The Renault FT, in its day, was in the process of replacing Polish horse cavalry…not quickly enough, though.


Coming Events

On August 19, a recollection of the two times that I met Kamala Harris. The events are definitely underwhelming but the setting is – interesting if nothing else.


“Mopping Up”


Reviewing the Basics

Africa Sucks

Map showing the availability of reliable electricity


  1. The reprehensible media won’t touch that snake from LA, they got their marching orders to shine the light away from scurrying Lefty cockroaches. They forget Palin was from Alaska and not a snowflake.

    And their only play is cowardice. Taped DNC speeches?? Guess the America-hating Mrs. O emerged from her M.V. compound (vs. the new one being built in Hawaii on the old Magnum PI estate property) gets the first round of race-bating and Biden pandering, like it’s some weird mental tick. Gag me with a pitchfork. A “virtual” DNC conference??…hahahahah…all the while Trump is out and about RIGHT NOW holding a “peaceful protest” with humor and energy. Massive stark contrast.

    • I’ve been rubbing shoulders with evil in the Third World. It’s amazing how folks outside of the US respect President Trump. He’s a businessman, not a politician and they appreciate that the political class feels undercut by a man who keeps his promises. They seem to be far more with it than the media class is.

    • Spent a day there while visiting the grandkids. You need about two full days to get around to everything.
      Yes, that Renault had an interesting (for various values of interesting) hole in it.

  2. Renault FT 17 tanks were a revolution. First non-casement armed tanks with a rotating turret, though armored cars had turrets earlier. High HP to weight ratio, in comparison to their bigger casement brothers. Lower ground pressure. Higher speed.

    Not a bad tank overall, armed with a 37mm infantry cannon or a heavy machine gun. Just what you need for crowd control. Maybe a troop of them at the next ‘peaceful protest.’ After all, Patton used them during the Bonus March suppression.

    Still can’t believe they chose Kamala. Still think we’re facing some fancy-dancy switheroo before the actual election-election.

    As to PPE: A drysuit and full SCUBA hookup is far better protection than a cloth mask. Though my lovely wife bought me a ‘Trump 2020’ mask that I just have to wear next I go out. Just because, yes, I am an a-hole.

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