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I never thought that Hillary’s campaign launch would have been so funny. It’s one of those parodies that you think has to be a Saturday Night Live skit…but it’s not. It’s old Hillary parked in a handicapped spot, going into a burrito shop to order lunch…being followed by 200 giddy reporters.
She needs to avoid people if she wants to be Queen of America because nobody who meets her likes her. These “spontaneous” public events make her look even more pathetic and out of touch. 
A black van drove down the street in front of my house and I thought, “Oh, great, Hillary is here to ask for a donation.” You know she’s nearly dead broke. Anyway, just as I got my cell phone out to take a photo of Hillary getting out of her “scooby van”, the van drove on. I think that it was the American flag flying from the post that must have put her off. Nobody who flies an American flag will vote for Hillary.

Hillary is trying to re-make herself into the champion of the little people…right…since when? I think that she needs to get back to her roots, cruising down Wall Street in her black van, picking up bags of cash from the monied elite in exchange for looking out for their financial interests through political chicanery.
You have to admit that it’s high comedy and we need to enjoy the charade while it lasts.

Having been said, it’s pretty pathetic that Scott Walker trails Hillary in the Wisconsin polls by double digits…

15 thoughts on “Saturday Morning — Live

  1. I suppose that some unfortunate person – cursed by her parents – named Hillary could change it to something less shameful, like Gorgonzola.

  2. Or Chlamydia. A black lady that I worked with about 15 years ago had a baby girl and gave her that name. Everyone was SHOCKED…but it's clearly not as bad as Hillary.

  3. True story: my wife worked in neo-natal intensive care unit (NICU) in Michigan maybe 35 years ago, she's an RN. A black woman had twin girls, and named them Genora and Siphllis. Asked why these names, and she said while she was in labor, she was reading some of the posters on the wall, and saw those two names and they sounded good.

    The poster was one of the public service types, warning of STDs such as Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Oh well. Coulda been worse, maybe Hyllarie.

  4. If you see Hillary's Black Van, reach for your gun.

    I'm not a political philosopher, but I think that's called "Just War Theory."

  5. Hillary is the same – and not the same. I still maintain that Hillary is a step down.

    I'm not sure why STD names appeal to black people who want to name their children, but there clearly is a trend.

  6. The Democrats are unable or unwilling to put forward a legitimate candidate. How can it not be divisive? There are some Dems (not many) who I could be persuaded to vote for. The Bitch of Benghazi? No.

  7. Even a can of beans could make the difference between Bill and Hillary having supper and going hungry…but these days she's eating free at Chipotle.

  8. Nurse told me a mother named her child, "Placenta". Mother said she heard the word in the delivery room and though it sounded good.

  9. About Walker lagging behind shillary (eeeeeew now THAT would be a stinky position) But I digress…..I'm not surprised. I lived in Madison, WI for 10 years. Talk about moonbats!!!! Seesh even the conservatives tip towards the left! Madison is like Rome for the faithful. They're all PC and everything BUT, they delight in denigrating ANY other thought process.

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