Creepy Joe’s Plan

Under Jo/Ho’s tax plan, the United States would tax corporate income at the highest top rate in the industrialized world, averaging 65.1 percent. They swear that none of this will trickle down to having the little guy pay. You trust them, right?


Where will they Settle?

Jo/Ho have pledged to relocate tens of thousands of Afghans who worked with U.S. forces as drivers, interpreters, and in other roles that have made them Taliban targets, along with hundreds of thousands of others who can’t be vetted properly. Here’s where they might go.

I used to like Fredericksburg, VA. No need to go back. River Rider – it looks like you might get some fallout.

A lot of the reported Afghans in San Diego are Iraqi Chaldeans (Christians) who self-identify as Afghans. I don’t understand why that is. All the same, there is a very high concentration of Afghans and Iraqis there.


The US?


The Way-Back Machine

…Takes us to HMS Eagle. Sea Hawks on board are doing a massed cartridge start (in 1955). You may recall that era when engines used a cartridge to start, or if you weren’t there,  perhaps you read about it.


Identify the WW2 aircraft




They also can’t seem to figure out how to do something as simple as pouring sand out of a boot.


Identify the Soviet Naval Vessel

Those of you who served in the Navy back with the Soviet Union was around should get this one right off. How many times have you rigged these, Old NFO?


May 1944 and an Enzian E.1 missile is launched by the Germans on one of 38 test flights.

Widely regarded as a very early surface-to-air missile it was plagued with problems and with resources in short supply production was stopped in early 1945 in order to concentrate on the Me 262 jet fighter.


Tank Challenge!

This is all you can see of the tank reloading main gun ammunition. Which tank is it?

It’s not exactly easy but there are some definite clues.


  1. I believe the bomber is a Bristol Beaufort. The Soviet destroyer is a Sovremenny class ship, specifically the Nastoychivy. And the tank looks like a Pz-III.

    I once read an account of an RAF cartridge-start practical joke where they got the newbie to crawl into the intakes of, IIRC, a Vulcan bomber for some bogus reason. Then “bang!” goes the cartridge, and the new guy scuttled backwards and out at high speed. I’ve forgotten details except that he was in no danger except heart attack.

  2. German tank is a Mk III. 5.0cm gun, which is why the round is so small. Mid-sized bogie wheels so early German designed tank. (The Mk IV had a 7.5cm gun, so bigger ‘bullets’ and had small bogie wheels, which to me always made it look insectile.)

    And a Bristol (you can just tell from first look it’s a Bristol) Beaufort. A friggin twin-engined torpedo bomber. Brits are weird people…

    As to Hollyweird, since they won the war against McCarthy (who was right, dammit) they slipped rapidly into open deviancy, rather than ‘behind the door’ deviancy. Polanski is just one in thousands of sick mo-fos in Hollyweird.

  3. #1: Bristol Blenheim Mk IV; early years of WWII.
    #2: It floats and it is grey. It is not the Bismarck. That’s all I know.
    #3: PzKpfw III Ausf. F. The critical hints for me were the running gear (large roadwheels/idlers), the open side hatch in the turret and the ammunition which looks definitely too large to be 3,7cm and too small to be 7,5cm. So it must be 5cm and that — in combination with the other hints — points to a PzKpfw III Ausf. F (and up to M).

    • It was NOT the Bismarck and you get a point for that even though you didn’t get the ship. The rest was spot on.

      • In fairness to all of the people who thought it was a Beaufort, it is the immediate predecessor to that machine. The nose glazing is really the giveaway.


        • Kle, I have to make it somewhat difficult and I’m running out of difficult. The Beaufighter was one of my favorite piston engine aircraft and I’m not alone in that. The Bristol aircraft all shared a lot of common features and the Blenheim is not as well known generally as its sister aircraft – – self-evident why I made that the mystery aircraft.

