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A Review of the News for August 2, 2013

Mexico Edition
Hose A

(US News) A self-described debt collector for Mexican drug cartels says he has slayed more than 30 people across the United States, according to investigators. If Jose Martinez, 51, is found guilty of scores of homicides on both coasts, he would earn a place among the most lethal serial murderers in American history.

“He basically told us, ‘I’m the guy that pays you a visit when you don’t pay the cartel,” McWhorter said. “He had a reputation in the drug world as the guy who would get the job done. If he was assigned to get money, he’d get money. If he was assigned to kill, he’d kill.”

Investigators have confirmed that Martinez is responsible for a 2006 double-homicide in Marion County, Fla., a March homicide in Lawrence County, Ala., and at least 10 other killings in California, according to sheriff’s officials.
I wonder if he’s going to get white glove treatment the way that mass murder and jihadi, Major Nidal Hasan US Army has been?
Another Murder – and yet Another

On July 28, 2013, Vice Adm. Carlos Miguel Salazar, Armada de Mexico, was murdered. Carlos was a friend of mine. He commanded the Mexican Naval District headquartered in Puerto Vallarta. He was driving in an unarmored SUV with a Mexican Navy driver and his wife. Nobody wore uniforms. He and his wife were ambushed as they returned home from vacation. 

He pushed his wife to the floor of the car and shielded her with his body. She escaped unhurt, but she’ll never be the same, having been literally bathed in her husband’s blood.
It’s just another weekend in Mexico. A few arrests were made of token suspects. No convictions will result unless MEXGOV fabricates evidence to satisfy the cries from SEMAR (Mexican Secretary of the Navy).
The US News Media doesn’t report on much these days unless it’s the odd Obama Triumph (that is usually found to be a scandal later). They always sugar coat what’s going on in Mexico. Over thirty Mexican Federal Police officers were killed in Michoacan last week in an ongoing shooting war with cartels. Guadalajara is worse than it’s been in my lifetime, which is pretty bad when you consider that one of my guys was beheaded down there almost two years ago and I escaped an ambush in a separate incident with a few bullet holes in the car.
And because it underscores the need for a secure US/Mexico Border, the media is mute and officials of the ObamaNation could care less 

Obama Administration officials are ringed with bodyguards to keep themselves and their kids safe. If a few Americans died because of an insecure border, what would it matter?

Where do Cartel Firearms Come From?
With the exception of a few smuggled handguns and the Fast and Furious weapons smuggled to cartels by the United States Department of Justice, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATF), they come primarily from China and the Middle East.
Some military stores are sold out of inventory from Central American nations directly to cartels which paid top dollar. The point of original manufacture isn’t important. For the most part, cartels use the AK-47, favored weapon of China and Russia (old Soviet Union). Those weapons are not made in the US nor are they legal to possess as full auto – which means that they don’t originate from US gun shows.
Operation Fast and Furious was simply a clumsy effort by the Obama Administration to smuggle US firearms to the US so that the US could crow that American weapons were being used by cartels, thus justifying more gun control.
More recently the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) (North Korea) has been peddling weapons, most of which were originally made in China, to the cartels — because it earns them hard cash. If you make friends with them in Mexico, they’ll sell you literally anything out of the Chinese inventory.  Comforting?
US Border Policy

It’s always been a mess. It’s been a bigger mess under Obama than previous presidents because of the evident need to allow illegals to cross and vote for the Democrat of their choice. 

15 thoughts on “Review of the News (Mexico Edition)

  1. Luis Lucio Rosales Astorga, the police chief in the city of Hostotipaquillo, was shot to death January 29, 2013 by one of Eric Holder's Fast and Furious weapons. The death toll in the US from Fast and Furious was two agents, but in Mexico it was much higher. But, What does it matter?

  2. The same weapons that killed Chief Rosales were used to murder seven innocent people in Jalisco right after his murder. That it came from a program inspired and led by Barack Obama doesn't mean much to America's leadership because what does it matter unless it's your family that's killed.

    I wonder if Barack would feel any differently if the people who were murdered were his two daughters? Would his mantra be "what does it matter"?

  3. Not to down play the genuine need for a secure border between us/mex, but the same is true between us/can, for the same reasons.

    It always hurts to loose a friend, I hope that you have good memories of him, and can be a strength to his family.
    We have left so many behind… it is not our finest hour as a nation.

  4. Because:

    Immigrants coming from South and Central America can't vote in Mexican elections. They'd need a voter ID card issued to Mexican citizens only in order to do that. There is no such prohibition in the US, where illegal aliens vote to sway the outcome of elections.

  5. Mexican drug cartels are now smuggling large quantities of narcotics across the Canadian Border.

  6. Sorry for your loss LL, especially when you've worked with someone and know them well, it really hurts.

  7. Hasn't that been going on for some time now?

    Healing Prayers for the Vice Adm.'s wife, as I understand, she was wounded in the ambush.

  8. From Canada? It used to be Ecstasy and meth. Over the past 18 months the cocaine coming in from Canada spiked.

    Wife was injured slightly but having her husband shot to pieces on top of her was a horrible thing.

  9. The going rate for the price of cocaine in Canada is the only thing keeping the floodgates shut at this point…or so I've heard.

    It will be interesting to see how many they can tie to Martinez.

  10. Chapo made a big "pivot toward Canada" and he's the driving force up there from the cartel side. Considerable intelligence was offered regarding those operations and US Law Enforcement declined because they know it all. Maybe they do. DHS at its finest.

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