Postmortem (8 year retrospective)

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Now knows what “no hope” feels like.
Wakes up every morning in a house
built by slaves. — well not for long.
Various news outlets and the Child of Hope/Son of Promise himself have said that the last eight years in the Obama Whitehouse have been scandal free. Progs, never known for being all that bright, have very convenient memories.

  • The ACORN Scandal
  • Appointing “czars” to go around Congressionally approved cabinet secretaries.
  • Operation Fast and Furious Scandal
  • Mass executive orders instead of going through the process of having Congress make appropriate laws.
  • The Benghazi Scandal
  • The IRS Scandal 
  • DOJ Targeting the News Media to root out ‘disloyalty’ within the corrupt, elite, media
  • Barack and Michelle were outed as the first gay and transgender couple to occupy the White House, and Joan Rivers died a couple of weeks later (conspiracy theorists point to murder).
  • NSA Mass Surveillance Scandal
  • Iran Ransom for Hostages Scandal
  • The Iran Nuclear Deal – a Scandal all its own where a treaty was concluded with a pen and a phone outside of the US Senate’s approval.
  • EPA Scandal (poisoned the Animus River in Colorado)
  • The Obama Sissy Boy work-out Scandal
  • Secret Service Prostitute Scandal (in Colombia)
  • GSA Scandal – busted for spending $823K on a lavish conference in Las Vegas.
  • Hillary Clinton E-Mail Scandal, where Russia hacked her server and read America’s secrets.
  • Fake Russian Scandal/Trump Election Landslide
  • Climate Hoax Scandal (still unfolding)
There will be more of these when the skulduggery of the past eight years comes out under the Trump Administration’s scrutiny.

26 thoughts on “Postmortem (8 year retrospective)

  1. I don't think history will be very kind to these grifters. We haven't seen the last of that angry black woman, however. Michelle Obama is a lead pipe cinch to run for high office in the next few years; she's got all the boxes checked – transvestite, black, woman (sorta), no moral compass, angry and liberal. What more could you want on a Democrat resume?

  2. She has all of the credentials that progs admire. That's certain. Mayor of Chicago comes to mind as a possible first step in her march (back) to the House-that-slaves-built.

  3. Just to expand the definition of scandal a little, Obama's conscious effort to divide the country along racial lines has absolutely cost the lives of numerous police officers and placed a large target on the backs of those still in the field. And just to add insult to injury, Obama just appointed the lawyer for cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal to the U.S. Commission on "Civil Rights". All tributes to his idea that all cops act stupidly.

  4. Those appointees will last for a month and then they're gone. Obama hates the police more than any other particular group. Trump loves the police. Dumping the Obama buddies is all part of 'draining the swamp'.

    If Obama was for it, I found myself on the other side of the situation. He could have helped racial harmony and he didn't. He could have helped the situation in the inner cities and he didn't.

    For the greater part he was lazy.

  5. >For the greater part he was lazy.
    For which I am grateful. Imagine if the bastard (I use the term as a probable technical descriptor, not an insult) had been energetic.

  6. His mother was a tramp and who knows whether his father was Barack Sr. or "Uncle Frank"? I take no offense at your characterization here on this blog. You're trying to be accurate.

    He did nothing but ramrod ObamaCare through when he had the House and the Senate, that has now failed and will be repealed. You're right. If he'd been on the ball we'd have a lot more to fix than executive orders.

  7. The lazy side of the sumbitch is an aspect of his character that doesn't get discussed enough. In some interview I think he even admitted to being lazy. Over 300 rounds of golf as President. How did he find time to work?

  8. What about the Burgdahl scandal? And the hugging up to the Burgdahl parents? The Muslim Murderers released from Gitmo without Congress being notified? His list can go on and on.

  9. I'd forgotten about the Joan Rivers scandal.Thanks for the reminder, and the workout was helpful too.

  10. I forgot about that. There were so many. Now he and Bradley Manning (the traitorous homo – made a tranny in prison at taxpayer expense) have been pardoned by Barack.

    There's also the pardoning negro drug trafficker scandal. I'd forgotten about all of the black drug dealers that he had released from prison. It's not a racial thing – many thousands of blacks. Having been a drug dealer himself before he went into politics, he had a soft place in his heart for them.

  11. I'm glad you found the workout helpful.

    Don't include the Obama workout into the DLC Troop schedule.

  12. Rumor is that he enjoyed a catamite 'top' as part of his '19th hole' festivities. I don't know whether or not that's true. It might explain his passion for golf since he is known to be a mediocre player.

  13. He doubled the National Debt, handed out trillions to his friends, and we don't have a damned thing to show for it.
    We are in a worse condition than we were when he got in office, stock market be damned- that is all foam and fluff with fancy colored lights.

    What is going to happen when this bubble breaks? Our margins are gone.

    I think the crunch will be within a year after Trump is inaugurated. The parties concerned will insulate their wealth, crash the market, and blame it on Trump and his deplorable supporters. It would not surprise me a bit if they used that opportunity to stir up civil unrest alsobe a piece of cake to do it, just defund the EBT cards.

  14. I don't see the bubble popping then. There are variables and a lot of them have to do with energy. If we drill for gas and oil, there are a lot of jobs. If we build refineries, and infrastructure (Sioux Indians notwithstanding) there are more jobs, more money changes hands — then the whole matrix stands on its head.

  15. One more scandal; stabbing Israel in the back on his way out the door. His philosophy writ large has consistently been "the enemy of my friend is my friend". This action also cements the fact that the bastard truly is a Mooslime.

  16. Don't forget Solyndra and Fort Hood.

    And since you brought it up, I'm still PO'd about Fast and Furious. What a blatant attempt to blame innocent gun store owners for the failure of the Justice Department.

  17. Come January 21st, he won't have his finger on the trigger. Scandals? The progs don't care. The female progs didn't care about Bill's infidelities. All that matters, to them, is the narrative.

  18. Both Solyndra (and other Green Energy Initiatives) were a blatant scam. All of them donated heavily to the Barack Obama fund.

    Ft. Hood simply let us know where Barack stood when it came to jihadis. They should have tried and executed Hasan for treason. Maybe it can be revisited in this next administration?

  19. This post, and the comments, are flat out awesome. Who knows what we will get to ad to the scandal list once he is out of office and no longer in control?

  20. You don't think that President Trump would unleash his Justice Department to investigate all of those misdeeds as he's draining the swamp do you?

  21. Amen, bro.
    the homo'BOMBA is gone on Jan 20th.
    Puh-ray-zuh B2 Gawwd!!!!!
    And his filthy tranny, too.
    Can you even imagine buttFUing him for EIGHT, WHOLE, YEARS?????
    Dunno why Almighty God didnt do sumtin.

    Heard the Don's gettn KGB with his Secret Service.
    Exactly the sorta prez we need:
    aint afraid to shoot-from-the-hip.
    Let's make this country great again!!!!!

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