  4. I ‘think’ that regions map is off by a good bit… Don’t know how they pulled some of that out of their a**es… Re the ship Sovremennyy, I flew on the first three of the class in the Northern Fleet in the early-mid 80s. They were based out of Kaliningrad in the Baltic. Their numbering ‘system’ for them was weird to put it mildly…They would change numbers to confuse us, and often have different name boards on port and starboard… sigh

  5. That Soviet vessel is definitely target 1, worth at most 2 MK 48s.

    Afghan resettlement – who knew that Biden & Harris would make colonization great again.

  6. I’ve never bought that “11 Regions” map. I grew up in the upper Midwest and now live in the Boston area. The two are nothing alike. Upper Midwest is NOT “Yankeedom”. Old NFO is right that at least part of the map is pulled out of someone’s 4th point of contact. I would submit that the originating rectum is most likely in Manhattan or Brooklyn. Here is the flaming (you’ll pardon the expression given the context) proof, the description of NYFC and environs:
    materialistic; multicultural; committed to tolerance and freedom of inquiry and conscience.

    Hah. And bullshit. That’s exactly how a good prog wants to think of himself. Besides, the US is no longer quite regionally distinct. There is an overarching national culture (or lack of culture) under which patches of regionalism survive. The national culture? Intensely materialistic; spiritually empty; self-righteous; smug, talks a big game of selfless generosity and loving all equally, but in reality is a mix of NIMBY and “othering” those of their countrymen that they perceive as enemies, thereby negating their own claimed principles, in a word, hypocritical; given to claims of repairing the world, but in reality fouling their own nests and – worse – those of their neighbors; obsessed with status and how they are perceived by others; given to eternal arguments of the letter of the law while deliberately ignoring the intent; paranoid and perpetrators of “pre-emptive revenge” while simultaneously given to outrageous claims of personal victimhood and the genuine belief that victimhood automatically equates to moral goodness and being deserving. In short, the national culture reflects the dominant modes of behavior of the people who control the Infotainment Complex and Academia/Education. All that plus a gloss of ghetto-negro vulgarity. THAT’s the national culture, or at least the culture in which our noses are rubbed every day.

    • Thank you, Mike! You nailed what I felt ‘odd’ about the map. In particular, their characterization of The Far West. First thing I thought was “Oh, never lived there, have you?”….

    • Huh. I was wrong about being from NYFC. This Colin Woodard person who devised the map lives in Portland, Maine [1]. He got his BS from Tufts University, MA from Univ Chicago, and did a Pew Fellowship at Johns Hopkins. That said, his map descriptions reflect the prejudices of his ilk. Some examples below:

      1. Note that the description of “El Norte” (which by the name suggests Hispanic dominance) is entirely flattering: independent, self-sufficient, work-centered.
      2. In contrast, the Far West (which has more Hispanics than the average smug coastal elite knows; the “elite” think it’s all white cowboys with guns and racism) is described as a bunch of resentful peons.
      3. Aha! So THAT’S why the Left Coast is described as having New England-y (really!) values and intellectual heritage. And also why Chicago (second alma mater) is gerrymandered into “Yankeedom”. Our lad Colin wants to claim places he likes or views as full of allies as all part of one continuum.
      4. And man, the hatred for the “Deep South”. Slavers one and all. But he forgot to mention that everyone down there is also profoundly anti-Semitic. And homophobic. And they don’t recycle. (Re claims of Southern anti-Semitism: Judah P. Benjamin is deeply … problematic for the “elites” – look to him actively being disappeared from history.)

      Now if I had to choose one of Colin’s categories as a self-descriptor, I’m apparently an Appalachian boy. So be it.

      [1] Portland, Maine. I happen to enjoy visiting the place, but to many Mainers (Maniacs, whatever) it’s a pustule of liberalism and freaks. For example, there was quite the Occupy crowd camped out downtown Portland, back when that was a thing. Anyway, Maine is The Pine Tree state, and not the lobstah state, and certainly not the Che-and-latte state that no few Portlanders would like it to be.

