ward off vegans


  1. The Oracle of Omahas railroad, the BNSF, hauls load after load of electric car fuel through our town in route to coal plants keeping the air conditioning on during this stretch of 100° weather we are experiencing. They also carry train loads of petroleum which could be more safely transported by pipeline, but pipelines are bad unless they are in Ukraine. Not to mention shipping containers galore. None of the lame stream bunch seems to have taken note of this possible impending disaster.

    My father was born in Holland, and his family immigrated to Nova Scotia during WW 1. They eventually settled here where I still live. There was such widespread starvation during WW2, they artificially propped up the agricultural community to avoid that from ever happening again. If there is a news blackout, I would assume they are getting ready to do something they don’t want anybody to see. The Dutch are a tough resilient people. I will be closely monitoring both situations.

    • “If you aren’t Dutch, you aren’t much” – An old girlfriend’s statement to me. I showed her that my ancestors (a long time ago) lived in Fresia. I was reluctantly accepted.

  2. “The Netherlands”

    It should really be called a news ‘whiteout’, since that’s what we used to use to cover up mistakes. Can’t have people finding out about a landgrab to aid the elites who really run the show ‘over there’.

    Speaking of over there. I was thinking of going back to Paris, while I still can, but being in the despised ‘unvax/boosted’ class don’t want to get caught by anyother coof population lockdown. Could fly on miles, before they become as valueless as a $. Perhaps I should spend they hotel budget on electronics instead? I need to replace a pc and a laptop; and get a new wireless hand-held communications device, with spare freedom seeds. You can see my dilemma.

  3. Got me all riled up with that “society” picture…but not in a good way. Gag! Cough! Blech! Aaaahhh, My eyes! My eyes! And she has a kid!?? Is the Baby Daddy still alive after that encounter?

    Except, of course, the one on the left, classy and probably had bacon and eggs most mornings, and cooked with real lard and butter. So what changed? Food additives, hormones in meat, and sitting around watching TV all day.

    But the steak finishing in the pan fixed my gag reflex a little.

    Pro-Tip: Gotta watch out for those rascally Nisse, they’ll steal your cookies, homes, and everything not nailed down…just like politicians.

  4. amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act […] combating white supremacists and neo-Nazi activity
    “Let a thousand Otto Skorzenys bloom!”
    This is what they WANT, by the way. Paranoia, plus victimhood and resentment, are the foundations of the psyche and self-image of our modern ruling class. They’ve been so comfortable and successful (in capturing our culture and financial system) that they need to create enemies [1]. This popped into my head after Google just now randomly suggested that I read a 2018 Smithonian Magazine article on “Nazi Werewolves”. Always with the Nazis. As Voltaire supposedly said about God, “If Nazis did not exist, we [they] would have had to invent them.”

    [1] “need to create enemies” is not entirely correct. It’s more a need to create conditions of adversity, lest our rulers lose their self image/group identity. How else to explain the enthusiasm for importing Muslims, squatty uneducated/uneducable Meso-Americans, and other groups either intrinsically inimical to our rulers, or not controllable by the means they have used to subjugate the West?

    COVID-19 vaccines “don’t protect overly well” against infection.
    But the spin will be the claim that vaxx reduces the SEVERITY of the symptoms. It’s not an admission of wrong, it’s “getting ahead of the narrative” because general-public skepticism is finally catching up with us Deplorable bastards. It’s about shaping the message and “managing public perception” rather than actually telling the truth.

    the elves go for the tree
    Those fellas with axes ain’t elves. They’re tomte. Tomte are tough little Scandinavian bastards who basically run a protection racket on farmers.

    Liberal group lands $171M gov’t contract
    Vera Institute of Justice, founded by Louis Schweitzer and Herb Sturz.
    I’m shocked. Shocked to find gambling in Rick’s casino.

    Dying society meme
    Why, that woman on the left is positively EMACIATED!! (But she deserves to suffer since she’s obviously a White Supremacist for not having miscegenated spawn.)

    • Yes on the tomte.
      I had mentioned the fictional series Monster Hunter International before. One event takes place in a Birmingham slum where a group of tomte had moved in and formed their own gang.

