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Bullet Points:

** FBI paid more than $3 Million Dollars to Twitter for their Censorship actions against Trump Supporters dating to the Government Overthrow of the 2020 Election. The ELON Act, introduced this month by Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) and backed by nine other cosponsors, would impose a one-year moratorium on taxpayer payments from the Justice Department to social media firms as well as require an audit on how much money changed hands since the start of 2015 between DOJ and Big Tech firms.

** Being a complete idiot is a standard for the woke. Being forced to hire and promote them is a matter of equity, now a national policy in the US. h/t Claudio

** I saw a statement on the internet that said 20 million AR-15s were in private hands in America. It took me back. Only 20 million? Somebody needs to sell more AR-15s.

** From East Palestine

** From Vuhledar –  In the Big Russian Winter Offensive.  By one account, nearly three dozen Russian tanks and armored vehicles were reduced to smoldering rubble. By another, as many as 500 Russian troops may have been killed. Relatives of soldiers from one unit are frantically trading text messages and social-media posts trying to locate their loved ones. According to Ukrainian and Western intelligence officials, Russian and Ukrainian military bloggers, satellite photographs, and other open sources, a collection of Russian marine infantry and other units suffered catastrophic losses in an effort to capture the Donetsk region town — for the second time since November.


What Kind of Military?

Recent incursions into American airspace by Chinese spy balloons, an increasingly threatening Chinese military, and an escalating war in Ukraine that pits NATO forces against Russia all point to the need for a strong, tough, professional U.S. military that can win wars and protect the homeland.

The United States spends more on defense than any other country in the world.  In fact, our 2021 total of $801 billion exceeded the $777 billion spent that year by the next seven countries — China, India, the U.K., Russia, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Korea — combined.

What do we get for our money?  If 2020’s disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal is any indication, the answer is not much.  After twenty years of war with nearly 6,200 U.S. military and contractor deaths, our precipitous departure left behind some 9,000 American citizens (1); countless Afghan allies; and more than $7 billion in sophisticated weapons, munitions, and military equipment (2).

Much has been said and written about America’s increasingly woke, politicized military and its negative impacts on recruiting and readiness.  Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, attracted widespread criticism when he spoke of “white rage” and reportedly hid nuclear codes from President Trump while telling his Red Chinese counterpart he would provide advance warning of any planned U.S. attack on China.

Even cadets and midshipmen at the nation’s military academies are undergoing woke indoctrination in Critical Race Theory, transgenderism, “toxic masculinity,” and so-called Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, which many military experts fear will harm unit integrity, morale, and war-fighting capability.  And now there is a new wrinkle at our academies: the Spectrum Club, which “actively bridges the relationship between Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Questioning (LGBTQ) cadets [and midshipmen] and their allies” and “serves as a safe haven for LGBTQ cadets [and midshipmen] when they need support[.]” …more from Anthony Lentini at American Thinker



This French navigation tool (c. 1600), known as a nocturnal, was used to calculate the time at night. Similar to an astrolabe or a sundial clock. A pointer, much like a hand on a clock, determines the time at night based on the position of the North Star in relation to another constellation, such as Ursa Minor (the Little Dipper).


Identify the Tank(s)


Retro Movies for President’s Day – Redford

Three Days of the Condor (1975)

Spy Game (2001)

29 thoughts on “President’s Day

    1. Surly nailed it but you’re at the honorable mention position because the Russians knocked off the Vickers 6-ton tank to make the T-26.

  1. Pedro Joe’s is high tailing it out of Ukraine after dropping another half billion dollars into the toilet. I guess secret service didn’t like the air raid sirens. Putin must be laughing his ass off. Disgusting

  2. That $800 billion in defense? I wonder what it actually goes… what is it spent on? (Specific pockets it ends up in).

    Those 2 movies were both good ones!

  3. I thought since PDJT announced he’s going to Ohio on Wednesday that The Resident would go today. Instead we wake up to discover he’s in Ukraine handing over more of our money to prop up the War By Proxy via the Ukrainian Money Laundering Machine. If that doesn’t illustrate everything about what his Handlers are doing nothing will. Despicable.

    Nocturnal, a nice piece of intricate design and genius. When inventors understood the less complicated world around them.

    Spy Game, a good flick…except for the gal, could not see the connection between the two.

    1. Thinking that Iceland volcano could erupt any time now, keep Ol Joe out of the country for a while…he can hang with his Ukrainian pals and leave America alone.

      1. Will do. The ‘tradecraft” aspect is terrific. Lousy out here anyway as heavy Winter weather (not Climate Change) descends, a good day for inside chill-age.

          1. “weather”, that’s pretty unWoke of you to call it that.

            But yeah, toughest Winter here in 20+ years. Ice, wind, storms blowing through, frozen drifts in places never before. Almost like we’re living in Barrow, Alaska. At least it’s downhill to Spring, which may show up in July.

    2. Paul, the White House and State told us that Biden was not going to the Ukraine. If you had your decoder ring handy, you would read the actual message — Biding going to visit Zelenskyy.

  4. Even cadets and midshipmen at the nation’s military academies are undergoing woke indoctrination
    My granddaughter has her sights on Annapolis. I hope she goes elsewhere. Embry-Riddle is an option. She has the smarts for it and a stellar High School NROTC record. The biggest part of the puzzle is the “boyfriend”.

    1. Almost all major universities, including some religious ones, seem to require woke indoctrination. If your granddaughter has the fortitude to parrot it back and take the A, she should be fine. My daughter’s niece is in the Navy’s jet aviation program, I spoke to the ensign about that and she said that she played the game because that’s precisely what it is.

      Depending on what she (or anyone) wants, the military can be a springboard for bright people who don’t have the means (or don’t want the loans) to pay for a top-tier school. I attended the Naval Postgraduate School for a master’s degree that I never used, but the point is that you can take that whole program a long way.

      I wouldn’t want to be part of that system today, but I’m an old man and know the difference. The kids don’t.

  5. Woke idiocy: any sufficiently advanced arrogance is indistinguishable from ignorant stupidity.
    Military – when you have political poseurs at the top destroying morale, and thieves all up and down the chain of command(including politicians) stealing money & supplies until the military turns into a hollow husk – then it doesn’t matter how impressive it looks on spreadsheets and powerpoint presentations. There are enough examples within living memory to show this, but will the Blatherskites of the West learn from it…see the point above.

  6. What is going on with Austin/Milley is the antithesis of what the military is supposed to be… sigh…

  7. I hope we never need our military. And I hope it is never used against us…
    You all be safe and God bless.

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