When in SoCal, it’s important to self-identify as toxically male.

A friend sent me the shirt a couple of years ago. I don’t wear these sorts of shirts on the road often, but these days I like to make a statement. Yes, I have a California CCW.





Travel Section:

Cruise ship passing through the canal of Corinth.  Completed in 1893, the Corinth Canal runs between the Gulf of Corinth and the Saronic Gulf.


Movie Quote-of-the-Day

“This ain’t Dodge City. And you ain’t Bill Hickok.” – you can click the link above if you’re stumped.


B-2 vs B-21

More here



Map Time

The Ike Dike is a $26 billion proposed flood control scheme meant to protect Houston from hurricane storm surges.


Helmet or Ant Eater?



  1. Michigan as neo-Macedonia? Who knew!

    Circumcision map: 90% Islam, 10% “never again will our people be identified that way. Get EVERYONE circumcised!”

      • Could be, boats were smaller, and maybe didn’t figure on future ships being that snug of a fit. The tugboat captains must know their stuff.

        • I’m sure that there is “road rash” along the side of some of those cruise ships. If you had oars, it must be easier to fend yourself off the sides of the canal. In a combat situation with antagonists on top of the canal, with an ample supply of rocks – would create an ugly situation.

          • I wondered about the paint also.
            Is it on the tug skipper?
            Having towed a few boats, my brother’s most recently, it’s not easy
            But the wind is probably not a factor there.

  2. John F-n Kerry sold out so long ago, he probably can’t remember when it happened, or for how much.

  3. wonder how the folks in Galveston feel about that monstrosity…..freedom demonstration in cuba. too bad the biden mouthpiece characterized it as a covid protest for more vax. apparently she doesn’t speak the new national language. “libertas”

  4. Thinking the screaming meme-ee is actually the Dem’s hyperventilating everyday, blasting America with scripted BS. Wouldn’t mind seeing them implode. Latest Local: Denver police “uncovered” (actually a maid did…uh huh) a “Vegas Style Shooting” set up in an $800 a night hotel overlooking Coors Field. Total bogus theater…whilst the Dem idiots pay for disgusting homeless camps. The city has become a cesspool. BUT, those back-patters got the All-Star game contract. Aren’t they special.

    Interesting how the Biden Administration pulled EVERY immoral weirdo, hypocrite, AH, moron, and cretin out of the woodwork to fill the slots…says everything about that side of the fence. A pox just won’t be strong enough to rid us of this political cancer.

    • Between the Joint Chiefs of Staff going weird on us, and the rest of the freaks and misfits getting appointed jobs — it’s as if there was some sort of conspiracy to wreck the place.

          • If you contracted and recovered from Sars CoV-2 you are better immunized than some experimental “vaccine”, the vax after the fact could cause problems. Every doctor knows this. It’s why I believe Covid to be a bio psy-op, hence the Dem’s pushing it so hard.

          • The donkeys were mightily pleased with the plague and must have been disappointed that almost everyone under the age of 75 seemed to pull through. Yes, there were some who needed to be hospitalized – and they were thrilled with that, but the survival rate, taken across the population as a whole was very good. There were places like Brazil, where it was devastating. I heard that the death toll in Italy was particularly bad. In the US some populations like Indian Reservations were hit very hard. But across the population, it wasn’t like the Spanish flu that culled 20+%.

  5. Lots of interesting stuff here today, LL.
    I would have thought Michigan closer to Poland, but still interesting.

    And I would be surprised if you didn’t have a CCW for every state.

    Be safe and God bless.

  6. LL per yesterday’s post. I recently read that the People’s Army had a rough go when confronted by the Indian Army on their border. I’m sure the Chinese didn’t share that info, and the Indians just might possibly not be telling the whole truth. I remember reading also that when confronted by real Vietnamese soldiers, they scuttled back to their hidey hole. Your take ?

    • Well, literally the Indian Army used sticks and rocks to beat the ChiComs to death and destruction.

      Seriously, the ChiComs got stick-fu-ed up.

    “I said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn’t know how to use it.”

  8. When I’d wear my Wolverines shirt in SoCal, very few people got it. One guy at the Old Fort MacArthur Days Artillery Show commented on it. Out here people say “Cool Shirt! Where’d you get it ?”.

    And we see lots of that “Right Wing Extremeism” out here. It always makes me smile.

    That canal is astounding. To think they did most of it with HAND LABOR is staggering. Kinda like when they built the Hoover Dam, but at least we had steam power.

    Said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn’t know how to use it…………

    “Ketchup Kerry” is a disgrace. he belongs on the highest yararm, along with “Hanoi Jane”……and many others….

  9. Thats quite some engineering to take such a huge ship across the canal I guess, or maybe, the depth saves it from sinking. My understanding of this space is limited.

    I don’t know where we’re headed with the climate narrative. It sure is a valid concern, but there’s so much foul play that’s also coming in the name of the concern.

    • Two (unrelated) random questions, –
      1. If, hypothetically, you could beat the clock, would it be worth it?
      2. What’s your take on immortality of souls? (Works of Dr. Brian Weiss and such)

      • 1. I don’t know that I’d want to hang out here even if I didn’t age.

        2. I do believe that we are immortal.

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