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Bullet Points

* Arizona, a so-called swing state, was subject to egregious democrat election fraud. Maricopa County (Phoenix) has declared the last election a fraud. Now the news is coming out of the Yuma area. My sense is that there will be much more scrutiny in Arizona in the mid-terms and beyond. It’s simply a pattern of behavior that one must expect from democrats.

* There is a searchable database to look up US Supreme Court rulings https://fedsoc.org/case

* USAF – Enlisted airpersons had enjoyed a streak of time in which 1 in 4, or even 1 in 3, eligible staff sergeants were selected to move up the ladder. That’s fallen to around 1 in 6 now. USAF leadership is encouraging airpeople to enjoy being where they are. They are having difficulty filling basic training classes and don’t want to see rank/rate compaction.

* Special counsel John Durham asked a federal court to send out 30 subpoenas for testimony in the pending trial against research analyst Igor Danchenko, who was the alleged main source for the discredited “Steele dossier” that targeted  President Donald Trump. Durham moves glacially and I don’t think that any of us believe that Hillary will go to prison. But it’s still worth watching.

* There has been a large hue and cry in favor of seizing yachts belonging to Russian oligarchs as a result of the Russia-Ukraine war. BUT have any of you considered the plight of their families because of this move. Pictured below, is a niece wearing nothing but her underwear, who may end up homeless.

* More energy is required to propel the new American electric car fleet. There is more here.

* KILL THEM! The current rant of the democrats toward the unborn continues. The Brandon Regime continues its attacks. Joe Brandon’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued guidance Wednesday reminding pharmacists of an alleged legal obligation to fulfill prescriptions for abortion pills regardless of state laws and restrictions. In the newly released guidance, HHS said that pharmacists who receive Medicare or Medicaid funding are prohibited by federal nondiscrimination law from discriminating based on sex. The directive noted that this includes supplying prescribed medications or determining the suitability of prescribed medications for patients, specifically pregnant women. Brandon’s administration is overlooking state laws and threatening civil rights violations for pharmacists who refuse to fill the abortion medication prescriptions.

* Christians in Eastern Africa



  1. The linked ammo brought back unfond memories of having to manually delink about 3,000 rounds of 50 BMG back in the day. Yuck!

    USAF enlisted promotions. It has always been a crapshoot. Way back when (mid to late 70s) it got as bad as 1 in 10. There is no way to fix the initial enlistment problem as things currently stand. There is too much incentive to get government assistance and stay home playing Call of Duty.
    Special counsel John Durham, yes it still bears following but don’t believe we will see any convictions; wrong venue, D.C. is way too liberal for actual justice to occur.

    Elections. In my mind the real crime here is the loss of confidence in the election process. You never know for a FACT who the actual winner and losers are. If you can’t determine for a fact who the true winner and losers are then why obey what the “winner” says they have no legitimacy. Public flogging and tar and feathers used to be a thing. Maybe time to resurrect that particular incentive to follow election laws?

    That niece has had more bodywork then the car I was in that got T boned. She looks like a caricature.

  2. I believe that if Hillary is arrested, with all she knows about DC critters and activities, she will be the first prisoner to commit suicide while being fingerprinted, much less being convicted in court and sent to prison.

  3. i need tires on my backhoe. i went this morning to an independent tire shop that does tractor tires. he said he couldn’t help me, try the chain places. why? b/c he can’t get any help. he’s closing soon. a wafflehouse down the road can’t stay open b/c thy can’t get help consistently. its getting epidemic. yet i go looking for jobs and employers want graduate level work on minimum wage at any time of day or night and 24 hour availability. i guess i’ll wait the nine months until my second retirement kicks in, unless i stumble upon a job that interests me. i’m saving a mint in gas. gets boring though. still can’t find anybody to put on my tires. i might just buy tire changer from harbor freight and set up shop myself. i would have already but the ballast in the tires is hazmat and i can’t find any way to properly dispose of it.

      • no, and i can’t in good conscience dispose of it on private property either. its hazardous to kitty cats and dogs. i could just put it in a barrel and leave it here when i die for someone else to worry about, lol.