      • Thank you for your clarification. I thought that I was a redneck hick that sucked on a grass stem while I herded sheep. I guess not today. (ha ha)

        • “Now then, Carson, you and Delbert mind you stick to *herding* them sheep. I don’t want to catch you boys doing nothing else to them animals! You fellers get the sheep clap agin and we’ll have to miss thet big rally aginst the National Park Service this year too. I gots me a new Gadsden flag patch on my jacket and I want to show it off afore it gits faded.”
          – common things heard in the Far West of someone’s fevered imagination

          My understanding of the 11 Regions map is that it’s an attempt to bolster the claim that the US is NOT big-city vs rest-of-US (“urban vs non-urban”) politically speaking, but instead that political preferences are regional. Thus the ret-conning [1] of the US into these lineages. It’s quite well done in its own (mendacious and self-serving) way. Like all good political propaganda, it’s a mix of actual fact and partisan spin.

          But it would have been better if Woodard had divided the US into 12 Regions, thus nicely paralleling the 12 Districts of Panem in The Hunger Games. (That’s a movie that has been memory-holed tout suite, n’est-ce-pas? A little too close to reality for the comfort of our “elites” these days.)

          [1] retcon. For those unfamiliar with the term, abbreviation for “retroactive continuity”. I think it came from the comic book community. Say something happens in issue #50 and it is implied that it’s because of something else that happened previously, like in issue #30 time (in the story world). Only it was never mentioned around issue #30. So then the writers have to create this backstory explaining why it really DID happen and why it was never mentioned. And they often have to mess with other story elements and characters to fit this new “fact that everyone knew all along”.

  7. Vetted Afghans actually helped us and it ain’t this many…letting the unvetted by the tens of thousands into this country is designed to allow the enemy to operate from within…with the enemy from within. Wonder if Biden will angrily mandate they get vaccinated for measles?

    Either the Dems don’t understand corporate tax structure or this is purposely to wreck the middle economy businesses. Then again, they could be that ingnoramously stupid.

    I do know that ‘it’s a tank’…and has mud on the tracks…as far as I got. Better leave it to the pro.

    • The Afghans all have tuberculosis. Some of the US employees may have it under control medically, but they are ALL sick. It’s just a reality of life there. I don’t know what else they’re bringing in (make sure to de-louse) but they need intense medical scrutiny before they’re allowed into the general population. Jo/Ho say that they can just walk off base. Then again, they’d really like another couple of plagues.

      • Mycobacterium tuberculosis is tough to treat because it forms spores that resist everything even if the parent bacterium is killed.

  8. Ahhhh….Cart Starts! I’ve seen a few of them done at air shows, but I’ll always remember Jimmy Stewart and his Coffman Starter in “Flight of the Phoenix”.

    I’ve heard a bunch of B-52’s doing cart starts can really foul the air….

    Corporate taxes NOT being passed along? Hey, I’ve got this bridge….

    Only somewhat agree with the “11 Regions” map. I don’t think their descriptions are quite accurate.

    Polanski’s a pedo, ’nuff said.

    Hmmmm….used to almost be “Heavy Tank” category, but after losing 50 lbs, I’m more of a “Light Tank” now.

    Took me some googling to nail the Russian ship. It’s a Sovremenny class destroyer. I always though some of the Russian ships were good looking. Then I worked with their rockets, and I felt sorry for their sailors….

    Not much good with tanks, as I never built many armor kits when I was a kid.

  9. Yeah, the regions map is essentially Communist propaganda.

    Looks like most of the likely re-settlement areas are already ruined, anyway.

    • I don’t know that LSP would consider himself a denizen of Greater Appalachia. He didn’t jump on and defend himself.

  10. they’re dumping 10,000 refugees on tiny little blackstone, va. at ft. pickett. not near enough infrastructure to support nor can the town handle the influx. i’m told they roam freely, no vax required. hmmm…. another 30k supposed to go to ft. lee, forty miles away. forty thousand in close proximity, what could go wrong?….glad i’m up in the hills.

  11. re.– perverts, pervert lovers, “hasn’t he suffered enough!”
    Around the time I gained a significant distrust of all things hollywood and streep in particular, I vaguely recall polanski fled Italy and then Switzerland after committing identical crimes.
    I enjoyed the flick ‘Out Of Afrika’, but after knowing this about them, how much of it is mis-leading or outright lies…

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