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Be Careful What You Wish For
The National Bolivarian Militia is a reserve force composed of civilian volunteers, founded by former President Hugo Chavez in 2008 to assist the armed forces. Cuba helps pay for the force since the 
The Bolivarian Militia is a gimmick to ensure popular loyalty. Venezuela might have the guns to arm a militia of this size, but no sane leader would entrust the members with ammunition. Is it time for the US to air drop small arms ammunition to the militia? Give Maduro what he wants?
Venezuelan President Maduro tripled the militia in size. Yesterday he said, “We will arm the Bolivarian militia to the teeth! An invading imperialist force may enter a part of our fatherland, but the imperialists should know that they will not leave here alive.”
(Viva Maduro)
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  1. How soon before the "arms" hit the black market? One rifle for a weeks worth of food?

  2. Arm them, but don't give them ammo and don't let them anywhere near the stores for the party elite. And I'm not sure that what flushing toilets that they had work anymore.

  3. Is the Bolivarian Militia basically what BHO (pbuh) wanted with his "civilian corps as well funded as the military"?

    And is factcheck.org on par with snopes.com, or is it actually relatively unbiased?

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