Republican Presidential Debate (Early Edition) Analysis

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Republican Presidential Debate

I’m not drunk blogging the debate. Between the early and late debates, I’m going to In and Out Burgers for dinner. I’m considering my desert options.

The Early Stage (the candidates running behind the leaders, polling behind the top ten)

First impression: Martha McCallum, Fox News is impossibly hot. 

Ok, on to the politicians. There wasn’t much difference between them in terms of what needs to be done to reverse the policies that Barack Obama. My comments have to do with stylistic differences with preferences for “wining” candidates.
1. Carly Fiorina – She’s sharp and is the only person on stage who ever created a job. I know that there were people at HP who didn’t like her, but the truth is that she has had to be responsible to share holders for results. Her concepts are smart, well considered, precise and intelligent.
2. Lindsay Graham – He’s a career politician and I’m concerned that he wants more wars, however I think that his vast experience with government came through. I don’t think that he’d be a good president. He’s a big government guy and would expand the government. He was the only one to mention the problem with Social Security and Medicare going broke. It’s a big issue.
3. Bobby Jindal – Bobby is smart and he’s bold but he’s not compelling, and I don’t think that he could win a national election. I like him, he’s a good family man, etc. but he simply doesn’t have the gravity.
4. Rick Perry – As one would expect, Gov. Perry does understand US/Mexico border issues. The problem with Perry is that he’s part of a political class and, sadly, he’s not as smart as a US President needs to be. Calls himself a “corporate executive type” when the only real one on the stage is Fiorina.
5. Rick Santorum – He served in the US Senate for two terms but he’s been out of government for a long time. What did he do while he was not a bureaucrat? He talks the talk but I haven’t seen him doing much besides chattering.
6. George Pataki – George is an old politician. His ship sailed but his ego remains. As with Gilmore, below, he’s a lawyer who talks a lot, and says the right thing
7. Jim Gilmore – He’s an old lawyer with a big ego. The only thing that he’s done is be a lawyer. Barack Obama is a lawyer. There are lots of lawyers in DC. He needs to go and spend time with his grandkids.

10 thoughts on “Republican Presidential Debate (Early Edition) Analysis

  1. Oh – never mind what's her name, but Bill Hemmer can get cracker crumbs in my bed any time.

  2. Martha…sigh. I'd sit in front of the TV and watch her read the ingredients from cereal boxes – hour after hour.

  3. I hope Carly Fiorina takes it all, its about time we had someone smart, & articulate with business sense in the presidential position.

  4. I still think that she's running for vice president, but she is clearly a big winner today – possibly the biggest winner of the day.

  5. Carly Fiorina was the only one worth listening to and amazing in how she "sweetly" goes to the jugular. Very impressive:

    The foxes at Fox are all hot to say the least but it would be impossible to argue against awesome as to McCallum. Andrea Tanteros might give her a run though.

  6. The women of Fox are all beautiful and smart. Tanteros would be a tiger between the sheets. …sigh.

    Anyway, the Fiorina interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC was telling and she took him to school while calling Hillary Clinton a liar. Say what you will, I think that Hillary is most concerned with Fiorina. Jeb Bush is dull and I despite his money, I think that his fate is sealed.

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