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My sister lives in Portland and took this pict.
The progressive movement loves nothing better than rioting and violence. With them it evokes a passion that is almost sexual in its intensity. In situations where there is not an inclination to riot, they introduce paid agitators to create one. Wikileaks is instructive as are the Project Veritas videos. They provided graphic proof, where many of us merely suspected since there was no press that would investigate the odious practice. Since the mainstream media is complicit for ratings and because they are progs themselves and enjoy the eroticism of a riot – they encourage it.

The progs worry that President Trump will kill homosexuals, make slavery legal and take away women’s rights — as if he was a Muslim…but he’s not.

The gullible lemmings who follow their community organizers have been gripped by an existential terror every since the results came in and Donald Trump became President-Elect against all mainstream media predictions:

The New York Times: 80 percent chance of Clinton victory
Huffington Post: 98.1 percent chance of Clinton victory
Nate Silver/538: 72 percent chance of Clinton victory (323 electoral votes) 89.7 percent chance of Clinton victory

Some progs speak of fleeing to Canada (never Mexico because they are racists at heart) and others speak of suicide. They listen to the mainstream media and the Clinton News Network. CNN – tells them that the world has ended. A modern education has not instructed them to reach a fact-based conclusion so they simply swallow what the “Ministry of Truth” spews at them in the 24/7 news cycle. There is also a healthy dose of self-deception, which brings unity among the progs, who live life in a state of autohypnosis. It’s the same way that they view climate change (was global warming).
Progs pine and keen for fear because it makes them feel a sense of the crusade. The pseudo-fear of Trump in large cities where progs naturally congregate (see map, below) drives them to the street in a faux moral outrage. Note the difference between a prog demonstration and a Tea Party demonstration where people took time off work to show up and then clean up after themselves before they left. Remember how Nancy Pelosi and others felt that the Tea Party demonstrations couldn’t be genuine because the demonstrators arrived neatly dressed (didn’t need to be bussed in and paid) and didn’t destroy anything? Nothing more clearly illustrates the different between right and left in America.
Life as a progressive is a puerile form of living without loyalty, gratitude or humility. It is a life filled with bad-tempered selfishness that erupts in despair when the promise of government forgiveness for the student loans you’ve been living on for the past decade doesn’t materialize. 

All of those liberal arts classes (grievance studies) that you took won’t land you a job beyond taking an order for coffee or turning a hamburger. It all seems so unfair. 

I don’t think anyone in America is more progressive than the now famous NAACP chapter president, Rachael Dolezal. Do you recall her? A spray-on tan and Sideshow Bob hair do made her “black”. She taught Africana (the negro woman experience) studies in Spokane as I recall. Dolezal embodied what it is to be progressive, emoting with being black even though she was a blonde hair’d, green eye’d white woman. We could point to Senator Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren (D-MA), the fake Indian (feather, not red-dot), who made a lucrative career as a college professor and legislator from her racial outrage — even though she’s 100% white. Dolezal, Warren, Shaun King of Black Lives Matter fame and others consider it legitimate and very progressive to fake it if they can’t make it. Such is life as a parasite.
The host has tolerated parasites for so long that a change of pattern has shocked them. In the past simply labeling people (such as President Trump) as a racist, an Islamophobe, homophobic, a sexist, etc. worked to have the host change its behavior. Parasites resent the host because they are helpless without them, and they know it. Somebody has to work to support them. The vitriol in which the Mainstream Media lumps the “uneducated working Americans” as a bunch of Neanderthal mouth-breathing knuckle draggers while ignoring the fact that they pay taxes in increasing amounts while the progs and internationalists ran up a $21 trillion dollar tab. The fact that those workers said, ‘enough’ is terrifying.

2016 election map by county

The map shows the parasites that while they are safe in the urban hells where they feel comfortable, the situation in the bulk of the nation where firearm ownership by the public is encouraged and marksmanship is a virtue, is something very different. It’s “fly over country” and the people there outnumber the progs. The prog leaders, their mascots and cheerleaders are profoundly uneasy when faced with this grim reality.

This is the first time in their empty lives that  crying has not worked and the progs react like any spoiled child would.  They cried wolf.  The press cried misogyny, and they lied, slandered, and  libeled. They jumped up and down and tears flowed.  Why not more tears, more violence, more fear? It has always, always worked for them in the past.

30 thoughts on “Sermonette – About the Lemmings

  1. Well said. Can't argue with a single syllable of this sermonette.

    And I can't say I lost a single second of sleep trying to sympathize with these leftist bloodsuckers. As Ghengis Khan said to his lieutenants just prior to slaughtering a quaking army of 10,000 muslim vermin standing in his way, 'fuck those idiots.'

  2. I should have something epic to say, but I don't. I'm still playing catch-up with my duties in life (with included making meatballs(114 lovely balls vacuumed up in the freezer which does not include the ones we've already scarfed down.)

    So, here I sit at 2:35am randomly scanning the internet because my internal clock is screwed up beyond measure.

    Of note: New York Times pledges to be honest in the future. Oh, please – give it up. Info Wars has more credibility than you do.

    So glad I live where the few and far between progs know enough to keep their mouths shut.

    It's sad that lovely cities like Portland are so full of crap weasels. I certainly hope they catch the the idiot who broke into the car dealership and did 200K damage to a bunch of new Toyota's. Yep, nothing says peace and love like bashing cars to smithereens.

    Have a lovely Sunday, LL.

