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An interview of Wyatt Earp.

Wyatt Earp in his later years.
John Henry (Doc) Holliday – died of 
consumption/TB at the age of 36.

The New i-phone 

It will only cost you $1,000 to make a phone call and surf the net. I don’t get it. The phone incorporates new ‘smart’ face recognition technology so your mug will be on file and attached in a cyber sense to your phone. I’m an Apple person, but doubt that I’ll spend $1K on a phone anytime soon unless it can also mow the lawn, take out the trash, cook chicken and dumplings and install new brakes on the truck.

Then again, I’m a dinosaur and I very very rarely use a debit card or e-money. I keep a stack of hundreds in my pocket next to the handgun. There are times when society forces me to use a credit card and I do and pay it off monthly, but you take my point. 

A Familiar Theme

Muslims in general feel like an infection. At least that’s what I mentioned to my friend J. D. who reads this blog from time to time. It was like that in the neighborhood where I just sold my home, down the street from where they built the mosque.

People of that faith seem to lack the capacity to live-and-let-live. 
DRJIM recently made his CALEXIT and I wish him well in Colorado. In California, it’s not only the Muslims, it’s the whole thing, and people are leaving rather than tolerating the insanity. Me too. Those who can leave are. The house of cards will eventually fall and it’s not going to be pretty.

In Sweden, there are plans afoot for a man-free music festival. They’re worried about rapes. It would be politically incorrect in Sweden to have a MUSLIM FREE event. But we all know what’s going on in that country and that the problem isn’t “men” so much as it is military age Muslim men. When you invite an infection into your country, you shouldn’t hide the poison under a bandage.

When I was a Kid

I mowed lawns for money. No, there was no Occupational Safety and Health Administration wonk there on site inspecting the mower, the work site, and guarding me against child labor exploitation. I charged what I thought that the market would pay. It was raw capitalism. That and a paper route were the most common ways for boys to earn spending money. Girls babysat and made more. In the summer I also hauled hay when I lived in the country. In the city that wasn’t  an option.

When I read the piece about the boy mowing the lawn at the White House, I felt encouraged. Then some two-bit, jumped-up, progressive (possibly a tranny) member of the corrupt, lying, smug, nasty, lying mainstream media, employed by the NY Times attacked both President Trump and the boy.

In California, illegal aliens (also called wetbacks) have captured the lawn maintenance market, edging out boys. Not many people take the newspapers anymore and when they do, it’s not delivered by a kid on a bicycle.

The New York Times and the Section 8 aliens who took jobs from kids are part of what is wrong with America. #Build That Wall

When I was young doctors made house calls, the guy who delivered the milk was an adult male and he earned a living wage doing that, etc. Yes I know. that age has passed.

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  1. The photo you posted above is not Doc Holliday. There are several photos of which that is one, that claim to be Doc, but I only know of two that are authentic. The source of the first is the Holliday family and shows him about the time of his graduation from dental school.


    The second was taken in Prescott AZ shortly before the business in Tombstone.


    You'll note that he was a blond rather than the dark haired gentleman in the other photo.

  2. It's too bad that age has passed. Kids could also play outside without a watchful eye from a parent. Liberals don't use their heads for thought, and won't be happy until all American Tradition is gone.

    I envy you and drjim. One day maybe I can slip away quietly, but then my grandson would be more than a block away.

  3. Unfortunately, Oregon is trying real hard to catch up to California. You could switch Gov. Kate Brown with Moonbeam Jerry and no one would notice the difference. We are doing a DRJIM and bailing to head back to Arizona as I type. About 60 miles to the SE of your compound, LL. At our age some civilization is good. Walked through almost 20 houses real estate shopping and the number of gun safes became a running joke with the agent…At the block watch in Oregon, they were having a meltdown about a guy open carrying. "It was a BIG gun." Snicker.

  4. I forgot to mention, as you know I'm also an Apple guy. My 5s just quit 3 months ago and I had to get an upgrade to an iPhone 7. WOW, what a difference. I can't imagine the 8 or the X could be so much better. But I guess that new chip is really something. Oh, the 5s started working again as soon as I got the iPhone 7 home. The grandson uses it for pictures and a backup to my iPad.

  5. Thanks for that interview with Wyatt Earp. It just reinforces everything I've come to know about the Wild West. Mainly that it was nothing like it's usually portrayed.

  6. Mischief managed. Thank you for the clarification. I posted the Prescott photo instead of the one that I had up there.

    It would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall and to have watched the genuine Doc Holliday. There has been so much art and film that it leaves me wondering how he rolled in real life. No doubt he was a character.

  7. I have 5 grandsons, each of whom is currently within a 10 minute drive while I rent. The other day, one of my sons in law told me that he needs to get out of CA and is considering AZ. He's the one who used to chide me for my decision.

    The iPhone 7 (I have one) is good enough that spending $1K on an upgrade makes no sense.

  8. bobbookworm, As the eagle flies — 60 miles southeast puts you in the Apache Rez. Cibecue area. 60 miles south southeast puts you in the Young, AZ area, which I am familiar with. 60 miles east southeast puts you in the area of Clay Springs and Pinedale. Due South 60 miles puts you in the Tonto Basin – Rye, Gisela and Coffee Pot.


    I'm up on the Mogollon Rim very near East Clear Creek and the Blue Ridge Reservoir.

