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Wind Powerthe future of renewables


Plague Passports

California rolled out a new digital (plague) healthcare tracking system. They give you your papers and you can present them on demand. No, you are assured, it is NOT a vaccine passport. Don’t believe your lying eyes.  It’s something that looks, sounds, and feels like a vaccine passport. Vaccine passports are ILLEGAL in Arizona. The legal waters are muddier in California.

I am part of more than one healthcare system, but the one I prefer is headquartered in California. The e-mails demanding proof of vaccination started out nice. They’re becoming more demanding now. I ignore them. My son-in-law, a police sergeant in California responded, “EAT SHIT AND DIE” when they recently called him. He’s not as civil as I am – and he has to live and work in the worker’s paradise, so his fuse is shorter than mine. Riverside County, California told the state that they could stick it where the UFOs probe when it comes to plague-related lockdowns and mandated vaccinations.

I’m sure that they will continue to call me, e-mail me, text me, and pester me, but I did a CALEXIT and have a smile on my face. DRJIM, I’m sure that your family will feel the same way.

My papers are in order…in Arizona.


In a Related Story

I have ice cream delivered to the house in the summer.

Even if I put it on ice when I buy it in a store, it’s on the way to being a mess an hour later. So the Schwanz truck comes by and drops off a few gallons of this and that so when grandchildren arrive, they can have delicious ice cream in a bowl or a cone, or between two halves of a banana in a long bowl, with a cherry on it, etc.  I’m a grandpa and don’t mind paying extra for the truck to drop it off.

The driver shows up wearing a mask and mumbling at me. I said, “You’re in the middle of the national forest, friend, have some self-respect, and take off that stupid mask. It makes me feel like you’ve come to rob me (which it feels like anyway because of the price of the delivered ice cream).” He looks down and sees the grips to the Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan and turns pale. Full disclosure, he was a little light in the loafers and was likely a student at NAU where a significant part of the male population is gender-confused and they bugger each other for sport.

“Don’t shoot!”

“I already paid for the ice cream with a credit card.”

“Oh, yeah.” Puts his hands down.

“And I didn’t draw the handgun. …If you drive up the road about 100 yards, there is a water tank and there are three black bears that hang out there. A Sow and two cubs. They take baths in the water. It’s not Bearizona (a theme park in Northern AZ),  they’re wild and if Momma gets pissed, she’ll claw you to pieces and then feast on your carcass. She will literally rip the metal off the car door to get at you.

“That’s why the gun?”

“That or you end up as bear scat. We’re only at the top of the food chain here if we’re armed.  Just like Chicago and LA.”

He took off the mask. “I guess it’s stupid to wear one here.”

“Yeah. The bears don’t respect them either.”


I don’t report Mom or the cubs because they don’t bother anyone, but it’s a sow with cubs. You can’t ever be 100% sure. If you report them the rangers tranq them haul them off to the hills overlooking Prescott Valley and drop them there. They’re not bad bears, just thirsty and it’s a tank for them to swim in and get a break from the heat. Once finished swimming, they curl up in the shade and take a nap. Who can blame them?


And no, I’m not going to creep through the bushes to try and catch the sow unaware and take photos so you can enjoy them. A sow with cubs demands her privacy. If you were here, I’d try some photography because I wouldn’t have to run faster than the bear. I’d just have to run faster than you.


Swamp Castle

Pena National Palace, Sintra, Portugal – I guess it qualifies as a retreat of last resort. I personally would be unhappy if things got so bad that it looked like a good idea. I mean, how long could you hold out? They wouldn’t need to bring up a trebuchet, just hang out until you starved.


Pass the Bottled Water


Train Now to be a Ho?

University of Ottawa professor and Canadian Lawyer, Naomi Sayers, took to Twitter recently to endorse sex work for “young people,” calling it “the best thing” they can do early in their careers.

“The best thing young people can do early in their careers is do #SexWork on the side because your early career prospects will be unstable, unpredictable, low pay, likely contract work and very much exploitative.”

If you do a little digging, you’ll find that lawyer Sayers was apparently a bi-hooker. I doubt that she was able to charge according to her aspirations, but that’s only speculation on my part.