          • no, they use beet juice as ballast now. mine have anti-freeze, which they used back when i bought the tractor. nobody will take more than a couple of gallons of it. the tires contain fifty to a hundred gallons.

          • Literal beet juice (not a euphemism)? Who knew? (Lots of people, obviously, just not me.)

            “Some days you just can’t rid of a bomb!”

            Years ago my friend “Dave” abruptly became manager of a large basic-sciencey lab. (Malfeasance that he had nothing to do with was involved. Heads rolled and Dave was the senior man left standing. TPTB basically forced a promotion on him. So, …) AFTER he signed, taking responsibility for the contents, he found a big chunk of metallic sodium sitting in a oil bath (an open container, yet) in the back corner of a disused space. No one knew the origin or history of this considerable fire hazard, and there was no need for it in terms of what the lab did. So Save called all over the place trying to figure out how to get rid of it legally. After about a week he found a chemistry department at a small local university that agreed to accept it, but they would not take responsibility for the transport TO their lab. Since the chunk of sodium did not legally exist, TPTB refused to acknowledge its existence and unofficially told Dave that it was entirely his problem.

            I found out about this one day on seeing Dave looking both limp and about 10 years older than he was the prior week. I asked him what was going on. “Oh,” he said, “adrenaline dump. I just drove 10 miles, in Boston traffic, with this big hunk of metallic sodium in a glass container in the passenger-side footwell of my car taking it to XX College. Whole way there I was praying, Don’t let anyone hit me.”

          • Speaking of sodium, Mike_C – my high school chem lab had a ridiculous collection of bizarre ancient stuff locked up in the chem vault. Gallons of carbon tet, quarts of hydroflouric acid in wax-coated bottles, etc. etc. HS science was cool in 1950, I guess.

            Anyway, there was a total of 10 or 15 pounds of sodium, in various chunks in oil-filled mason-jar type scientific containers. The Chem teacher tried to find out how to dispose of it legally, and got bumped up to DEM eventually. The DEM guy said, geeze, IDK – maybe take it up on the Jamestown bridge late at night, make sure it’s clear below and chuck it?

            In the late ’90s, the middle section of the school (where the chem vault was) burned down, for mysterious reasons…


    • “As an independent myself, what I’m hearing is that I cannot be independent and be associated with a company in the same line of business (i.e. trucking). Must transition to company driver in that case.
      But I CAN be an independent and haul, or be associated with, a company NOT in my same line of business (trucking).
      So who does this actually benefit the most?
      Amazon – in dire need of drivers to fill it’s 100% independent trucker workforce”

      • Heck, Fed-Ex Ground can’t keep our route drivers, been through at least 5 different “young adults”, who drive for a few weeks then bail if they don’t get a town route. Tonight the facility guy had to – once again – fill in, got here at 4:00pm and still had 2.5hrs to go. Normally they show up mid morning but he’s driving two routes, morning and afternoon.

        Laziness coupled to entitlement. Frosts my shorts this is happening in my beloved country…as created by TPTB who could care less if people prosper and expand their soul by actually working.

    • Most countries governments have pushed all of their chips on the table in favor of vaccines. They (the people in the government) have nothing to lose by continually pushing another vax. Nobody is being held personally responsible since the way the system is rigged there is always a “study” or “the science says” that encourages another round of shots or masking or bio-hazard suits or whatever is the next cool thing. Until they are being held personally responsible things will continue as they have been the last two years.

    • Moderna website has a “Meet the Moderna Team” page. Right under the blurb “Diversity at Moderna” it has portraits of all key leadership. Who are all white (or look white despite really being oppressed victims). One guy is named “Juan” but I’ll bet he considers himself “a white European; NOT one of those people.” (As a good friend from Castilla-LaMancha is wont to say.)

      • They could each self-identify as a different race and one each of the 31 genders and the diversity quotient is satisfied. All it takes is a Sideshow Bob hairdoo with a bone in it and you can be acceptable too.

