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This ENDS this blog’s comments on the Dolezal B. S. but some of this stuff has been simply too snarky to pass up. Since a white NAACP lady can be a black lady and a half black man can be voted in as president of the US twice, what is the value of affirmative action? How does one determine race? Maybe we just move on?

The Daily Mail published the comprehensive and definitive, and one would hope, the last word on Rachael Dolezal and you can read it all here with more salacious photos. One can only wonder whether she is using these glamor shots to attract would be suitors on dating sites. That’s too much to process because I can imagine the black-only response of photos with their ‘courting tackle’.

Spray-on Race

(Daily Mail) Born with freckled ivory skin, Dolezal’s black image today is the product of regular spray tans – ‘medium’ Mystic Spray from Palm Beach Tan in Spokane, Washington, it is claimed. 
The treatment, which costs $60 a month for unlimited top-ups, ensures a ‘long-lasting tan’ all over the body. Customers stand naked in a booth before being sprayed from every angle.
NAACP leader identifies with Bruce Jenner

Jenner looks a bit like Dolezal if you discount that Jenner is a 65 year old man and Dolezal is a 37 year old woman.

Some men may say, “Take it off”. I say, “Put it back on – please”.

23 thoughts on “Rule 5 Rachael

  1. Yes, Adrienne. She really does. But I'm sure that Penthouse or Playboy have approached her to bare it all. Along with the inevitable reality television series about a white woman, who became a celebrated black woman, and tries to make do in a world dominated by angry white people in Idaho.

  2. So, if Dolezal can be black, Warren can be Indian (feather, not dot), Obama can be Jewish, and the NAACP and the rest of the race-baiters are OK with this, can we finally abolish race-based Affirmative Action and all of the stupid fill-in-the-blank info right now?
    What a wonderful thing if that happened. I can hear the screams right now from the Liberal Left and the MSM (conflated that for you). Their rules, we're just going to make them live by them. Pick one, stick with it, and suck it up.

  3. That is precisely my question.

    And my answer is that we put race behind us and treat everyone based on the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. Or is that asking too much?

  4. Oh, white guilt is strong in this one, or is that stupidity? You have to love the way the left, including blacks, are circling the wagons protecting her.

  5. She's one of their own…sorta.

    I put it under Rule 5 because she likes to show off her black spray-on-tan while naked. (mia culpa)

  6. She could have had a promising career at New Orleans PD on the chief's staff (literally).

  7. Of course. If we did that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton would both either be in prison or hell as servants to the Great Imp Harry Reid and his handmaiden Nancy Pelosi. And who would the Democrats run for the Presidency?

  8. I wish I knew what makes a difference, nothing does.

    I read that Gandhi said 'everything you do in your life, will be insignificant, but, its very important that you do it'.

  9. Ghandi made a difference by losing himself in the service of others. The more that you do for others, the more abundant and meaningful your life will be.

  10. I wish we could do that without losing ourselves.

    I mean that what's not a good place to be in, is when you've lost the self love, and you're engrossed in helping everyone else around you. Coming to the realisation that you're the one who needs the same level of love and affection as you're giving to others is a bad place. 'cause by then, so much is lost already.

  11. Life is all about finding and maintaining balance and a "center". I of all people am not about to suggest that it's simple. You also have to be comfortable about who YOU are. Discovering all of those things is at the very essence of our common struggle of life.

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