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The Mexican Government is admitting that 80% of its territory is controlled by drug cartels. The truth is that various and sundry cartels control 100% of Mexico. To include the Office of the President of Mexico.
A federal agency sent this fanciful map to Border Patrol in a daily intelligence briefing on May 9.

I’m not suggesting that it’s a deliberate fabrication but whoever made the map has never been on the ground in Mexico. The map does not extend cartel coverage of bribes to public officials from the very top to the bottom. It doesn’t include the many billions of dollars in loans from cartels to businesses at lower than market rates and the influence that generates nationwide. Far more loans are underwritten by cartels than banks in Mexico.

In short, the analysis is impossibly optimistic.

16 thoughts on “Optimistic Analysis

  1. Appreciate the report from someone who knows.
    No sugar coating. Thank you, LL.

  2. Congress doesn’t want a wall because it excludes illegal aliens who can be persuaded to vote for Democrats

  3. Corruption is an old Mexican tradition. Político honesto would be an oxymoron down there, even more so than up here.

  4. Speaking of cartels, how come Brennan's still got a security clearance? We need to build a wall around him, for a start.

  5. Yes, Mordida is common, but the way things are in Mexico, we're well past basic corruption. During the days of Amado Carillo, the PRI ran Mexico and the Army ran the states. During those times, there were arrangements and the narcos paid off for the right to traffic. Allowing that opened the doors to what we see today, which is the DOMINATION of Mexico by the narcotics business. It is a Narco state now.

  6. The Deep State rallied around him to defend one of its most precious sons. Apparently a Presidential order (from the Commander-in-Chief) is no longer good enough to deprive a cur of a clearance.

  7. The cartels are making a lot of money ferrying illegal aliens across the border at the moment. And they kick back to the Army and to the police, who are complicit. Mexico needs to clean it up or they can be content paying a 25% tariff… and a tax on remittances.

  8. The MSM keeps calling Mexico our ‘ally’. Even too many on FAUX, who might agree with Donald’s tough stance against China, criticize Donald for treating our ‘ally’ Mexico similarly.
    But if Mexico was a true ally it would be doing all it can to help us yet it appears to not lift a finger.
    I’ll lift a finger to Mexico.
    Mexico is an Ally-In-Name-Only. We should treat them as such.

  9. It's just the new definition of "ally". After all, if you consider what "our greatest ally" has done to, er, FOR us, it's pretty clear that some "allies" it might be far better to NOT have.

  10. Mexico is a trading partner. So is China. Neither are or ever were allies. The corrupt, elite, lying mainstream media has taken up that cry because they hate President Trump.

  11. Without BILLIONS of US Dollars taken in every year from drug sales there would be no cartels. Narcotics like meth,heroin, cocaine etc. are nasty horrible destructive substances. They destroy hopes, dreams and people. And the government has ZERO Constitutional authority to outlaw them. People have a god given right to destroy themselves if they choose. End the War on Freedom masquerading as the war on drugs, decriminalize drugs and we would see the cartels disappear and save BILLIONS in tax dollars wasted on arrests, trials and prisons. The only money spent on fighting drugs should be on education. Making drug illegal hasn't made them unavailable….it has only made the cartels filthy rich, brought unspeakable violence to Mexico and totally savaged our rights in America.

  12. If you end the war on drugs, make the druggies pay for their own medical care. Don’t underwrite hospitals who care for them. If you take one step, you must take the other.

  13. We need to end FREE CARE for everyone…..illegals, junkies, lazy welfare bums…. EVERYONE. Free healthcare….just like free old or free anything does nothing but facilitate the breeding of more parasites. (Of course "free" is a myth……everything costs and too often that cost is paid by the long suffering taxpayer).

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