  9. PS – I was looking at Josephine County, OR, and more particularly the Applegate Valley, and there's much to recommend the area. But urban Oregon (not unlike Urban CA) is insane enough that I opted for the Coconino National Forrest in AZ. The area is remote that there is no sheriff's patrol. There is a posse made up of locals that handles problems until the law arrives from Flagstaff or Winslow. Strawberry and Pine are closer but that's Gilla County.

  10. OK: Let's make it ESE and a little more give than take on the 60 miles…happens when you rely on your memory instead of checking the map. We were on the South Coast of Oregon near Gold Beach…love the countryside, wildlife and the weather…tried to hide out as far from Portland and Salem as possible but the politics still slop over.

  11. Growing up in Oregon when it was pretty sane (a very long time ago), I picked beans as a kid to make money. Then the illegals showed up and no more bean picking for kids.

    I also used to deliver newspapers. And mow lawns. And the girls cleaned up with their posh babysitting gigs. Still do, BTW.

  12. I don't think that there are any men left in Portland who weren't born women and no women who weren't born men. Or so they would have us believe.

    My girls babysat and they made bank. I feel sorry for the boys these days.

  13. I know Gold Beach. Great spot. Are you sure that you want to leave the place? You're a LONG way from Portlandia there.

  14. Oh but not far enough, were gone. It is a beautiful area and there was wailing and gnashing of teeth in the decision making process. The video of me throwing a tantrum on the floor like a 2 yr old is going to be a classic. But the last straw is a probable change of local building code (for no good reason)that will impact the value of our property. Add in 20+ billion in state employee pension debt, changing gun laws, state funding for abortions and illegals and fiscal insanity like wanting to tax corporate sales instead of profits. I grew up here like Fredd and it is not like it used to be.

  15. Doc was an interesting guy. Accounts I've read indicate he was nowhere near the dead shot he's portrayed as in the movies. He did know he was a dying man, however, and I think he may have gone into some of the scrapes he did in hopes of not having to undergo the terminal phase of his disease. I have an interest in western history and am a reenactor of the same. I have a friend who's portrayed Wyatt for some time now. He's made a study of the man and knows him well.

  16. Reinactment is a way to learn history better and to appreciate it in a way that you can't do in any other way. To survive and thrive in the Old West you had to be a bit of a rogue. The Earp family clearly fit in that niche. One of the more interesting people who 'won the west' was General George Crook. He was a good general during the War of Northern Aggression and then was a good field commander during the fated Custer expedition and a general and honest broker during the Geronimo Campaign. He was clearly eccentric, but I feel that history may have overlooked him – just a bit. He was a government man and that puts him in a different category with the Bridgers, the Earps, Freemont, Brigham Young and others who played such a large role – each in their own way.

  17. I hear you.

    The whole Colorado Plateau has water. It comes from the seasonal monsoon and not from snow melt, so late July and August become the wet months – which makes no sense if you think of Arizona in the traditional way, dominated by the Sonoran Desert.

  18. Yep, that IS a tad more than I'm willing to pay… Re Calexit, it's happening daily, with folks that can, getting the hell out!

  19. Many of the productive people will leave. Some have careers such that they can't, and they will be replaced by illegal aliens who vote citizen's money into their pockets. The $1.3 trillion state debt will end up soaring and they'll have to wait for a Democrat in the White House and a Democrat majority in Congress to bail them out by piling it onto the national debt.

  20. I moved to WA in the 1970's. Out in the logging towns on the west end it was wild and free. Over the years it has turned into California as far as the politics go. Gun laws, land use laws,, and congestion. Where I live on the Peninsula is idyllic, but as soon as I go up town it is a zoo. So I am looking too.

  21. The Peninsula is one of the great places on the planet. I'm sorry that things have come to the point where you'd ever want to leave there.

  22. A friend was lamenting that her young grandkids don't know how to work at much of anything. do chores, help around the place. etc. She puts the blame squarely on the way their parents are raising them.

  23. "I'm an Apple person, but doubt that I'll spend $1K on a phone anytime soon unless it can also mow the lawn, take out the trash, cook chicken and dumplings and install new brakes on the truck."

    Best comment I have seen all day. I just got an iPhone 6, by the way, to replace my old and increasingly slow Android, which is like going from a Pinto to a Cadillac. But it doesn't follow that, if I had a spare grand lying around, I'd use it to buy an iPhone 8.

    Incidentally, another thing about Oregon is that doctors are allowed to put people to death there. That is one of the many things that keeps me on my side of the Oregon state line.

  24. Hundreds? I follow the same rule, probably with fewer "onners," but whatever, the song remains the same.

    As does the song of the lying, smug, hypocritical, elite, mendacious media. They push freedom under the guise of an all powerful STATE.

    Odd how everything they propose produces the opposite of its intended result.

  25. Conditions have changed, society and the media create false narratives and children are susceptible. Yes, parents are to blame but the children are BLASTED with this crap. It's far worse in the cities.

  26. I moved from an iPhone 5 to an iPhone 7 because the battery on the 5 was beginning to wane. These sorts of redundancies happen. The 7 was also waterproof and had better dual band workings outside of the USA. Even though I don't report it all that often on the blog, my passport is always getting stamped and I do travel. However, spending $1K on a phone makes no sense at all.

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