It’s interesting how these progs get on Twitter and offer their advice to the rest of we lesser mortals.  She sets out her career as a whore as a model for all to emulate.

Young Camela? Both are from Canada. You be the judge.


Many people have been looking at “signs of the times” and this one has always been with us.





The master of the straw…

Pay to play these days would seem to remain in the Hunter realm. If you pay him half a million for his etchings, made with a straw, he gets you in to see the old man. Liberals remark on the progressive nature of the scheme.

And I always wonder how much paint Hunter is inhaling, just as a matter of habit?


    • Matthew 13. I hate to get all scriptural at 4:00 am, and it’s not the sermonette but Jesus went out of the house and sat by the sea. So many people came to hear him that he went out onto a boat and spoke to them from the boat. (skipping to v. 24) “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field; but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way. When the grain had sprouted and produced a crop, then the tares also appeared. The servants of the owner came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then does it have tares?’ He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’

      The tares have grown and there will come a time when the wheat and the tares will be separated.

  1. Flagstaff is a beautiful town with history. I have pleasant memories of that town and the surrounding area. Now the sodomites have taken over. I think I shall not return except for passing through.

    It would be rotten luck to be assigned that outpost.

    map is produced by UN WHO. Taiwan appears to be different than mainland China. Is this the WHO sticking it to the panda?

    In a wicked twist on ‘publish or perish’, the perfessa must opine on cutting edge new thought. Even though there is nothing new under the sun. I doubt she is the first to utter such scandalous sayings.

    The way things are these days it is a point of pride that real men are NOT mentioned in the news. When was the last time the media truly appreciated the warrior? Them who matter know the score and that’s all that matters. This man was willing to lay down his life for others. I think it best the media ignore lest they make a caricature of him and his kind.

    That is how signs such as that are supposed to look like. Jesus called those who sought signs a wicked and adulterous generation. A sign is a sign.

    • There are things locally that I am forced to go to Flagstaff for because it’s the county seat, it’s the only place that I can get suits I wear when I’m traveling at work dry cleaned, and so forth. But I limit my visits for reasons you outlined. There is a surprising amount of snobbery in Flagstaff. A Navajo lady once asked me if I lived in Flagstaff. I took it as the insult that it was intended to be and asked her if she was asking me if I knew who my father was. She laughed, repeating my response to other Navajo ladies – they all laughed.

      I then said, I know who he is, thus I don’t live in Flagstaff. She nodded sagely, deciding that I wasn’t an a$$hole.

    • The color coding is in “heat map” style (or cold map, seeing as it’s in blues). Taiwan is beige which indicates “no data” rather than it being viewed as a separate political entity. IF there is any political slant (China, slant. Heh heh heh) to Taiwan being blank it’s a f/u to the ROC on Taiwan, as in “you don’t even exist so far as the WHO is concerned.” It’s not a f/u to the PRC.

      Obviously the “alcohol abstention prevalence” is from SELF-REPORT, seeing as the darkest countries are all Muslim. If the numerous Pakistanis that I have had to endure (trainee physicians from that nation’s socioeconomic top 2%) are representative, plenty of “good Muslims” drink alcohol – when they can get away with it. There is also a fair amount of marijuana use.

      • The Muslims that I know who live in the Middle East go to Europe or Bahrain to drink and carry. I’m sure that there are some who practice what they preach – mostly women who can’t travel. Their men, on the other hand, are able to live two lives.

        • Larry. Many moons ago a friend of mine was a check and training Captain for Saudia. He told me that on the scheduled Riyadh to London flights they used to announce, over the passenger cabin speakers, when they had cleared Saudi airspace, promptly roll in nose down trim. and push forward on the control column. He said the balance of the aircraft changed dramatically, as all the females, who boarded the aircraft looking like black letterboxes, rushed to the toilets to change clothes. They went in as blackletter boxes and came out dressed like whores. He also said that extra alcohol was always loaded in Riyadh, but they always ran out before landing at Heathrow. The reverse of this happened on the return flights.