      • That thing about meeting the gnomes in MHI… had me ROFL.
        Tatted up with Thug Lyfe ink, pumping iron and carrying 25cal Lorcins (pretty big gat for a gnome) and talking $hit. That and the pot-smoking Elves in the trailer park.
        I got used up on the MHI thing after a few books but especially the first one was just great, and definitely breaking new ground in the fantasy sci fi arena.

        • Agreed – the first ones were good. Somehow I stopped reading the new ones about the time he came out with the backstory series.

  5. The Lightbringer’s third term is such a disaster it makes his first and second term almost, maybe, look better.

    • At least he could read a teleprompter, and had better sphincter control.

      His kids weren’t trainwreck crackheads either, although they were younger, and maybe just hadn’t had enough time yet.

      Man, has the bar gotten low.


          • I’m flat-out amazed nobody has put a bullet in Hunter all these years.

            I don’t mean in the “ninja assassin” way, I mean in an alley behind a Waffle House in Shreveport.


  6. tawk, tawk, tawk – all I hear is tawk. we all know what the problem(s) are
    but haven’t seen anyone come up with a list of reasonable solutions
    we know that the democratic process of voting no longer works – they’ve seen to that
    we all know the fourth branch runs the country with an executive who’s bypassed the second branch
    we’re all immersed in the pot watching them turn up the heat – very, very slowly
    what do we do – tawk, tawk, tawk – all I hear is tawk
    as people keep saying “history may/may not repeat, but it sure does rhyme – apologies to Santayana

    • Just chill out and wait on your hobby farm growing grass fed steak, butter, garlic, onions, and rosemary. By currency inflation, increase in red tape, offshoring of manufacturing, and suppression of fossil fuels, the bad people are doing immense damage to the logistical tail supporting their ability to project power. How many pounds of food or barrels of oil does a policeman produce each day?

      Technological innovation empowers the little guy faster than the organized criminals. Used to be you had to be a trained man to use a sword; now grandma in a wheelchair can use a handgun. What could you do militarily with a small drone dropping firestarters? Could that capability be defended against by 1,000 nuclear bombs? Support your local cryptocurrency programmer. If the organized criminals can’t locate your money to “tax” it, they can’t hire policemen with it to oppress you.

    • Starbucks is shuttering a pile of stores after “careful consideration and discussions with store owners, who also brought up “things” happening in the bathroom that made feel unsafe.” The bathroom “activities” have been going on for years, but now they are a problem??

      They full fail to recognize/admit store closures are all in Dem/Left held cities, including..Seattle. Gee, wonder what happened to cause “unsafe” conditions in those places?

    • That was informative. I didn’t know that AOC had a particularly large “bootie” and Stein would know – more cushion for the pushin’ I guess.

      • I should clarify. I don’t find Stein all that funny, to be honest. But his over the top schtick trolled AOC into near hysterics on Twitter, where she made up dialogue about what Stein had supposedly said and “did to” her. IMO he has some value as a provocateur and a jester. The left purely hates being mocked, so good on Stein for that. But his antics are not high on the list of things I’d like to watch.

    • The problem with the world – our modern world – is that when you go home, it’s unrecognizable. I’ve experienced that for myself.

    • Thanks for the heads-up, Old NFO. I might or might not be taking grandsons out shooting today and wouldn’t want to go afoul of whatever by posting photos of youth experiences with firearms. The Constitution certainly hangs by a thread.

  7. Its a Federal Thing. TSA is simply mandating searches where they believe the true threat is. Not illegal aliens, not Islamic jihadis, but native born Americans.

    Steak. Darn it LL you made me raid the freezer and the meat won’t even be thawed by tonight. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

    Old NFO, good info, if you can’t talk about or write about a subject then it makes it orders of magnitude easier to convince the uneducated multitude that it is evil and should be avoided at all costs. But you all knew that.

    In other news as a milestone in the decline into Heinlein’s Crazy Years here is a photo of two members of Biden’s Cabinet. Courtesy of the Burning Platform.
    Good thing about the steak not being thawed. That picture put me right off my appetite.

    • It’s only a matter of time before the German government comes for farmers in the same way that the Dutch are doing it. Soon fisherpeople (trying to be politically correct here) will feel the bite in the same way as governments push for famine as a means of population control.

  8. I’m sure you can still use the Speaker’s Forum in NZ – it’s a good way for the gestapo to know who to arrest, later that night.

    Not all the suckers post on Social Media, after all, some are old-fashioned.


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