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The mainstream media has lost credibility with everyone but their own constituency as Pat Condell reports in his evaluation of The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain. 

h/t Pam Geller and atlas shrugs

“There are many reasons why the religion of Islam impoverishes western society, but the main one, in my opinion, is that it degrades and debases women, except, of course, for left-wing women, who happily degrade and debase themselves defending Islam, like turkeys defending Christmas. A woman in Islam needs to be covered from head to toe because men are not expected to exhibit any kind of basic self-control. I get a lot of correspondence from angry Muslim males and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been told that western women are asking to be raped because of the way they dress. No other religion teaches people to think like this. Recently here in Britain, we’ve had a rash of Muslim gangs pimping and raping young girls in northern England. I do mean Muslim gangs, and not Asians, as the media keep reporting. There are no Sikhs or Hindus involved in this, and to call them Asians to avoid naming the real problem is a slander on Hindus and Sikhs. These men do it because they regard non-Muslim women as subhuman trash. And this poison is coming directly from their religion, a religion whose values are dictated and imposed by some of the most narrow-minded, psychotic human beings on this planet. And, coming as I do from an Irish Catholic background, believe me, that’s saying something.” – Pat Condell
If we can’t bring ourselves to say what’s in our hearts when it truly matters, then we’ve already given up our freedom – and, with it, the freedom of future generations – which is something that we’ve got no right to do. We didn’t earn this freedom. It was handed to us on a plate by people who did earn it with their lives. We don’t own it – we’re custodians of it. It’s not ours to give away.
You don’t have to agree, but you should think about it the next time that you see the mainstream media putting down somebody who believes what they say rather than defaulting  a demeaning, politically correct statement.

5 thoughts on “Pat Condell – Calling it as he sees it

  1. It has been my experience that Asian gangs, at least the ones I know anything about, don't really concern themselves with religion. How someone could call a gang filled with violent religious ding-dongs an Asian gang is beyond me.

  2. I think that it's politically correct to portray Islamic fundamentalists as they are and calling them an "Asian gang" keeps the media politically correct.

  3. Yes, what Old NFO said. They are bred to hate. A moderate Mooselimb is nothing more than someone that hates quietly.

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