Arizona Mines

Tip Top, Arizona – Primarily a silver-mining town, it had a post office from August 12, 1880, until February 14, 1895. The town was founded after Jack Moore and Bill Corning struck a significant load of silver in 1875. The nearby ghost town of Gillett was the original mill site for the ore from the Tip Top mine.

Tip Top AZ then

Tip Top at its peak had over 500 residents and was one of the largest towns in Arizona at the time.

Many ruins still exist in Tip Top today.



(ammoland) ATF will neither confirm nor deny the existence of any records related to Hunter Biden’s reported gun purchase because public interest is outweighed by his privacy interests and those of President Brandon, the Bureau asserted in a Motion for Summary Judgment filed Friday in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. That information, ATF argues, is protected by Freedom of Information Act exemptions, and therefore Judge Rudolph Conteras should grant its motion and order the case dismissed.

Why do we have a Bureau of Alcohol,  Tobacco,  Firearms and Explosives?   We’d be much better off it was simply dissolved and the federal employees were returned to the private sector where they could for work like everyone else, at this point.


Identify the Tank (fully)



Working on growing out the beard…



Canadian Politics


When Justin Trudeau served in the Canadian army… or something like that. I didn’t know that they allowed beards.




  1. Pretty sure it’s a (wall of text alert) :

    10.5 cm leFH18/3 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen B-2(f)

    So, it’s a French Char B-2 tank rebuilt as a SP 105mm arty piece by the Germans after the surrender. I don’t think there were a lot of them, but I guess they worked okay, awkward appearance and short, catchy name notwithstanding.


    • P.S. – that’s a neat picture. I don;t think I’ve ever seen one with the tonneau cover on, before.


  2. This is a splendid example of the so-called “Beutepanzer” (= war prize tank). The Wehrmacht put all captured vehicles to use in their organization; mostly in a modified version.

    This specimen shows the chassis of the French main battle tank “CHAR B-1 BIS” augmented with the addition of a German-made howitzer, namely the 10.5 cm leFH 18 “leichte Feldhaubitze” (= light field howitzer).
    The final product received the nomenclature “10.5cm leFH 18/3 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen B2(f)”. In translation this is “10.5 cm light field howitzer 18/3 (auto-propelled) mounted on gun carriage B2 (French)”.

    While the leFH 18 surpassed the enemy artillery in caliber, range and firepower – at least in the early stages of WWII – it proved to be too heavy for a mobile role, especially so in the Russian campaign. This necessitated mounting the howitzer on a tracked vehicle, preferably a “Beutepanzer” of which there were quite a few available in the early ’40s.
    The final combat value of this vehicle proved to be dubious as it was prone to frequent mechanical breakdowns, exacerbated by a lack of spare parts and an very high fuel consumption.

    • Well done on the tank ID. The CHARB B-1 was reliable enough and adding a howitzer and repurposing them made sense. I don’t know how the logistics train was able to support them in the field or how long they lasted, but apparently they lasted long enough.

  3. Someone (I think Harry Turtledove) once wrote a “What If?” (Alternate History / Counterfactual) science fiction story about “What if Fidel Castro had made it as a pro baseball player?” The answer is that Maggie most likely would still have done him, though that wasn’t in the story.

    • I guess that the beard was a real charmer. He plowed the furrow, planted the seed and Canada got their own version. Now some Canadians want to keep him. Something about not wanting to change horses in mid-stream (wag the dog).

      • I agree with Juliette, obvs, but yes, there’s a litter of defunct towns here, even in NC Texas. Often they’re marked by the decaying house of the the last place standing, encroached by the brush.

        I like to visit those places.

  4. Always found it interesting to see a picture of an old mining town then try to visualize it while on site, amazing what people did to build up a thriving town and then, gone, save for some old wood and foundations.

    As for The Weasels running roughshod over citizens, stealing bank accounts and assets and livelihoods at will, then justifying their actions under the same Covid Crap Charade line “For public health and safety”, when their own inaction against real anarchists allowed billions of destruction…because they WANTED that to happen, so lawlessness continues. These little men make me wish for their early demise so the rest of us can get back to doing life without their tyranny. Problem is, so it seems, there are too many of the mass brainwashed who think government criminal acts of theft and treachery is just fine, that is until they become the target as their is no honor among thieves. When one of the Weasel-Class gets the air let out of him – because some trucker now has nothing to lose – maybe they’ll get a clue. But, like the rest of these evil-doers, Mr. Semi-bearded Wonder Trudy Sponge Pants thinks he’s untouchable. Think again.

    • There are way too many little men with wicked aspirations. Richard Nixon was described as a little man in a big hurry. The same metric applies to so many in the Brandon regime. Then there is the ho, and she’d just comic relief.

      • At least Nixon said to Haldeman, “We could it but that would be wrong.”

        Twit for Brains’ convoluted statement to the German’s was beyond awful, only those with little brain cell activity could concoct something like that. “An embarrassment” does not begin to describe her stupidity, in way over her head…but that’s why she’s there. Like I said, the gloves are off, they get no quarter until they straighten up, which means never.

        I’m waiting for Rittenhouse to sue Brandon.

  5. Colorado is full of old mines and mining towns. It is also full of abandoned old narrow gauge railroads. This makes for interesting summer adventures. Evil thinker that I am, I always think of how scammers and schemers fleeced the unwary. A huge amount of East Coast and European wealth went into building railroads to nowhere and dubious mining operations.

    My father after WWII found a job operating a gold mine dredge near Breckenridge working the Blue River. He saw quart jars of gold being whisked away. The operators let just enough be seen to keep the investors salivating.

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