This blog post offers two accounts of different situations, reported by different sources, that deal with Communist China, acknowledged by almost everyone, even the pro-Chinese New York Times as working to create the opiate crisis in the US.

If you are interested in the subject, I invite you to read both articles and listen to the podcast.  I take efforts to keep blog posts on Virtual Mirage short and to the point. The volume of information on this topic available on-line is overwhelming. I simply cherry picked two.

New York Times

The China Connection

(abstracted from the article) “The scale of the problem was enough to overwhelm entire agencies, much less one investigator like Buemi. Yet his contact with Li Li offered a starting point. Looking through the catalog of drugs on offer, Buemi saw Molly — but he also saw pills containing a mix of oxycodone and something called acetyl fentanyl, dyed and pressed to look like legitimate prescription pain pills. Buemi had a hunch that the same drug ring responsible for moving Molly into South Florida might also be importing the acetyl fentanyl pills. He placed an order for both.”

Yahoo Finance Report

How China flooded the US with lethal fentanyl, fueling the opiod crisis (a podcast by Adriana Belmonte, Associate Editor, Yahoo Finance).

Fentanyl is a lethal synthetic opioid that has been making its way through the US over the last decade. The largest source of this illegal narcotic is (Communist) China. Ben Westhoff, an investigative journalist and author of “Fentanyl, Inc.” decided to see how these drugs are being made.

“I went really deep and tried to learn everything I could about this problem, and that brought me to China,” he said. “I actually went undercover into a pair of Chinese drug operations, including, I went into a fentanyl lab outside Shanghai. And I was pretending to be a drug dealer.”

He continued: “What I learned was that these companies making fentanyl and other dangerous drugs are subsidized by the (Communist Chinese) government. And so when they work in these suburban office parks, for example, the building, the costs for research and development, they have these development zones, they get export tax breaks.”

Digging Deeper

The articles, good as they are, don’t probe deeply enough. They suggest that the massive effort to export illegal narcotics into the US are tacitly approved by the Communist Chinese Government. That is true, as far as it goes.

When you examine the situation at its root, you find that the People’s Liberation Army and the Chinese Ministry of State Security are the ultimate financial beneficiaries of these narcotics smuggling operations. The way they look at it, it makes them money and weakens the United States – war by other means.


  1. Of course it’s war by other means. The only way we would be “friends” of China would be in a subservient role.

    • It’s a scourge. The Trump Administration trumped the wqr on opiates, but never fully explained to the American people who the prime mover – an ENEMY STATE, was.

    • >perhaps they haven’t forgotten opium

      Beat me to it. I have no special insight into China, but I’m mortally certain that is a secondary goal: revenge for the Opium Wars. Which truly WAS the British (mostly) importing narcotics into China (with the twin goals of weakening the nation and to make money), then kicking China’s ass when China objected. In fact, that’s how they got hold of Hong Kong. Anyway, then-China had many weaknesses and flaws which contributed to its failure to stop the opium trade, but those don’t absolve the British. Anyway, there is little point to kicking Great Britain now, so guess who’s up next? I’d bet that, on top of all the practical considerations, there is a little “those big nose bastards are finally getting what they deserve” self-proclaimed moral justification in the minds of the ChiComs.

      • Anything can be justified.

        We simply have to give back. I’m not suggesting drugs, but there are things that can be done…war by other means is a two edged sword.

  2. folks just won’t wake up to the fact that china is at war with us whether we are at war with them or not. they need to read sun.

    • Sun Tzu – “The Art of War” (I like the edition put out by the late, great James Clavell).

      War by other means is still war, and the US needs to treat it as such. I’m not saying that we nuke Beijing or drop “rods from God”, but we need to counter their activities and respond proportionately, even asymmetrically, if we want to maintain national sovereignty. The War on Opiates can’t simply be fought against cartels in Mexico and southward. It needs to be fought against China. USGOV needs to go loud with this in my opinion, but we’ve been trying to fight the Chinese with silk gloves. Never works.

