So, who’s it gonna be?

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Since the speculation on who the Republican Vice Presidential Candidate will be is running rampant, I see no reason why I can’t chime in and throw my cracker in the soup too. Who will Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney pick? Any from the list below?
Nobody thinks that the choice will be announced before mid-August so you have time to add to this list (or cut people out) if you’d like.

Senator Robert Portman (Ohio) (age 56) 

  • Portman ran the Office of Management and Budget as well as the Office of the United States Trade Representative in the Bush Administration.
  • Portman served in the House of Representatives in Ohio District 2 for seven terms with over 70% of the vote each time.

Former SecState Condoleezza Rice (age 57)

  • National Security Advisor and Secretary of State in the Bush Administration.
  • Moderately conservative black woman. (you can debate this if you wish because there are as many opinions as to her conservative credentials as there are conservatives.)

Governor Chris Christie (New Jersey) (age 50)

  • Current Governor of New Jersey with credentials as a conservative who has been willing to buck the system in New Jersey to reduce the size of government
Congressman Paul Ryan (Wisconsin) (age 42)
  • Ryan has served in Congress since 1999 and has developed solid experience as Chairman of the House Budget Committee. He is beloved of conservatives as a straight shooter.
When you look at the shoes that they may be filling, they’re damned sloppy slippers. The Vice President’s job is optics and foreign policy representation. Any of these people would do a better job than poor old drunk and increasingly senile Joe Biden. Given the job in question and the race that’s developing, the optics of the Condi Rice package are worth serious consideration.
From a racial perspective, are you going to vote again for the plantation master who’s selling your children into even greater hardship and has lied perpetually to you, or will you vote for a free black who is a champion of the American people? Yes, Obama will make an issue of the fact that she worked in the Bush Administration, but having her on-board her dilutes his race card considerably. The NAACP has continually asserted that the Obama election to the presidency didn’t count because he’s not pure-blood (1/2 white). Would they be able to boo Condi Rice? And keep any sense of credibility.
And I would personally like to see Condi Rice debate Joe Biden.

9 thoughts on “So, who’s it gonna be?

  1. I personally think that Paul Ryan is more effective in Congress than he would be as Vice President (a tepid job, albeit one heart beat from the presidency).

    But on a more personal note, since I am over 45, I think that EVERYONE ELSE should be over 45. (Hey, I'm sounding like a liberal…)

  2. I think you have to add Rubio for the Hispanic vote… And Condi, while a great choice, would allow the "Blame Bush" meme all over again…

  3. I can only think right off the top of head about a million people better than Biden.

  4. I think that Rubio is off the short list. I'm not sure why, but that's the DC buzz. I personally think that Rubio is an excellent choice for VP, but it may be that Romney is considering him for a position in the Cabinet?

  5. When you consider what the VP does (which isn't all that much in reality), and the whole 'image' part of it, Rice is likely the best pick. The other superstars can serve the Republic elsewhere.

    "They" say that life begins at 45… but what the hell do "They" know.

  6. I think I'm leaning towards Portman.

    Condi's already made it pretty plain (as far as I've heard and read) that she doesn't want the second seat; I think Mr. Ryan would be wasted in the VP spot (he's doing more good where he is); same kinda goes for Christi – he's doing a good job turning Jersey around, probably not a good idea to pull him out of there.

    As for replacing Biden, you could probably replace him with a potted plant – at least the plant wouldn't be so embarrassing.

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