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When we look back, photographs are time capsules, capturing an instant in time that will never come again. Facebook, the Internet, etc. are often (correctly) excoriated by many, but it does serve to capture moments in our history that future generations will view.
Timothy O’Sullivan Photos:
Five Generations on Smith’s Plantation
93rd New York Infantry – during the War of 
Northern Aggression (1864)
Men/Boys – same/same – HQ Unit during the War
of Northern Aggression (1863)
Piutes, near Cedar City, Utah (1872)
To me, the reason for blogging is to set the record straight that not everyone in our generation glorified in transgender behavior, sodomy and the corrosive ‘progressive agenda’. So if you ever ask yourself, why I do it, that is why. To establish for the historical record that it was not all MTV, and sanctuary cities, inner city riots and a nation dictated by executive whim without a rule of law. Bill Clinton calls resistance to an immoral and generally lawless (unless they are laws that the executive favors) government a “vast right wing conspiracy”. There is no conspiracy. There are some who simply disagree with what has become political correctness.

8 thoughts on “Present and Past

  1. The left's "vast right wing conspiracy" sounds disturbingly similar to the NSDAP Jewish conspiracy. I imagine their solution is also similar.

  2. Yes, a 'final solution' or one that would lead to everyone loving Big Brother (or Big Sister as the case may be) would seem to be the goal.

  3. The left is unarmed. All of society's warriors (cops, spies, soldiers, marines) and the people in fly-over country are on the right.

  4. Along the line of, "You can't fool all the people all the time", eight years ago who would have predicted the amount of firearms purchased by private individuals since then?

  5. Every time that I walked into a gun store, I'd laugh, because I did the math and extrapolated nationwide. And those 80 million genies will not be going back into the bottle – along with billions of rounds of ammo.

  6. One reason I blog from California, because we're not all wheat-grass juice soy-latte sippers waiting for the next Vegan pilates class.

  7. No, we're not. Some of us stalk, kill and slaughter our own meat, which we roast over hot coals like the predators we are.

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