  3. They supply the means, but we do it to ourselves.

    Only idiots take random pills given or sold to them by random people. Nobody in the world at this point could possibly think that taking heroin is a smart move, and nobody holds them down and gives it to them forcibly the first time. On top of that, if you’ve decided to make the brilliant life choice of becoming a Junkie, you should really make sure you have your high school chemistry down, so you can tell what you’re shooting up, and how much.

    As for the prescription stuff, everyone’s all mad at Big Pharma all the time, but nobody seems to go after the doctors writing the prescriptions, who are directly, personally responsible. Instead, the government just makes it harder for the people in legitimate need of pain remediation to get what they need. Meanwhile, domestic Leftist imbeciles are pushing the agenda that the way to solve this is by having the government supply all the junkies, and provide medical monitoring so they don’t OD.

    So yes, pointing out the PRC’s hand is good, and anything that hurts them helps civilization. But the problem’s a lot bigger.


    • The opiate epidemic is not a big pharma problem. They don’t peddle fentanyl. I’m not excusing big pharma, but the problem is street drugs.

    • Good points, but I think it’s multifactorial apart from deliberately making a bad life choice. It seems that poor whites are disproportionately affected by the “opioid crisis” and I can see why. When your jobs have been offshored, your communities impoverished, and the social capital built up over decades and generations monetized by banksters and hedge fund types, then both your personal sense of worth AND the strength of your former community have been trashed. And on top of that you have the other hand of the “elites” (the infotainment complex) telling you continually that you are guilty guilty guilty merely for being white, and at the same time actively undermining (or subverting) Christianity. Who do you turn to in that situation? No self worth, no sense of family or community, no faith. In that case, why the hell not go off into a narcotic haze?

      As to physicians. Yeah, some are irresponsible. But in many other cases, you have people going from doctor to doctor, and ER to ER, cadging drugs. (We also have this sort of problem with essentially Munchhausen types, only they end up getting multiple abdominal CTs at different hospitals, because you have no way of telling what happened at Buggerford Community 40 miles away.) That said, my personal hobby horse is how many physicians in the US are foreign medical grads (and I don’t mean from Germany or Sweden). Some have assimilated, but many have not. They still consider themselves Indian first, or Pakistani first, or Iranian first. As one example I am familiar with, the High Desert area (Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, CA) is almost entirely MDs from the subcontinent. Care is not great there, and (based on about 30 regular folks I talked with at length) most of the people living there are very unhappy with their doctors (complaints are of arrogance and lack of empathy). But unless you want to drive an hour to Loma Linda “down the hill”, that’s what you’ve got. Anyway, I don’t have statistics on it, but I’d bet there is an association between bad FMGs and over-prescription of narcotics.

      • I know a person (eminent Buddhist) who lives in Lucerne Valley (suburb of Victorville) and he drives down the hill to Loma Linda because the standard of care is quite good. The high desert hospitals are known for their malpractice as “murder factories” – a local term. Naturally he gets ribbing from me for not just eating herbs and chanting to cure his significant ills. I’ll likely be re-born as a slug in a Tibetan latrine for that.

        The social maladies that underpin addiction of all sorts are legion. Some of it is genetic predisposition. Some of it is cultural inevitability. Some of it can’t be hung on any of the convenient coat hooks.

        Addiction has always been with us. In the case of Communist China peddling fentanyl, I find no excuse. I know that they can say, “but the British, in the 1800’s….” But it’s bullshit. And that was the point of this blog post.

        Communist China is not responsible for social ills in America, and once manufacturing returns, the dignity of work may return with greater force, maybe some blighted areas will turn around.

  4. The liberal fantasy that free trade encourages peace because it creates common interests may end up destroying us. In the case of Chinese communists, they have been made stronger and more capable of weakening our country, which they pursue vigorously.

    Perhaps the one example of mutual interests working are the MAD treaties, IMO.

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