          • I’ve heard similar accounts. I ran an agent/informer for a long time who came and went in Iran after the revolution. He had access to the Supreme Leader and many shot callers. He said that they’d bring women to his room, young and pretty. A mulah would be there as well and would marry him to the women for six hours to make it legal. They’d also bring in “tea” – usually JW Black Label without the label.

      • Muslims can’t supposedly drink wine or beer. That leaves a whole lot of alcohol on the ‘grey area’ list. Seen too many muslims who are f’in drunks and stoners and druggies to believe that the edict against beer and wine was about keeping muslims ‘clean’ (like the Mormons have.)

        And you are most likely right about the WHO’s attitude towards Taiwan. Bastards (the WHO)!

  2. “And no, I’m not going to creep through the bushes to try and catch the sow unaware and take photos so you can enjoy them.”

    Aw, you just need a camera drone!

    Maybe a big one, with an APKWS pod… just for the Scout Motto factor.


  3. Well, Canada is a Socialist Utopia ™ after all… it really isn’t surprising that the best they have to offer their youth for employment is prostitution. Note that it’s suggested “on the side”, to aid in evading the brutal taxes.


  4. Nothing exploitative about that kind of sex? What an idiot.
    I enjoyed the bear story, too.
    Be safe, stay cool and God bless.

  5. How is the wildfire situation in your neck of the woods? If you do decide to get some pics of the bear, just bring a friend with you. One that moves slower than you………..

    • It’s touch and go. In the specific area where I live, so far, so good, but there are a few thousand people under forced evacuation near me. Right now, they’re working to move all of the campers out of the Coconino National Forest and they’ll close it tomorrow (Wednesday) at 8 am.

  6. Ice cream trucks are such a relief in the summers! So sweet to have one come by, despite the distance. My grandpa used to save candies, and each came at the cost of a good answer across questions. We thought about many things, mostly poems, stories and riddled life stuff underneath them even when I didn’t understand most of it back then. Here we are today, I find myself often thinking about him around all the beautiful trees he planted. The flowers and the fruits are the gifts we still receive from him.

    These days have me pondering over the places I’ve lived in, and where I aspire to be. There is something about mountains that doesn’t ever give up on me. But I guess its not that easy with the years of toil written around. Hopefully one day, I’ll be moving to where I aspire to be. Maybe ‘mountains calling’ is real and you’ve gotta wait for your turn to arrive, who knows.

    • Being a grandfather is something quite magical. It’s an opportunity to leave a legacy, but it’s also fun to spoil grandchildren. I have a metal detector. When they come up, they take it out along with a map to search for clues and then they can each dig up a small metal box filled with goodies. It’s not about the goodies, it’s about the adventure.

      • It sounds fascinating! We call it ‘treasure island’, and I love designing the roadmap for it, with clues, riddles, hints and hiding interesting things. Indeed, its all about the adventures.

          • Being a Grandpa is magical, indeed! *WE* get to teach the little guys all the Guy Stuff that Mommies frown on, and Daddies are restrained from doing. Important things, like learning how to belch, make impolite noises, and seeing who can produce the longest fart. Magical, inded!

            I’m trying to get TLG into backyard exploring. We’ve done rock hunts, and “What Kind Of Bug Is That?” as we explore the rancho (ranchette? nano-ranchette?) here.

            At this point he has more fun blasting his little radio controlled truck around the backyard, so teaching him Science may have to wait a bit longer….

          • If you and TLG are left alone for too long without supervision, I can see him flying his own jet aircraft through the sound barrier.

      • Here in “Testicles-Hot and Humid” Florida, when I make my monthly run to Walmart and Sams (because, with careful selection, I do save a ton of money, especially on chicken breasts and benadryl at Sams) I toss a pre-cooled cooler in the car during the summer. Winter and late-fall/early-spring I can just store the food in those yellow-topped totes while I drive from store to store to home.

        One of the nice things about having a mini-van. I can fill up 6 of those 26 gallon totes in one mega-trip and that makes for 2 weeks of perishable goods and 1 month of non-perishables and 1 month of proteins (divided into portions and frozen) and I only have to go out for imminently perishables (like fruit and veggies and eggs and milk) and prescriptions.