    • Anyone who gets another shot, or subjects their children to the shot, is playing bio-roulette. I have stronger words to characterize those people but will leave it at that. The triple standard being employed is infuriating. I want to stand in town and yell “WAKE UP PEOPLE!”, but I’d get arrested for insurrection.

  4. Bulletpoints- I love my BulletPoint phone mount, even comes with 50cal decals.

    But seriously…rampant voter fraud is only for the crazies as pushed by the Left and Dems to cover for their massive cheating. Many states are under scrutiny and discovering (far too late) they too see the 2020 election was a complete mess…after 10:00pm. But we’re the nuts? I don’t feel like a nut. But those who speak truth are labeled as such. So be it. I answer to God first, and the haters are way down the “answer” list.

    HRC will keep over from the rot within before Durham gets to her. Is she worried? Maybe after November, which means the above mentioned fraud machine as Biden stated the Dems have, will be running at redline come October.

    The Administration telling States to ignore the SCOTUS ruling is……unsure of the exact word but I have quite a few in mind. “Illegal” is one, “unconstitutional” is another….but the other more direct terms I have in mind would result in a sisal necktie for the real insurrectionists defying the rule of law and order.

    New Not-A-Vax- Another EUA from Pfizer’s Private FDA to push more bad science juice on the lemmings. Gates wants the world to be culled…this witchcraft might just do it. He should start with himself…and take Fowch Mengele with him. Let God deal with these madmen.

  5. Durham moves glacially
    One wonders if he isn’t slow walked and/or stalled by the minions in the system.

  6. my problem with the yacht thing is: what gives them the right to seize anybody’s property? much less a foreign, non u.s. citizen’s stuff? i don’t know why pooty hasn’t nuked us already. i would have demanded immediate return of all of it or else. if denied i’d start nuking the ports they are being held in. how dare they? i just can’t wrap my head around it, or them ignoring scotus rulings like its of no matter and getting away with it. at this point we are duty bound to end this.

    • My thought as well. Leave them be, go after the real criminals, starting with Biden.

      YES! on your last comment. May come to that as IT IS our country first, those clowns and grifters work for us.

      • An egregious form of asset forfeiture, something that should never be tolerated in this country.
        If a criminal tries to take my stuff I can shoot him.
        Not so much a cop.

        • We live in what has become a lawless nation where justice is a respecter of persons – which means that there is no justice.

          • Generally speaking, foreign nationals are only granted protection under a nation’s rights and laws as a courtesy, when visiting .

            If you are outside of whatever nation you are a citizen of, and the local government wants to fuck with you, they can. This is why US citizens abroad, if they fail to tread lightly, are advised to appeal to the US Embassy, who might use the threat of overwhelming economic and military force to achieve redress.

            Governments have very broad powers relating to what they can do to foreign nationals on their territory. There is no court with international enforcement powers to adjudicate these issues, so if anyone cares enough about it, it just becomes an international shoving match.

            Russia is pretty busy right now, and has very little economic leverage with the West at the moment.

            Going toe-to-toe in the nuclear arena over the yachts of some douchebag mafiosi doesn’t seem prudent nor profitable.



  7. I enlisted in the USAF as a E-3 and made rank at minimum time in service, time in rank to Technical Sargent E-6. I sat there for just under 12 years always scoring in the top 2% or better for promotion but missing the cutoff. I made Master Sargent a few months shy of my 18 year mark and extended a year past my 20 year anniversary so I could test for Senior Master. I tested in the top 1% but didn’t make the cutoff so I retired. I was in communications. It is all about timing and your career field. My cousin who is 3 years older was a MP and then cross trained into food services made Master Sargent in 11 years and retired as a Chief at 20 years but cant find a job that pays more than $25 an hour after the service. I worked 12 years after retiring from the AF and only one of those years I made less than 6 figures.

    • All in all, a cook is a cook.
      I made E-3 in 3 years in USAF.
      I too was in comms, microwave radio.
      I did two years in training and then tactical.
      After that was 2 years of installation work, much as a team chief.
      I gained no experience in comm center work which was what all the testing was based on.
      I got out.

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