  3. You notice that the Mooselims are not presently overtly challenging President Trump.

    There will be no "apology tour" the way that there was when Barack took office.

    Within 24 hours of a President Trump victory, both Mexico and Canada expressed a willingness to renegotiate NAFTA, the Russians and Syrians reached out to President Trump to try and craft an era of peace, etc. It's a solid beginning and liberals are furious.

  4. The NY Times also said that their coverage so far was fair and balanced…but nobody cares. Wikileaks exposed them as the craven tool of the political left rather than as journalists. Rather than reporting the news, they along with the entire "Ministry of Truth" tried to MAKE THE NEWS. They pulled their own pants down in public. Nobody had to do it for them.

    If the city fathers in Portland don't want to prosecute these vermin for rioting (a felony) and put them in prison for 18 months or so, that's up to them. The looting and the rioting will continue because the progs don't have to go to work. The city has become a hobo jungle in the same way as San Francisco, New York and the other sanctuary cities are.

    A Republican President Trump and a Republican Congress with conservative Supreme Court justices will restore balance to the nation, but the progs will cry at their lost dominion.

  5. LL: I just briefly glanced up and saw the CAIR director on my big screen expressing concern about Trump's general demeanor towards his filthy, scummy constituency. I wouldn't call it a challenge, but they are certainly on high alert.


  6. Let the hobo/hippies cry. I am perfectly happy to listen to them go screaming off into that good night. And remember what Ghengis Khan said about the vermin he was about to wipe off the face of the earth…

  7. They are concerned that President Trump will not be the obsequious cur that Barack was/is. In that they are correct.

    President Trump has promised to do things like celebrate CHRISTMAS instead of the "holiday season", etc. Muslims don't seem to find that change encouraging.

    With the ongoing war with radical Islam, there is also the concern that Muslims who work to damage the US (in time of war) could be arrested for and even executed for treason.

  8. Barack's presidency will end with Democrats in possession of 11 fewer Senate seats, more than 60 fewer House seats, at least 14 fewer governorships and more than 900 fewer seats in state legislatures than when it began. That’s a staggering toll to his legacy, but it portends well as a measure of the nation's returning sanity.

    While the 2016 race for governor in North Carolina remains undecided, the settled contests guarantee the G.O.P. the governor’s office in 33 states, which represents the largest Republican majority in terms of state control since 1922.

    The Mainstream Media stridently SCREAMED that the Republican Party was finished for the past year. It turns out they were wrong about that — along with everything else.

  9. "With them it evokes a passion that is almost sexual in its intensity".

    Late 60's always attended the anti-war and anti-George Wallace gatherings. Always got laid afterwards. Yeah, I'm a shallow person.

  10. I figured that all the noise and tantrums were the result of realizing that now the progs were going to have to actually get their hands dirty and go get a job like their parents had. The gravy train is coming to an end. If they want a cell phone, they are actually going to have to pay for it!!! The shock! The horror! They will have to get up at a decent hour, go to work, and be useful!! Talk about an education!


  11. Imagine, paying not only for a cell phone, but for cell phone service? I'm sure that the indignation that follows that realization is so profound that it makes you want to burn something.

    I would be happy if all of the pajama boys were forced to do SOMETHING. Living in mother's basement (while she works three part-time jobs) and playing video games – and only emerging to eat food the thirty-somethings didn't pay for or to march/riot is not much of a life.

  12. I was just up in Portland visiting the middle kid, where he goes to school. We stayed in the Pearl district, where all the protesting is going down. I see I didn't time it quite right! It would have been huge fun to be there and shout/fight back against the progs – give them some pushback. I'll have to plan better next time.

  13. Suz is right! The gravy train just crashed at the intersection of Enough of This and Silent Majority…

  14. WSF – I don't doubt you, but I'm pretty happy with the passion unleashed in our bedroom after the Trump victory. Happy and exhausted. It's like he "Put America in Heat Again." I'm beginning to think there may be a Trump Baby Boom in 9 months with all these good young conservative couples trapped inside because of the riots, with nothing better to do than… you know. Which is good, because we need to start outbreeding the lefties since we can't always outvote them otherwise.

  15. That's a fair description of progressive's lemmings. However, I prefer the term zombies. Lemming brains are too big to be fooled by progressive dogmas.

  16. In my progressive code book, zombies, refers to "inner city lemmings". But brother, it can go either way as far as I'm concerned.

  17. All of the anti-Trump demonstrations before the election created a lot of new Trump voters. What's going on now will create a whole lot more in the future. Every city experiencing these riots should issue Soros arrest warrants. Maybe when we get our new president his $25 billion will be confiscated for damages.

  18. I was going to respond here, but everybody else said what I've been thinking.

    One thing I heard on the scanner last night was a street officer saying that some of the "protesters" got "a whole lot more law abiding" when they saw their friends being arrested, cuffed, and hauled away.

    Imagine the shame (do these morons even feel shame?) of having to call mommy for bail money….

  19. Those are all good insights and suggestions. We need to work to have decision makers hold Soros responsible.

  20. I'm sure that they don't mind taking money from mommy when mommy is already paying all of the bills.

  21. — and more to the point, I don't think that they care if mommy has to eat cat food so long as their selfish little needs are met.

  22. Soros and friends have dispatched a lot of community organizers to keep up the anti-Trump riots, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it will peter out. Either the prog cities will tire of the damage and will simply lock up the protesters instead of cheering them on, or the cause and effect will simply increase support for President Trump.

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