        • I’m a two-hour drive from Costco. I buy in bulk and throw ice in the chest with the frozen food, but ice cream just doesn’t do well. It’s not cold enough. I put portions into a food saver for later use.

  7. “renewables”….there’s an oxymoron, or more accurately, moronic. The Left lies to themselves so much they couldn’t find the truth if it hit them over the head.

    Typical lost person trying to assuage her conscience by getting others to follow in her bad behavior. Incidentally, Harris is Canadian, not a Natural Born citizen (her mother became a US citizen after Harris was born)…she shouldn’t even be in the White House.

    We supplement the freezer stock with Schwan’s, typically split a meal or steak so pricing isn’t over the top. Ingredients are very good, the ice cream is stellar. Our youngish delivery guy is forced to wear a mask, tight black, and huge. Tell him it’s harming him and not to don it on our behalf. He’s been sick…a lot. MrsPaulM gave him the reasons last visit, explained that re-breathing his own exhale all day every day for 8 months will cause more long term respiratory damage than the corona virus. Almost wrote an e.mail to headquarters as his illnesses have delayed scheduled deliveries (not that we care but needed a point).

    Your reference to Matthew 13 is an excellent reminder that the wolves are always prowling around looking to do harm.

    • I have only purchased the Schwan’s ice cream – both for quality and the ease of delivery. I may end up branching out to their other frozen products. I wish that they did individual dinners like TV dinners – with better quality than one might expect from those available from the store. They have regional menus and there may be things that you can get where you are that we can’t get here.

      • You may be right on the regional offering, not sure. They do make individual meals, but not Swanson’s TV dinner type with all the fixin’s.

  8. Gee….where to start…..

    I get “reminders” from my health care provider to get the jab, and I ignore them. Phil over at “Bustedknuckles” has a post on it today. WTH are TPTB in such a hurry to have everybody vaccinated for? Are we expecting aliens on July 4th? If this does turn out to be Biowarfare, and my SLW dies because of this, I’m not sure if I’ll go “Rambo” or “Terminator”, but I do know that I’ll probably kiss my chances for Redemption and the Afterlife goodbye.

    Up where we lived when we first moved here was a patch of forest bordering a stream and a cornfield. There was a Momma bear and some cubs living there that we were advised about. Momma bears and their cubs tend to be “Don’t Start No Trouble, Won’t Be No trouble” when it comes to humans. How anybody could attempt to go pet a cute, little furry bear cub is beyond me. We night be apex preditors, but only when we’re armed. I don’t think too many adult humans could survive a bear attack unarmed, especially if it’s a Momma bear and her cubs are involved.

    Makes me wonder how the “lawyer” passed her bar exam.

    “Stop Making Stupid People Famous” belongs on a tee shirt, and large billboards.

  9. Florida also has made vaccine papers and passports illegal.

    But my fairy-step-daughter (her parents died, we kind of took her under our wings when we met her as an adult) who works at the local university (University of Beijing in Gainesville, FL, home of the Gators and Felons) tells me that the university leadership has decided to continue pushing required vaccines and face masks.

    Can’t wait for DeSantis (our governor) to put his foot up some university elites’ asses. And yank them up by whatever flavor their short and curlies are.

    Along with the Schwan’s Ice Cream, you might check out to see if there’s a local meat delivery service, or a service where you can buy a whole or half a cow and have them cut and store what you can’t store at home for you.

  10. We hanged a bunch of people 76 years ago for doing medical experiments on people against their will.

  11. Yep, that has to be some ‘expensive’ ice cream, but good on ya for doing it for the grandkids! And yes, we are NOT the top of the food chain out in the wild.

  12. Had a grizzly bear in the drive way the other night and a different one at the public well half a mile away too!

  13. OK, this is a round about post and I like that. There’s no “rule,” but how did that sex worker become a prof, or is it the other way around?

    Whatever, just you wait till we’ve all been bred down to dwarf status serfdom in the new Wizard of Oz reality that will be our new utopia. Or something like that.

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