The plague will end day after tomorrow, or it will continue for four more miserable years. It’s a bit like groundhog day.


Identify the Aircraft

And if you can’t, because this one is easy, designed by Clarence Leonard “Kelly” Johnson, then you really need to change your glasses. Black aircraft matter.


A Proverb


Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death…


Life in the New Amerika?

It all depends on how you vote.


The Biden Family

In 2014 and 2015, then-Vice President Joe Biden traveled to Guatemala three times to pressure the government to maintain a United Nations body known as the International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG). CICIG was established in Guatemala in 2006 under the pretext of prosecuting “crimes committed by members of illegal security forces and clandestine security structures” during Guatemala’s long civil war.

The Obama administration had promised a $1 billion aid package to Northern Triangle countries (Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador) with the end in mind that they help to improve the lives of the farmers so that they would not grow opiates.

Biden (and family) made the aid and upcoming trade agreements contingent upon renewing CICIG’s contract. First cajoling then threatening, Biden finally announced, “The CICIG is staying, period.” Biden used this same tactic in Ukraine, where he bragged about threatening to withhold loan guarantees until the Ukrainian government fired the prosecutor investigating Hunter Biden. Biden also sought Pérez’s help in extending CICIG’s rule to El Salvador and Honduras.

What may have started out as a legitimate effort to change the situation in the Northern Triangle, turned into a Biden pay-to-play scheme.

Former Guatemalan President Pérez claimed in a Mexican Newsweek article that Biden pressured him to support a Guatemalan contract with the pharmaceutical firm Baxter International. He said, “We had pressure from Vice President Biden, not only when he came to Guatemala, but when I visited Washington, to grant a contract to Baxter…” Pérez asserted that: Biden is a partner of Baxter Pharmaceuticals, and [he] mentioned that even the U.S. Embassy in the country requested the meeting with his private secretary and his general secretary so they could influence Baxter to win the bid. “They were accompanied by embassy staff, Baxter representatives, to ask us and tell us that Baxter had that contract and that Baxter should win it back,” he said.

Julia Amparo Lotán Garzona, a former labor sector representative said, “What we can confirm is that not only this closeness between Baxter and Biden, but we can also confirm that the embassy asked for the meeting with the secretary, but that Otto Pérez Molina, my private secretary, and the secretary-general were able to influence Baxter to win the bid.

For the historical record, I don’t expect that Joe Biden will ever be forced to pay up for what he’s done. Not in this life, anyway. But if he becomes president, this behavior will become the rule rather than the exception as the US transitions to a thug-ocracy.


  1. Pesident Trump is pro USA. Biden is pro Biden Family Inc.
    4 years in office vs 47 years.
    Came in a billionare and donates all his salary. Came in broke and now worth 30 million (that we know about)
    To bad we do not have honest journalism in the US.
    Keep up the good fight.

  2. Re Kelly Johnson: When I was graduating engineering school 40 years ago I interviewed at Lockheed in Burbank and was offered a job. The manager who interviewed me would not tell me what I would be working on, just that it had to do with high tech manufacturing processes.
    Pretty sure I was being recruited for the Skunk Works.

      • I worked with a guy who had interned at NASA during college. Literally a minimum wage job, probably $4.50/hr back then.

        But for the rest of his career he could end any engineering disagreement with “Well, when I worked at NASA, we did it THIS way … “.

        • Had a roommate in the mid 90’s who interned(?) at NASA-Ames at Moffett Field. Not impressed. Got to listen to his white father instruct Milo on how to pressure/force his college and teachers to give him better grades to compensate him for his mother’s skin color.

  3. U2. We had line of sight to the Chico, CA airport and watched them do touch and go landings for years. Had to google the Senior Span/Spur luggage rack.

    • Indeed. Some days routine, others most reassuring, but never old.

      Spoiled? This is spoiled–had the house to myself the day of the annual air show. Open my garage door to set up for casting bullets. Tuned my scanner to the tower channel so I could hear the airshow boss. Make bullets between performances.

      A Hornet taxied out to take off. Air Boss has him hold as Travel Air is inbound. Travel Air is a local guy giving rides in his Stearman biplane. Quiet for a few moments, then I can hear the radial engine coming at a stately pace. Air Boss asks him to land long, then says “…and we’ll all wave as you go by”. Hornet made a couple of low level turns right over the house.

        • We had a surprising amount of military traffic in and out of LGB in Long Beach. Saw lots of C-17’s (they were built there), and lots of F/A-18’s, along with a dozen or do B-1’s.

          Never got tired of seeing them, and always went out of the house. Really impressive to see five Hornets take off at what looked to be MITO, and then play catch up with the leader.

  4. I hate the grifters…literally and viscerally…entrusted individuals taking advantage of their position to enrich themselves, then lie like a snake about their “involvement”. Every single one of the treasonous Takers, selling America and American’s hard work down the river, need to hang from the yardarm.

    Then you have a man – as Steve said – who loves this country, sees the haters destroy everything they touch, so decided to do something about it. Thank God for Providence over this man and his team.

    Tomorrow POTUS gets a second term, seems obvious because if the Democrat Subversives really thought The Hologram Masked-Man and his Wacko Sidekick would win, then why are businesses boarding up before the vote if they know their non-team is a shoe-in?

    The Silent Majority had 57,000 in Butler, PA, last night….the 5th (!) Trump stop. Dem’s can’t touch that. A massive reset to the good is upon us.

      • No, never…especially when it’s for the good of America. (I could cite that lame “We’re all in this together” PSA drivel, but I won’t.)

        Now, if we can get the price of 2×4’s back down to normal levels, and the ability to buy the 2-ply TP I like, I’ll be even happier…a veritable cheery kinda guy. As far as the rest of the sourpusses who want us to share in their personal misery and angst, they can go pound sand for all I care. A vote for Biden gets you uninvited to my campfire. (Yeah, not very Christian pastor of me, but Jesus called out the reprobates in his time so I figure I’m in good company.)

        Despite my positive election outlook, really hoping we can all exhale tomorrow evening. Should be interesting as you suggest.

        • Campfixer, I can’t do anything about the 2X4s, but TP? Sure, take two single ply rolls, unroll them and glue one to another and whala! you have two ply. I am a nice guy and so resourceful…

          • See, the engineer in me would ask: Is single ply thickness the same as an individual ply in 2-ply? If so then yer on to something. ‘Course, per “visit” i could simply wheel off twice as much 1-ply and fold it in half….or …suffer single ply as-is.

            Good to have options. Is this a great country or what?

          • I’ll never forget the one-ply stuff that they had in Europe in the 70’s. I forget the exact name but I think that it was “Izal”. Don’t hold me to the name. It was like a crisp wax paper, thin and nasty.

            Better than Asia, where you’re expected to bring your own. Combined with the squatters, I found it disconcerting. I ended up using more than one sock in lieu of toilet paper when I found myself in a pinch…

            In many parts of the world – Latin America, South Korea, etc. you’re expected to put your used TP in the trash can located conveniently near the toilet. In Korea they mask the odor with garlic.

    • It’s been flying for a long time now with different variants of that basic design. I’d love to fly one if for nothing but bragging rights.

  5. The U-2 went into service sometime around 1957 and was originally designed to perform 20 missions. Amazing. One can only guess how many lives were saved and crisis averted by the intelligence gathered.

  6. Yes, that Izal is hard on the parts, but if you put a drop of oil on the softer side (yes, there is one) its wonderful for cleaning and oiling sword blades and rifle barrels.

    • I never used Izal for cleaning weapons, and I don’t think that you can get it in the USA. At least you found a good use for it.

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