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The FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton has not served the rule of law. The rule of law — a pillar of American constitutional freedom since the end of the Civil War — mandates that the laws are to be enforced equally. No one is beneath their protection, and no one is above their requirements. To enforce the rule of law, we have hired the FBI. What do we do when the FBI rejects its basic responsibilities?
Under the present administration and certainly under a Clinton Administration, we just suck up the fact that the FBI is corrupt and move on. The Administrative Elite who run the country are comfortable with a blatantly corrupt FBI because it gives them a warm feeling. If Hillary is shielded from the law, then so may they be. Look no farther than the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS rot and corruption has been made bare in Congressional hearings during the Obama Administration. How many of them have gone to prison?
Roughly half of Americans think this is all wonderful and worthy of embracing. That is the measure of how far we have fallen as a nation as as a people. Hillary Clinton is arguably the most blatantly corrupt politician in American history. Sure, there have been hosts of others, but with Clinton, it’s right out there for all to see. There is no pretense of respectability.

When I expect to see people rise up against not only Clinton but the Washington Machine (including the never Trump people) who support her, I hear crickets – for the most part.

Hillary Clinton represents the establishment that has built a very comfortable nest for itself that feeds like a lamprey on the nation. $20,000,000,000,000 in debt and rising, with no end in sight
This morning, Linda G asked, “Do you think enough states will ever get together to make the Convention of States a reality? And do you think it will actually pull us back from Socialism?” This is my answer:

How many Americans (by percentage) who are eligible to receive Social Security and Medicare are willing to tell the government to shove off and reject receiving payments from a ponzie scheme. Social Security is “free cheese” and “Obamaphones” for older Americans. Sure, you pay into it, but it’s not invested. Congress spends it. And they they pay you back out of the general fund (tax money), pouring far more out to the aged public than was ever paid in.

My sense is that almost ALL Americans who receive Social Security payments would not refuse them. The same is true for Medicare. Socialism is like a drug. And people all have their favorite drug. Addiction is like that, isn’t it? If you’re an alcoholic, you feel comfortable taking a swipe at a pothead or a tweeker.  America tried ‘prohibition’ and it failed miserably. The 18th Amendment was ultimately repealed. This was true because people liked to have a drink. Socialism is the same thing. Free cheese somehow tastes sweeter than cheese that you have to buy.

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  1. It's what we make of it. My sense is that the future will be ok. My time on the planet is coming to a close. There's not much that can be done to me that the clock won't do on its own. My grandchildren will inherit a mess, though. And I did not want that for them.

    The history will be rewritten that patriots were evil.

  2. Me too. I was naive.

    I thought that the FBI had the integrity to follow the law. Dir. Comey was touted by people as "untouchable". Apparently that is not true. He's every bit as filthy and corrupt as the Clintons.

  3. Must be more vexatious if one has devoted part of their lives to honorably enforcing laws. Those of us who have always been anti-government have our prejudices validated.

  4. Occasionally it would be nice if we could find a public servant who was faithful to his oath of office. There are a few people out there. In the Age of Obama, very few, though. Because none of those people can be "trusted" by their corrupt counterparts.

  5. I hear tell that Director Comey was threatened that if he recommended for an indictment, they indicted Hilary and the government lost the case that he would be indicted and tried for interfering with an election. But I believe that it was different than that. I believe that Comey was told that if he recommended for indictment that the DOJ would not indict Hilary but rather would indict Comey for interference with an election with a quick trial before 20 January 2017. He may also have been told that Hilary's goons would make him disappear not just dead.

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