Pablo and Politics (a sermonette)

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Welcome to the Sunday polemic:

The Netflix Series, NARCOS is now in its second season. It retells the life and times of Pablo Escobar, who built an empire on the drug trade. I give the series a solid 7 out of a possible 10. That means that I didn’t binge watch it, but I still watched it and found it entertaining.

There are lessons that we can learn from both Pablo and from all “bad guys” (which would include people like Hillary Clinton and her coterie of freaks and misfits) who consider themselves “anointed”.
1. They use all of the tools at their disposal.
2. They work to gain information on their opponent’s weaknesses and take efforts to exploit them for their own gain. Where some would halt or falter in destroying people, they not only do it, but they derive a great deal of satisfaction from doing it.
3. Money and power (as with cocaine) highjacks the pleasure centers of the brain. A rat will chose cocaine over food and water, it will choose cocaine over sleep, over sex, over life itself. The human brain don’t work quite the same as that of a rodent. Unless we talking cocaine, power or money. 
4. If you know where a spouse works, where kids go to school or where their parents/siblings live, you can bend people to your will. Unless they are very strong willed. They have the choice to take the king’s shilling or face the consequences. History indicates that most people take the money and keep their mouths shut. With money and coercion you can buy prosecutors, judges, members of the legislature and do whatever you want to. When you own the US Justice Department as Hillary Clinton clearly did in 2016, she was automatically immunized against prosecution. Ask Seth RichOh, sorry, you can’t without a gypsy crone, wearing a turban and gazing into a crystal ball, because he has a mouth full of dirt. 

To round out your reading if you want to be an evil, manipulative politician or a drug lord who wants to go into politics as Pablo did, I recommend Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as your Bible. Maybe it’s also useful to read Sun Tzu’s “Art of War” and Machievelli’s “The Prince”.

And before you leave, thinking that I am comparing the Clinton Global Initiative, and Hillary Clinton herself to Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, any similarity is only coincidental.  I don’t think that Hillary speaks Spanish.

14 thoughts on “Pablo and Politics (a sermonette)

  1. The Clintons speak corruption. There's lots and lots of interpreters available for that language. Many of them can be found in the media.

  2. There is a schism in the nation. One side favors the Constitution, the rule of law and limited government. The other side (inevitably corrupt) favors a totalitarian state. When you look at voting results, it's close to 50/50 with the corrupt, elite mainstream media and Hollywood coming down on the side of totalitarianism and corruption. One side is good and the other evil. One inspired by God and the other by Satan.

  3. She isn't, and she has unsuccessfully run for the Presidency twice. However she is as CORRUPT as Escobar.

  4. I understand your points. The sarcasm remark was prompted by

    I don't think that Hillary speaks Spanish.

  5. I'm very strong willed.
    I started watching the first season of that and then forgot. I got sidetracked my Marvel heroes. I must carry on.

  6. I enjoyed Narcos 1 but haven't seen the new thing. As I understand it, there's a campaign to lock Hillary up. Maybe she'll learn Spanish "inside."

  7. They have a lot of classes in prison. She might learn to do something like sew quilts, cook a delicious meal and could learn languages. I think that it would make sense that she and Huma do something in the Big House.

  8. I am curious if you have read Mark Bowdens "Killing Pablo".
    IIRC, the fight against the very entrenched Escobar was won by a ruthless pruning of his supporters. Essentially, they killed the tree by cutting all the roots and leaves off, till he was left running like a rat with one bodyguard remaining.
    This is the great unspoken truth of what is going to happen to the glorious commie wannabes if they persist- the fight will not be taken to the protected or the powerful AT FIRST- the level one conflict is going to be house by house street war with targets determined by postal code, voter registration and bumper stickers.
    In all their writing and ranting about the deplorable's, and how they must be crushed, the one thing consistently lacking is any sense of personal risk- the leftist's think somehow, they will be exempt, bystanders, a cheering crowd, watching safely behind walls as the army and police do the work.
    The briefest of studies of civil conflict would disavow them of that notion, had they the wit to read.

    if Hillary cooked a dinner, I would not taste it. Just sayin'..

  9. till he was left running like a rat with one bodyguard remaining. Yes I did read the book, and that was the only way to eliminate him.

    lacking is any sense of personal risk I have noticed that too. Their endings would be brief and inglorious. They're parasites who never think that the host can be done with them. There are a million historical examples of what happens to them and their ilk — but they don't read history. They attend parties, they scheme and plot without any serious understanding of potential consequences. They're progs.

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