22 thoughts on “Sunday Sermonette

  1. The Squad, whose leader is terrified of garbage disposals, has a solid base of perhaps 25% of voters who will follow them to the very gates of hell. The other 75% will follow other more moderate paths.

    But that base of nut jobs will certainly make a lot of noise between now and the general election that looms. And of that base of moon bat crazy loons, many of them are younger voters who are famous for not showing up on election day.

    Prophet Fredd sees failure for them this time around.

  2. I'm waiting for the National Socialist Workers Party in Congress to wear white hoods during the state of the union. It would certainly clarify things further.

  3. …and just as unattractive. Sheesh.

    Beauty is either enhanced or diminished from within; ugly on the inside translates to ugly on the outside. What's worse is these "gals" have deluded themselves into thinking they are doing God's work, some having said as much.

    Trump was patient for three plus years, now the gloves are off and these people have no clue what's coming their way…partly because they've dealt with cowards, weasels, and grifters their entire political careers. More popcorn please.

  4. You can say they are not wusses even when you disagree with nearly everything they espouse.

  5. Nobody ever accused a Communist of original thinking, creativity, or understanding how they look to others.


  6. Nope, no fog. It's been buffed, polished, waxed, good to go, functioning like a well oiled machine as of late.

  7. Truly, the tyranny of the stupid vagina. If they are alluding to the virtue of innocence, purity and virginity, it seems that boat sailed. I would hazard a guess the accumulative, aggravate IQ of any of the Pictures is less then 75 or 80 points. They are ugly to boot.

  8. Yes, ugly, obnoxious, puerile, and stupid. Quite a hand to draw to. But somebody liked them enough to vote for them. Is the American gene pool being diminished, or do we need more chlorine?

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